Panasonic ends up as the major investor in Olympus

After several months of negotiations, Panasonic ended up investing a large chunk of money in Olympus according to Reuters:

"Panasonic Corp is making final arrangements to provide up to 50 billion yen ($635 million) in capital to Olympus Corp in a move that will make Panasonic the top shareholder in the company."

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  • Zachery

    One failing company investing in another. This can only end well.

  • Renato S.

    I would like this to make my dream hybrid-hybrid slightly closer to reality.

    A camera with Olympus Engine and IBIS and the video from Panasonic.

  • CRB

    Now Oly is screw…d lame sensors for life…lol

  • Tony Bologna

    This comes at no surprise giving they share the m4/3 bed. Still wish Fuji had slid under those sheets too 🙂 although the X series is a dream to use. Panasonic a failing company? Hardly…they are purely in a stage of transition. Facebook is losing “millions” as i type this and they dont even produce hard goods but will be around for a long time.

    • Tao


      Smart move on Panasonic’s side. Bolster and sure up the only other company that uses the format they have hedged their bets on for their photography business on. If Sony got into it, that could have been scary.

      Panasonic is huge – really huge. Their financial woes are from buying Sanyo which obviously turned out to be a larger mess they they thought. Huge losses were from one time write-downs, write-offs and restructuring. If you are going to take a big hit – take it all at once and recover for the next year.

  • I suspected as much; that Panny would rather not but can’t afford Olympus, its M4/3 partner to collapse.

    • Carlos

      Yepp, agree.
      It has no positive value to concentrate the m43 format to a one company offer, it’d weaken the market’s position a lot.
      But having Olympus fail, would create a bigger hole to fall into and dry out.

      It’d make more sense for Samsung or a chinese to buy Olympus-camera but that won’t happen, as the japanese will do all to prevent a foreign entry into such an important japanese brand.


  • Good news. It makes sense for both of the companies. BTW, look deeper in the business profile of Olympus, and notice that their largest profit (and investment) is in the healthcare and medical equipment…

    • Sky

      Well, from photography point of view it’d make more sense to get partnership with Sony – even solely for having access to good sensors finally.

      • I respectfully disagree. For the photographic community the Panasonic-Olympus alliance is preferable. The Sony would merge Olympus as it did with the Konica-Minolta: at the beginning, re-brand the bought-company products; and then slowly suppress the development of the original line of products in favor of some new proprietary format (for example, MFT to NEX-E). As for the sensors, at the moment nobody stops Olympus from buying any sensors they want for their products, Panasonic, Toshiba or Aptina. It’s nice to have the choice.

  • Why don’t they stop the layoffs instead of buying rubbish?

  • Would be nice if there was a little more sharing between the two — like Panasonic getting Oly’s wireless flash, maybe a little more cooperation with support for the other brand’s lenses, etc.

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