Hasselblad cameras price reduction

The cost of owning one of the world’s most coveted high-end cameras has just been dramatically reduced, following the launch of a landmark global marketing initiative by Hasselblad:

The makers of the world's most advanced camera system have announced plans to cut the cost of ownership on a number of models - including a massive 22.9% off the entry-point H4D-31 (with 35-90mm lens) and 20.59% off the company's 'ultimate photography tool', the 60 megapixel H4D-60 camera.

Under the revised pricing structure the H4D-31 (incl. 35-90mm lens) has been reduced by 3,565 euros to 11,995 euros. The H4D-60 cost is down 6,200 euros to 23,900 euros.

Chris Russell-Fish, Hasselblad's Global Sales and Marketing Director said: "This is a groundbreaking move and a very important day indeed for every photographer who aspires to own one of the best cameras in the world. For many, price has long been the biggest barrier to ownership. Now we have substantially reduced prices on six units and there really has never been a better time to get your hands on a Hasselblad. Photographers can now buy into our fully integrated H System capture solutions with an H4D-31 camera body for less than 9,000 euros."

He added: "This price reduction campaign is part of an innovative and dynamic marketing strategy for the company, ahead of the world's biggest photographic trade fair; photokina, Cologne, in September. We are determined that more of the world's serious creative photographers will now have unprecedented access to a Hasselblad at a price they can afford."

The popular Hasselblad trade-in opportunity will also continue. Russell-Fish explained: "We have adjusted this programme to reflect our new price structure. Photographers can get more information online."

Under the new deal the H4D-40 unit is reduced by 1,000 euros; the H4D-50 by 3,000 euros; the H4D-50MS by 3,000 euros; the H4D-200MS by 4,500 euros and the CFV-50 Digital Back by 2,000 euros.

And in a separate stand-alone offer customers who buy a new Hasselblad camera and lens before the end of July will be eligible to purchase a second lens at just 50% of the manufacturer's recommended sales price.

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  • Mark

    The D800 is making Hassy nervous.

    • Filippo

      The 645D is making Hassy nervous.


      • malez

        those two doesn’t hold a candle to hassy market

        its the nokia808 that they worry about

  • Yes… we know…

    A D800 collateral effect for sure.

  • Erik

    No, PhaseOne is kicking their ass in the medium format market. They have to do something. After the purchase of Mamiya-Leaf the situation is definitely not good for Hasselblad

    Agreed, the D800 is not improving the situation but the D800 quality is not up to par with a medium format.

    • Leonardo

      Never been something so close either… Not in 35mm format.

      • John

        Will an APS-C sensor ever replace full frame? No. And will full frame 35mm ever replace medium format? No.

        • El Aura

          Will a V8 ever replace a V12? Not on a technical level but if the number of people willing to pay extra for the V12 becomes too small to fund development, then it can disappear.

          Can anything ever replace a Polaroid 50×60 camera? Well, technically you can stitch but for close subjects, the perspective created with stitching is different than a single large shot.

          • james

            you’re exactly right. The 35mm sized sensor market is so competitive that at some point (so it would seam) that most people looking at MF cameras wont be able to pass up on nikon/canon based on price.

        • Completely agree.

          But the difference is, in terms of per-area efficiency, APS-C and FF are very close and have big companies like Sony and Canon putting in the their state of the art. DMF tech not as efficient per area so their advantages all come from the larger size. So the FF-DMF gap is narrowing down.

          In other words, DMF needs the same sort of R&D that APS-C and FF get to maintain the gap over FF.

  • CHD

    Hey, what’s this….a PREMIUM camera brand LOWERING prices???? Leica are you listening….or are you going to wait until Fuji releases a full frame X-Pro1 and have no choice….

    • Yup

      Leica is too selfish and elitist, will one day have a state funeral. The Leica and consumers think that their products take better pictures than any that exist in the world. Instead of lowering the price, increases. It is a question of a death foretold?

      • Well put.

        But I don’t see Leica going down soon. Even if they abandon the M series, they have the more competitively priced and not as under-performing S series. It’s the life raft for deep pocketed M people… Leica can always say we’re more exclusive now… if you can’t get on on S boat, Leica is not for you (, you poor bastard) 😀

      • ken elliott

        Uh… no.

        Leica owners I know enjoy the experience of shooting a Leica. It is much different than a SLR. I own a M8 and two III-series film cameras. They are fun to shoot, but I think my Nikons actually make better pictures.

