What else is new? [weekend digest]

  • The new MacBook Pro offers 2880x1800, 5.1 million pixels 15.4-inch retina display. According to Apple "The pixel density is so high, your eyes can’t discern individual pixels. Images take on a new level of realism and text is pin sharp". To see how the new MacBook's display compares against other laptops, check this article by Anandtech. Prices start from $2199.
  • Apple filed a patent for a device (iPhone?) with interchangeable camera parts.

  • Arca-Swiss introduced RotaMount and VariFind:

The ARCA SWISS RotaMount is a brand new rotating back designed for use with the ARCA SWISS R-Series (digital or film back) as well as with F and M Line view cameras.

The new RotaMount back allows you to switch seamlessly from landscape to portrait format in just a couple of seconds. This safe and secure system guarantees total flexibility.

The unparalleled ARCA SWISS VariFind R-series variable focal length optical viewfinder has now been further enhanced with the addition of masks that can be shifted independently on both X and Y axes. The viewer can be used in landscape and portrait modes.

The viewerʼs bright and high contrast display transmits light through small holes in the viewer mask to show the applied shift.

Prices - RotaMount: 390€, VariFind: 950€

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  • Round it goes

    Round and round it goes. The outsourcing carousel is off to the next cheap labor source with lax regulations for all things! Dump the old, bring in the new!

    Brazil, come on up! You’re the next contestant on the Capitalist Exploiter is Always Right!

    • AM

      Brazil is not cheap labor at all. I believe it has more to do with tax regulations as it is very expensive to import final goods into Brazil due to high tax rates. If those products are manufactured in Brazil, companies avoid the payment of import taxes, therefore can offer their products at more competitive and affordable prices. It’s kind of a win-win-win situation, the government pulls in foreign investment, people get jobs and more affordable products, companies increase their sales.

      • Harold Ellis

        yea, that is how i understood it too.
        Though rest of the world prefers to dump local providers and import *.* from china

  • Bondi Beach

    Why does it seem that the more outrageous the corporate ruination, the more the CEO gets as a golden handshake? Why do these CEOs never have to come to account?

    • Nick

      Because what’s gone wrong at Olympus wasn’t his fault, and he was sacked for asking questions about it and so has been compensated for unfair dismissal.

      • Bondi Beach

        Oh – so that means that the bad guys are back in charge?

        • Harold Ellis

          it is olympus. They are irelevant for two years so why would it matter?

          • You Again

            How did I know Harold would not resist posting?
            Do you actually know how to take pictures or do you spend your time on rumor sites and forums trash talking every brand but Canon?

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