Sigma DP2 Merrill delayed till July

Sigma DP2 Merrill

Sigma DP2 Merrill

Sigma Japan issued a statement about the Sigma DP2 Merrill - like most Sigma product, the new DP2 Merrill compact camera is also delayed and is now expected to be released in July, 2012 (which probably means September):

"With regard SIGMA DP1 Merrill We have announced the development in February this year, the SIGMA DP2 Merrill, Nitaishimashite coverage of some of the media was held at the time of the announcement, I will answer scheduled for around May the release date of the SIGMA DP2 Merrill Although, we take a long time to prepare for sale in more than initially anticipated.Niokimashite the moment, because we aimed at preparing the release of July, making it imperative conditions that must be met by your time a little longer. Customers will be folded Niokimashite looking forward to the launch of SIGMA DP2 Merrill, but I'm sorry very much, appreciate your understanding as you will humbly wait for a while now."


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  • Brooklyn

    Its a love or hate camera. and most of the haters havent used one.

    any news about the MSRP?

    • fekiwe

      The first 10 sold will be $60,000 apiece and feature a free leatherette strap and Vivitar skylight filter. If more than 10 are sold, Sigma will re-price at $14.95 plus shipping and handling, but the strap and filter will cost $79 extra.

    • I tried to look online and could not find any prices yet.

  • Jason

    Im one of the lover and eager to get one! I guess the retail price would be 899USD

  • GL42

    That sucks they couldn’t make the lens a bit faster- like f2.

  • qqq

    Delayed? And who cares?

    • ATK


      • Joe


  • Curtis

    $900 for a fucking point and shoot and the image quality wont be any better than a nikon coolpix, this camera looks like something from the 90s. Whoever buys this is a fucking retard, i can get a canon t3i for $800 and sigma thinks that this is worth more than that?… Open your fucking eyes, sigma

    • fants

      You don’t know anything about the Foveon chip, do you?

      • Harold Ellis

        yes we know enough.

        it is good idea, which driven by very LOL company turned into one big LOL

        • Your credibility just went down the drain. There’s no doubt in my mind that you haven’t seen the sorts of images that this sensor can produce.

          • AAron

            what do you mean exactly? There are many blog posts (pretty not needed, but anyway) comparing it to even cheaper cameras (most of them come even with better system then sigma) and sigma lost on all of them.
            Foveon colors and sharpness is a myth spread by few jpeg shooters. We pros shooting nikon are not all dumb idiots throw moneys on our cameras without thinking and comparing.
            Always when you are unsure about something, ask your self: is really majority of phootgraphers so dumb to not know better and missing out on something, or are those few sigma shooters delusional?

          • “Always when you are unsure about something, ask your self: is really majority of phootgraphers so dumb to not know better and missing out on something, or are those few sigma shooters delusional?”

            I do think that a majority of photographers are dumb when it comes to understanding technology. That’s not to say they can’t make good photos. Technology’s impact on their confidence is more than its impact on image quality.

            Of course there are delusional idiots in every brand. E.g. Nikon users think ED glass is special but it’s there in every crap lens they have but it’s somehow special.

            “We pros shooting nikon are not all dumb idiots throw moneys on our cameras without thinking and comparing.”

            See my comments above…

    • r2

      You obviously haven’t shot with one.

    • Joe

      Do you talk like that in real life or only when hiding behind a keyboard? You come off as being very immature. I’d per your age at 12-13 tops.

    • Markus Arike

      You have’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about do you? Go download some Sigma SD1 images and you’ll know what the IQ will be like. I’m guessing you’ll come back here with your tail between your legs because you couldn’t be more wrong about the DP2 series.

  • preston

    I don’t understand why Nikon wouldn’t WANT Sigma to release an interchangeable lens version of this with an F-mount. It really isn’t competing against anything Nikon offers plus they sell a lot more lenses. This is 10 times slower than anything Nikon has but for travel and landscape shooters it shouldn’t matter. Full frame image quality in a small mirrorless body!

    • Sahaja

      And what’s to stop Sigma making an F-mount Foveon camera?

      Both Kiev and Ricoh have made F-mount cameras in the past and plenty of people make F-mount adapters. The Red One also has an F-mount.

      • You should be able to get a Nikon F lens to Sigma mount adapter machined if you really wanted. Sigma pretty much has the same flange distance as EOS EF.

  • beavis

    I´m afraid it´s already outdated. Absolutely necessary is support for Adobe Lightroom, Sigma Photo Pro is a very bad joke!

