Upcoming Samsung NX lenses

Here is a more detailed list of the upcoming Samsung NX lenses:

  • Samsung iFn 12-24mm f/4 OIS ED VCM
  • Samsung iFn 55mm f/1.8 pancake
  • Samsung iFn 30mm f/2 pancake (version II)
  • Samsung iFn 16-50mm f/2.8 OIS SSA
  • Samsung iFn 70-400mm f/4-5.6 OIS ED VCM

The premium prime NX lenses will be announced in 2013.

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  • blargh

    very nice, especially the longer telephoto option and the 55mm pancake. if its optically on par with the rest of samsung’s lenses, it will be even more popular than sony’s 50mm 1.8 😉 for having a pancake design.

    but in all seriousness, these lenses fill some holes that i’ve been looking to have filled. it would make samsung’s system very likable. their bodies are solid, but not particularly ground breaking or inspiring like m4/3’s OMD or GH2 or sony’s NEX7. maybe the way they will be popular is solid sensor, great UI/ergonomics, and the second best mirrorless lens line up 🙂

    • spam

      Agree, if these come out within a reasonable timeframe then the already good Samsung lens selection would be almost on par with mFT.

  • Marco

    nice roadmap. let’s hope they can also produce a new high end body with better high ISO iq, better EVF (on par or better than nex 7), much faster processing than nx20, ibis and focus peaking. That would be the nx1 I’d like to buy.

  • Albert

    Im curious, whats wrong with NX? It has great lenses collection, aps-c sensor, commitment from the manufacturer, yet it’s not as popular as m43, nex or even nikon 1. Horrible marketing department? Or something else?

    • jobe

      mediocre jpeg engine, RAW files too large, image processing (lockup) a pain.

    • Marco

      Fo r me the new NX are too high priced for their features. As jobe pointed out, NX has many drawbacks that need to be addressed in future NX products, most notably very slow processing causing lockups. Besides NX20, which is at present the top end camera in NX system, has not the top specs out of the mirrorless. Not the best EVF, not the best sensor, not IBIS, not focus peaking, not fast processing.

      It has great lenses, though, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to sell a lot of cameras.

      Actually, if I had to spend 1000+ euro on a new system I wouldn’t choose NX now. Though the old NXs (100, 10, 11) are great value for money.

  • bob

    Samsung, and please, new firmware for NX200 to fix “image processing (lockup)”.

  • Sven C.

    For me, the 70-400 and the existing 60 macro would be the perfect combination. I think the 70-400 could be on pair with the Sony, but a little bit smaller (the Sony is build for FF).

    But what means “VCM”?

    • Raffwal

      VCM = Voice Coil Motor. I assume it’s like the ultrasonic AF motors by other brands.

      • No, VCM is nothing like ultra sonic. VCM is voice coil motor, it functions on a similar principal to a loud speaker (voice coil), it uses a magnetic field to position the focusing elements nearly instantaneously and completely silent. It is only good for lenses with small focusing groups; you aren’t going to find it in the large 2.8 zooms or anything.

    • Din

      OThis VCM are magnetic motors, just like on the 18-200mm lens.

  • dtr

    They look like nice usuable lenses, but then what is the point of having them so large, that one would may as well have full dSLR smaller body instead (with all the advantages)? I thought mirorless made most sense with small fast primes

    • Din

      The point is Samsung has not a full DSLR system like other companies to offer you a completely range of big lenses ans bodies. Its CSC needs cover the mirrorless system and the DSLR

      • spam

        Exactly, Samsung and Pansonic believe that mirrorless is the future (so do I btw, at least up to semipro) and then they need a full range of lenses from fiheye and super wideangle to supertele. The 70-400 will bring the Samsung system up to mFT level on telezooms (both 600mm equivalent).

        The great thing about mirrorless is IMO that you get fewer moving parts, better reliability, better video integration, less vibration and a more silent cameras. Simpler mechanical designs should also mean lower pricer, at least as the technolgy get more mature.

        Smaller bodies are of course also an advantage for some types of cameras, but not really for dSLR-replacements where good ergonoics and some weight to balance bigger lesnes are important.

        Currently EVF quality and refresh rates and AF-tracking is behind dSLRs, but Samsung obviously belive they can eliminate these weaknesses over time.

        • Half Truth

          The NEX-5 is shutter much louder than any of the mid-range DSLR’s that I’ve used… that includes Nikon, Canon, and Pentax. It’s kind of irritating actually.

        • Actually, mirrorless cameras are more subject to shutter vibrations due to the light weight. I think most will go to electronic first curtain shutters to fight this.

          I also agree, the NEX series cameras have much louder shutters than most DSLR cameras I use.

          I agree mostly though, and I think more and more will go to mirrorless for costs, size, etc.

  • CRB

    bummer…no 24mm f1.8…36mm EQ…maybe in 2013..

  • blargh

    Samsung really needs to come out with a high end body that doesn’t have write speed issues, and that has a competitive EVF. the nx20 evf is pretty good, but not fit for its flagship model.

    Sony has shown that good bodies sell more than good lenses; samsung should keep up lens production but needs to put out better bodies. not that they’re bad, but since samsung is not really a photographic company, people are put off by whatever negatives they can find, and samsung needs to minimize those

  • GL42

    I wonder how much that 12-24 is gonna cost. Bet it’ll be pricy, at least initially.

  • GL42

    Oh wow, if that 16-50 comes to fruition that will be an awesome lens.

  • Legoland Space

    I tried NX20 in a local shop; it’s really a pain to use it with Raw. Terribly slow operation when compared to even a medium range DLSR camera, like the Nikon 3200, which is much cheaper btw. Besides the EVF is not great, quite slow and not so big.

    I think these NX mirrorless systems still have to improve much to be worth the price they are asking.

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