This is the new, large sensor, Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 compact camera

Here are the translated specs of the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 camera that will feature a 1" CMOS sensor (same sensor size as the Nikon 1 mirrorless system):

  • 13.2X8.8Mm Exmor CMOS sensor type 1.0 effective number of pixels 20.2 million pixels
  • Monitors - LCD (4:3), 3.0-inch, 1,229,000 dots
  • Lens Vario-Sonnar T * is
  • The focal length is 30-108mm (4:3) equivalent 35mm, 29mm-105mm (16:9)
  • The brightness of the lens is F1.8-4.9
  • Minimum focusing distance is 5cm, wide-tele 55cm at the end
  • The standard number of shots (conforming to CIPA) 330 sheets / min - 165
  • 30-valve second shutter speed is 1/2000 in the manual
  • ISO sensitivity (100 and 80 in the expansion), NR ISO125-6400 by Auto: Auto ISO125-25600 in the
  • Second continuous shooting is 10 frames / second 2.5 frames / continuous shooting in priority mode in normal mode -
  • Still images JPEG, RAW
  • 1920x1080 60p AVCHD video 28M
  • Size 58.1X101.6X35.9Mm
  • The weight (including battery and Memory Stick Duo) 240 g
  • Color: Black

Expect the announcement in the next few weeks.

Via Digicame-info

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  • Renato S.

    Sony is mental.

    It’s like they live in a alternative universe where all this nonsense makes sense.

    By nonsense I mean their lack of NEX lenses and this MP race.

    If this is an answer to the Canon G1X and Nikon1, why 20MP?! Why not make one of the best 1-inch 10MP sensor with better DR, better ISO performance and higher fps in burst mode?

    I don’t get it.

    • z

      D800 has better ISO performance and DR than 5d3. So is E-M5 to E-p3 and so on.

      Less MP can only mean more FPS these days, the feature that a pocket camera needed the least.

      • Renato S.

        Please, think a little bit more before saying think like that.

        NO, the 5DMKII has a overall better performance than the D800 in high ISO, the D800 has a nice DR and very sharp images, but it loses in high ISO.

        There is a huge difference between a FF 36MP and a 20MP 1-inch sensor (almost 3x crop), It would be something like a FF 100MP. Yes, the ISO performance is better now but with less MP you will ALWAYS have better performance.

        So if Sony had made a 10MP sensor instead of this 20MP nonsense, it would performance quite better. People that will buy this won’t use even 10MP, why 20MP then?

        The difference between 12MP to 16MP in the E-P3 and E-M5 comparison is nothing like comparing a possible 10MP to a 20MP, you are doubling the pixel density, where 12MP to 16MP is minor difference, even more when you think that that 12MP sensor is a very old Panasonic sensor, so the gap in the technology is quite bigger.

        • Rich in TX

          in what made up universe is the 5DM3 better than the D800 in anything? must be nice living in la la land

          • Joe

            Every real world test I’ve seen showed quite clearly the 5Dm3 had better high ISO and white balance performance than the D800. It is you who live in la la (or fanboy) land if you think either camera is better at everything.

          • El Aura

            What the heck is white balance performance? If it is only that the camera makes a better guess at the best WB, it is about camera performance not sensor performance.

        • Global

          I agree that 20MP is incredibly ridiculous. Its like someone in marketing said, “Hey, 24MP has been around for a while — we need to AT LEAST be in the 20s range” and the engineers probably settled for 20MP. But this is a terrible compromise for a 1″ sensor. It is definitely not going to be like full-frame.

          Sony should have gone to a maximum of 16MP max and not seemed ridiculous. A solid 12MP would put them in line with last gen full-frame and would have been much, much better than 20MP nonsense. 10MP is last gens point-and-shoot Canon, which performed OK, but was not a low-light king or anything, so I agree with the OP — 10MP would have been IDEA. 12MP~16MP for your marketing gimmicks. But 20MP?? What the hell..

