Upcoming Samsung cameras: NX-R, EX2 and EX2F

Is this the Samsung R1?

The Samsung NX-R could be the upcoming "retro" NX mirrorless camera. NX-R may not be the official marketing name, but the camera is in the final development stage.

The Samsung EX1 (TL500) will be replaced by two new models: EX2 and the EX2F, the second model will probably be the Wi-Fi version.

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  • Slaven

    Any thoughts about EX2’s sensor?
    Still 1/1.8″?

  • Mark

    Camera porn!

  • Rayoody

    Is it like the RX100 Sony’s ??

    • Sky

      Not at all. It’s much bigger and has interchangeable lenses. Probably also a bigger sensor.

  • fj

    I love the look of that camera. Given that Samsung seems to have lost their mind when it comes to pricing it’ll probably cost a fortune.

  • 직업이라쓰고Read시대감각

    EX2 = EX2F ;;

    not different model( i guess)

    • Din

      Samsung put F on camera models since them have WiFi, only the compact ones.
      EX2 and EX2F could be two different models with/without WiFi.

      • 직업이라쓰고Read시대감각

        well… then there is no EX2 model..

        only EX2F exsist.

        there is no reason to make 2type(with/without wifi) model.

        ex) WB150= WB150F, WB850= WB850F

  • FMJ

    wait till it drops to $600, i will buy one…..

    but i do like their lens line up thou, i will get a 20mm and the rumor 55mm pencake.

    that would make it 35mm / 85mm equivalent.

  • NX-R…if this camera proves real and is full-frame (i.e. has a sensor that’s the same size as a frame of 35mm film) it could be a game changer. If it’s APS-C it’ll just fizzle into oblivion abroad…and do all right back in it’s home territory.

    • I doubt it will be a full frame camera.

  • Apaloosa

    The nx20 is way to expensive for what it offers. Same technology of nx200 at twice the price just for added EVF and WiFi.

    This nx-r could be really good only if it has a new sensor with better DR and high ISO handling, better integrated EVF than nx20 (higher res and not sequential), better processing power, higher burst rate and better legacy glass support (focus peaking, IBIS).

    • Shy

      IMHO one of the advantages of a mirrorless is compactness and lightweight, it is very diffucult to justify a full frame mirrorles camera then. Any entry level DSRL has already the compactness and low weight propertias at very affordable price, actually Nikon D3100 has a rangefinder mode to help with manual focusing.

      • Shy

        I forgot to mention that making a worth FF lens is more difficult (expensive) to produce, ther is no pint mounting big FF glass on a small camera or mountuing glass whith good center performance and bad corner performance, better go croped sensor to achieve excelent IQ, compactness and lightweight.

  • Anonymous NX200 user

    I second Apaloosa’s comments. Samsung made a big mistake when it did not include an EVF for the NX200, so I hope it will:

    1) Have an EVF
    2) Sleek design like NX200
    3) Better JPEG processing engine
    4) Smaller RAW and faster processing
    5) Remove Anti-Aliasing filter for maximum sharpness like Fuji X-Pro 1.
    6) Better high ISO performance
    7) Revamp the Panaromic Mode, which is currently video based. Look at NEX Panaroma Mode which is based on photo capture and is MUCH better
    8) Focus Peaking

    This is my dream camera. And please, keep the cost down, Samsung. You can win the CSC market; it is your choice.

  • raj

    In cameras y not phone also like camera+ phone

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