        People who own horses use them for pleasure, not transportation. It’s the same for Leica owners. Yeah, jerks buy Leicas too and like to show the off. Leica seems rather willing to sell them unicorn-skinned gold-plated cameras so we can spot them easily and not confuse them for photographers.

        • malez

          spot them easily and not confuse them for photographers.

          +1! best quote

    • E


  • CHD

    What’s this…a PREMIUM camera maker LOWERING prices???? Leica, are you listening??….or are you going to wait until Fuji releases a full frame version of the X-Pro1 and you have no choice…

  • ericnl

    well, the quality is pretty close, especially for the price difference.

    just see this D800 vs Hasselblad video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UBTE4xpvpk

  • Jane

    It’s not the D800, it’s the D4x that is giving MF manufacturers sleepless nights. Most MF users are already using Nikon Pro or Canon Pro cameras. They know the systems, they have the lenses, what’s missing is a good high MP body. If the D4x is 54MP as rumored, then MF sales will take a serious hit.

    • Dan

      Or it could just be different tactics. Didn’t they get a new owner not so long ago?

  • Wilbert M

    Hmmm.. if you were willing to buy a Hasselblad, than now you even can buy a Hasselblad and you get a Nikon D800 for free…. That’s fun!

  • Webelieve

    Who cares. Use the camera you like and get the job done.

    I shot an editorial story last week (nylon mag) with a Pentax k1000 w/ a 50mm lens with 800 speed b/w film. Lol. Editor loved it.

  • Sahaja

    Now it Hasselblad or someone could make a full frame (6×6) digital back that would fit on an old 500CM at a reasonably affordable price, I’d love to buy one.

  • Peter

    It would seem people here have a very poor understanding of the camera market. Hasselblad is for professionals, not the enthusiast market like the D800. I recently had to weight up between the two and it was a very clear choice to purchase the Hasselblad.

    People are too quick to make assumptions about a camera maker they know little about. Phase One is a competitor, a strong one at that, however Hasselblad still dominates the market.

    • Philippos

      And professionals don’t care about budget right?

      There is no way a “professional” would actually think of buying a $40K body and a $6K lens without being tempted to buy a truckload of Nikon FF or Pentax MF equipment instead (that is also usable outdoors). Unless of course you really believe that Hasselblad sells more that the D800 or even the 645D.

      Personally, with the cash required to buy a single H camera, I would equip an entire studio.

      • Stu

        No professional would buy any one of these behemoths. They rent ’em when needed and buy their FF DSLRs.

    • D800 pro

      Crickey, assuming there a pro must use a MF camera or else they’re an “enthusiast” shows you’ve got more money than skills.

      Oil baron?

    • Mark

      The D800 & E are more than just an enthusiast’s camera. Many many pros are buying them for studio work, portrait & wedding, landscape/wildlife, and even photojournalism to some extent. I see the 800/E taking a bite out of Hassy’s market. If it weren’t a threat, the LuLa website forum wouldn’t have so many messages about it in the Medium Format discussion section. Nor would The Camera Store have even bothered to make that comparison video with the Pentax 645D. In that video, the 800E & Pentax seemed to be in a dead heat. A real “photo finish. ”

      And yeah, it is true the Pentax is going to be a tough competitor for Hassy too. No doubt about it.

  • porkchop

    who knows maybe Nikon will release a D4M instead of a D4X.

  • Well I bought the Nikon D3 with a few lenses when it was new, and that was a good investement at the time. Now, I could pay the same for a Hasselblad with a normal lens, but not a dime more. I could pay around $15.000 for a digital Pentax 67 with a REAL 6×7 sensor. But until those things are available at those prices, Im just gonna go for the D800 instead. Sorry Hasselblad and Phase, but you can only go downhill from here if you dont rebuild your whole business model from the ground up.

  • Wilbur

    Expect all MF cameras to drop like a rock once the D800 is readily available. Unless they’ve got killer lenses (Leica S) or will soon, they’re all cooked.

  • ATK

    the lion look so sad…

    • Depressed Tiger

      Nothing worse than a depressed lion.

  • daan

    Dear Hasselblad people,

    I’ve read that your new owners are planning a “rapid expansion of cutting edge capture products and is set to target new imaging markets.” Would you please consider a “new” square sensor line, for instance 6×6? There is no competition in this digital 6×6 market, apparently there is a lot of enthusiasm for square photo’s (look at Instagram!!) and I’m sure there are a lot of professional photographer like me who prefer to shoot in square format so give me a choice: 6×45 ánd 6×6!


  • Good one for Nikon. The new D800 is really good body, and can keep up with the big brothers 🙂

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