          Its not that the camera will be “bad” — its just that you lose most of its benefit, unless SONY thinks that there are millions and millions of point and shooters making posters (there are not).

          • ReverseStreamSwimmer

            Well, their compact cameras are using 18.2 Megapixels from a 1/2.33″ IMX118CQT sensor.

            I guess Nikon specified this 20 Mpixels sensor from Sony to go in a higher resolution upcoming CX camera, to complement the current 10 Megapixel Aptina in J1/V1 models.

        • Steve

          You still don’t get it. Down scaling a 20mp sensor’s output to 10mp would have the same IQ as a 10mp sensor based on the same technology. It is only if you compare per pixel out at 20mp vs 10mp does it loose worse.

          But I do agree there is little to no benefit of having 20mp and you end up with slower processing and huge RAW files.

          • No… you end up with slightly better quality if you downscale, compared to a sensor with the same native resolution.

      • You don’t know what dynamic range means… learn it first.

    • MikeS

      Sony has always been pretty liberal with megapixel counts, particularly since it’s more free to pick and choose as a major sensor manufacturer. Remember, the A900 was the first DSLR to exceed 20 MP. What’s more, Sony has always predominantly targeted consumers, and megapixels sell.

      I agree that 20MP is excessive for this sensor format, though at lower ISOs, the quality should be outstanding. I hope that’s a click wheel around the lens, a la the Canon S90/95/100.

    • very true… why 20mpx ?

      • Just Me

        Because they can?

  • Wow, that machine translation is awful. To make the worst points clearer: Shooting in normal modes equals 2.5fps. In burst priority mode, you get 10fps. Also, it translated bulb as valve. Thus, you get a bulb mode and between 30s and 1/2000 otherwise in manual mode. The specs were originally listed on an online retailer’s website so the Digicame-Info site believes the specs are sound.

  • spam

    Looks interesting, the LCD seem to be fixed though and no EVF option? Hard to tell from the images.

  • Camaman

    WOW this is great!
    Lack of buttons isnt really a minus for the target market, IMO.

    It does have 3 other glaring faults:
    -It is only 30mm on the wide end
    -Shutter is only 1/2000s… that is very limiting.
    -Its a Sony so it will have software intuitive more like a video game and less like a camera

    • Steve

      Hopefully it has a built-in ND filter to offset the slower shutter speed.

    • Pooh

      For a poor cameraman like me who still live with technologies of the 60s, 1/2000s (which is the standard top speed for most of the leaf shutter compact cameras today, from the $100 ones to the Leica X1) is more than enough.

      And the focal length is really around 28-105, which is also the standard zoom range of recent compacts.

      • With smaller sensors diffraction sets in sooner so you don’t really want to shoot at f/8 or smaller, nor do you need the extra depth-of-field most of the time. The ND filter can help keep aperture in a sweeter spot, or allow shooting wide open for some degree of subject isolation. It’s nice if a the camera can offer it at your fingertips.

  • Steve

    This is the same size as my s90 except for being 5mm deeper!! And only 240g with battery. This is a much better solution for a large sensor pocketable camera than the G1X and Nikon 1 (neither of which are pocketable)

  • Carlos

    hmm, sounds strange, but with some luck, price and quality and speed are good.
    I’m looking for a Sigma DP2x replacement, as Sigma-Service today was just to blind to see any noise in iso800, while the pictures show banding-noise from iso400 on upwards.
    No Sigma anymore, so what’s next in this compact arena?
    Who knows… maybe Sony? Not my preferred brand, …..

  • Come on guys…. I need NEWS on SONY’s SLT-A99, and ZEISS Zooms with SSM focusing… when, what, how much… We are using the A77 with very favorable results, and will continue with the A99 if SONY gets with the program fast enough, or we will be forced to go with Canon’s new 5D Mark III, for the Football season… JimW

  • So they are copying the Nikon J1 in concept and style but without interchangeable lenses – brilliant!