  • Mike

    Sigma delayed? Shocker. By the time their products hit the shelves, they’ve caught up with the competition…. from 3 years ago.

  • UseFilm

    Yeah, September next year…

  • spam

    Not a big surprise. They didn’t manage to get Live View in SD1 (yet), and they can’t really release the DP2 without it. The good news is that if they can make it work in this camera then they might be able to upgrade the SD1 too.

  • Luis

    It’s a shame Foveon tech belongs to Sigma. A major brand would develop the fantastic Foveon possibilities.

    • spam

      IMO Foveon tech is a great idea with too many shortcomings. That’s why nobody else use it. They certainly had teh opportunity in the years before Sigma bought Foveon.

      • No true

        Tech belongs to sigma. Maybe thats why nobody else use it??? Duh.

        • Harold Ellis

          trust me, if it would be groundbreaking, MF camera makers or CANIKON would buy foveon when it was for few dollars, license the tech or come up with the idea them self.

          • HaroldIsDumb

            Why should we trust you? You talk so much nonsense.

          • Harold Ellis

            let me guess, no examples to prove your point, right?

            but go ahead, buy that sigma 🙂

          • James

            They have come up with the idea themselves. Both Sony and Canon have full colour sensor patents. Also have you ever heard of 3CCD/CMOS video cameras. There are many advantages of full colour sensors.



  • etr brony

    im glad sigma is making this camera but it NEEDS much quicker AF if its to sell

    • or a kick as manual focus ring, with focus peaking – though i doubt this camera will have it.

      • Harold Ellis

        well it already doesnt have viewfinder which by it self is enough to move it to P&S territory. It will also not perform better then it’s DSLR counterpart (forgot the name) which is chapter in LOLBook by it self

  • I wish Sigma well, but my past experience with them has been a mixed bag. 50mm f1.4 lens has been brilliant wide open, but with focus shifts when stopping down I had lots of misfocused shots; 12-24mm lens has been an QC disaster – I had 2 units and both of them were de-centered (on different sides too). But I did get some neat shots using this optic, so not all was lost. Again, get Quality Control in order, make RAW codec format available to developers (I use Aperture, many people use Lighroom) and as long as camera works it will find its niche. But no more SD-1 type bloopers! Oh, and make it so I can use my Leica M glass on it and you can call it MP-X. 😉

  • Jack

    The original DP 1 was the first large sensor compact. The idea was brilliant and it generated so much interests. Then came the screw up from Sigma – it was delayed for a year or so, the performance was too slow. It wasn’t only the AF – the original Pen had slow AF too, the Fuji X100 isn’t exactly a speed demon – but also the write time. Sigma cameras used to freeze for over 7 seconds during write. While AF time may have improved, even the latest SD 1 takes about 15 seconds to complete writing a raw file to the card, during which some functions are not available. It seems like Sigma has been going all out to kill a great idea that would have ensured great success, sales and profit…. What a pity. The DP3 with zoom was promised for years and never came. Now we have the Canon G1 x, the X100, Leica X2 and tons of ILCs in the market, and Sigma still cannot get their cameras out in time and performing properly. If they know they are weak in the image processing department, they should go work with a strong partner.

    • I agree about their speed. I’m sure they’re not short of profits considering how good their lens sales are. And seeing how brandnew companies like Lytro and Samyang with no prior experience come out with stuff so quickly makes me very surprised why Sigma is this slow.

  • Sebastian

    I think the foveon sensor could be developed into something at least as good as a Bayer sensor, but as it is every comparison of cameras with these sensors -by reasonable folks, like dpreview- shows them to be currently not as good.

    • The dpreview review team is a very incompetent and an arrogant bunch. There are many flaws in the way they test things and they make changes only when people give up after trying to convince them. Did you know how long it took them to show raw noise results? They were insisting that all people need to know are “default JPEG” outputs. Morons, nothing less.

      The main reason why Foveon looks so bad against Bayer sensors is because they needs to be compared after normalising things. You can’t just keep things side by side and compare them like dpreview does with everything. That’s just for the soccer moms/dads who want to show up to school events with big cameras.

  • Nobody, not even the fans, every really expects a Sigma camera to be released on schedule. It makes no difference to me, because I’d never buy one at full retail. I’d only buy heavily cut price cameras on the second hand market where the command a price (under half the final discounted street price) that approaches a value proposition.

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