Samsung NX-R and EX2F will have built-in Wi-Fi

A reader sent me those Wi-Fi certificates for the upcoming Samsung NX-R and EX2F cameras. The applications were filed in the past two months. Here is a full list of the Samsung Wi-Fi certified cameras:

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  • lynn

    so instead of 2 batteries, you will need to carry 10 batteries?

    • Din

      If you want keep turn on the WiFi all day, maybe.

  • FMJ

    that name remind me of the Honda NSX-R : )

    • ItsaChris

      the NSX-R even had a viewfinder

  • thosh

    every f***ing mobile phone has wifi… so that´s: WOW Samsung. I will be early adopter ;D

    • Not bad. I could shoot and upload directly to my Galaxytab, getting back-up and preview. Not bad at all.

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