    • om

      The thing beats the whole range of Nikon 1 lenses with the zoom (except the huge 18-200), plus being way smaller (2mm thicker though with the lens, than the NAKED J1 body).

      Those fat Nikon 1s, the Joke of 2011.

  • Andrew

    All it needs to do is not produce smudgy jpegs in low light and this could be a brilliant walkabout camera.

  • Harold Ellis

    no viewfinder, not a fullframe, go home and make NEX lenses

  • Matt

    Nice!!! Perfect size sensor for a truly high-end compact. I’m a Canon fan but they’ve got to be crapping their pants now. But why 20 megapixel?? That is unfortunate, if not ridiculous. If it was 10-14 the light per pixel could have been that much higher = better low light and faster shutter speeds in general, maybe higher DR, etc. The sort of people who will buy this camera will know that too. They aren’t the sort who think more MP is automatically better. That why this decision is strange and incongruent with the rest of this sweet looking little shooter.

    Also, 30mm equiv at the widest? That hurts a bit too.

    • the light per pixel could have been that much higher = better low light and faster shutter speeds in general, maybe higher DR, etc.


      let me guess… you go to dpreview to learn stuff? 😀

      • Matt

        You want to point to a specific resource? Are you telling me that if I want to shoot in low light with all other variables fixed (ISO, aperture, sensor size, camera, etc., everything) I can shoot at the same shutter speed regardless of whether the sensor is 20MP or 10MP?

        I can’t believe that, so you must be arguing that there is less noise in the downsized 10MP image from the 20MP sensor set at a higher ISO than the 10MP sensor at baseline ISO. Judging from the noise introduced on my Canon S95 as I double the ISO, I find this hard to believe too. But if you have a specific article or test that you can point to, be all means, inform me.

        • You’re the one who doesn’t understand this stuff. At least teach yourself to do your own homework. Are you going to ask me to father your wife’s children too? 😀

  • Marvin8

    I concur with most of the others here who feel that the 20Mp negates the advantage of a large sensor. Ridiculous decision by Sony, to say the least. I would have considered replacing my two year old Samsung had Sony decided to keep the Mp down to 10-14Mp. No way will I consider buying this camera.

  • Rogerio

    I was ready to upgrade my s90 to a s100 but this camera may change my decision.

  • Philippos

    Please stop complaining about the ISO performance and the resolution.
    We may be surprised yet. After all, these are the people who brought us the great sensor of the D800.

    I do like the RAW support, something that must be a first for a Sony compact.

    My biggest concern is how much of a pocketable camera this is, and of course HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ???

  • an onymous

    Not starting at 24 mm but a rather highish 29-30 mm equiv. 35 mm FOV for a very moderate ~3.5 X zoom is a Big fail, come on Sony you can do it better!

    Many p&s sports at least 26-27 mm equiv. 35 mm FOV.

  • MK

    x10 lens is better, but has smaller sensor? what is the price

  • jose

    I actually think is a definitive step in the right direction, as it back the trend of the powerpoint g1-x, one of the most promising introductions of the year.
    Give it a metal body, and you have a terrific dslr replacement / supplemental camera.
    I don´t know how many lenses (other than the kit zoom one) your typical CSC user has, but i bet a good number of them never change lens, and the resulting camera is more fragile and bulkier than a fixed lens one.
    The next Lumix LX-whatever will follow that trend, as well as, hopefully, the next coolpix p-xx00 and Samsung tl-1.

  • CJ

    I think you may want to delete some garbage comments entered today!
    And this message to you too 🙂

    • I am on it. Damn spammers!

      • for some reason spam comments are no detected by my spam filter

  • I’ve just ordered the Sony Hx30v (after getting bored with the Canon G-series). How will this Sony Rx100 compare?

  • Alex

    No thanks.

    • I think the existence of MEMORYSTICK is as lame as the next guy but like most recent Sony cameras it will probably support standard SD/SDHC, etc. as well.

  • me

    this may kill the nex line in the future —-^^

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