More Pentax full frame DSLR rumors

Rumors about a new Pentax full frame DSLR camera have been circulating for a while. Here are some new updates:

  1. Pentax will make the world's most compact full frame body which is to be marketed by March 2013.
  2. Two body colors: black and silver.
  3. Using the new Sony 24MP full frame sensor, possibly the same as in the rumored Nikon D600 and the upcoming Sony a99. Pentax can start using this new sensor 6 months after the a99 is announced.
  4. Pentax will also announce a new full frame kit zoom lens (starting from 28mm on the wide angle side).
  5. There will be also a new battery grip and flash unit.
  6. The price of the new Pentax full frame camera is rumored to be HK$22,000 for the body only (around US$2800).
  7. The official announcement is expected in September at Photokina.

Source: DCHome | Image credit: Pentaxforum

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  • If nikon puts a 2k o r less price tag on d600 this pentax is dead from the start.
    I respect pentax, but only brand loyalists will buy this body.

    • lynn

      pentax will promise to make it even smaller than the leica m9 body???

      • Arn

        M9 is a digital telemetric camera, not a DSLR.

        • lynn

          did you read #1 above? no?

          • WoutK89

            Pentax will make the world’s most compact full frame body which is to be marketed by March 2013.

            In case you missed it

    • Sky

      What if Pentax makes a quality body?
      Like it used to do all the time?
      Instead of semi-plastic crippled body from Nikon that only good thing it’ll have will be a FF sensor?
      Cause Pentax gonna beat Nikon IQ, as it always does when producing a camera with the same Sony sensor Nikon does.

      • ansnasdj



        In what sense?

        It has the same compatibility as any Nikon DSLR on the market

        • jake

          why are Nikon guys are so annoying and fanatic about Nikon ?

          get real , the D600 is a cheap FF version of the D5100.

          • WoutK89

            Get real, the D600 photos clearly show it has a D7000 body, including the Built-in AF-drive. Why are people always complaining about Nikon fanboys, and don’t check their own facts.

      • Travis

        Pentax IQ is not better then Nikon. The difference between K5 and d7000 is negligible and subjective. Get real.

        • jake

          actually I owned both and I can say the K5 is a bit better in terms of DR and noise control.
          but I think my NEX5n beats both cause it’s got a new version of the well respected Sony 16.3mp sensor.

    • Craig

      The Nikon D600 will not be less than $2,000US. It is wishful thinking not based in reality to believe it will be less than $2,000US.

      • dave

        I think the Nikon will be less than $2,000. This Pentax really is a pointless camera. Why do you keep doing this Pentax?

        • spam

          Why do you keep trolling? Pentax has lot of FF lenses and a lot of customers. Why would they switch to Nikon or Canon to get FF if Pentax had a FF body?

          Pentax have a problem with too small market share, but keep producing excellent bodies with top IQ and better value than Canon and Nikon. They are held back by being a smaller company, but that might change now when they are owned by Ricoh.

          • Adam Maas

            Because Pentax FF lenses are rather difficult to find unless you’re looking for cheap consumer stuff, a 50/1.4, a Macro or the three FA Limiteds.

            Right now if you want to shoot Pentax FF and have a good selection of fast glass you need to pay Samyang rather than Pentax as Samyang actually has a good K mount FF lineup unlike Pentax. And if you want FF zooms, you’re buying Sigma or Tamron, not Pentax.

            There may be a lot of K mount glass lying around, but almost all of it is cheap 28’s, 50/55’s or 135’s or cheap consumer zooms. And while Pentax has made some damned fine FF glass over the years it tends to be rare outside of the three FA Limiteds, which are good but overpriced for their quality.

            Nikon on the other hand offers a set of 3 f1.8 lenses which can be had for less than the cost of 2 FA Limiteds and equals or exceeds the performance of those Limiteds (The 28/1.8G, 50/1.8G and 85/1.8G). If the D600 hits its rumoured price you’ll be able to get it and that three lens set for the price of the Pentax FF body.

      • jake

        Nikon, Nikon, Nikon , get over it ,it is nothing special or magical.
        I ‘d get the K3 if it is real just for In-bodySR and Pentax’s weather sealings(even the cheap K5 is better sealed than the D4 or the 1DX).

  • Petter

    But will it be more compact than my Olympus XA or Nikon FM2n? No? Whaaaa?

    • jake

      those are MF cameras, thus small.

  • Samved

    Trolls in 3 – 2 -1 …

    • Roy

      I’d~ like to be~ everything you want~ -Pentax full frame

    • Harold Ellis

      no trolls. camera is doable, and if priced right, it might push sony canon and nikon even lower. so it is all good. the fact that it will not be success (without pro system to support it) is no discussion. Look at nikon. they have milion lenses, even old ones, and still people chitchat about missing lenses and which flash to buy, etc. pentax have nothing in reality. they will compete on budget and there it is even harder.

      • Samved

        Were I you, would I shut the fuck up. 🙂

        You have never owned anything except D3100, right? 😀

        • Patrick

          Wow. That’s some terribly skillful word smithing. Maybe you could keep this hostile, and pathetic tough talk to your self, yes?

        • Harold Ellis

          lol you would cry if you could see what i own, but does that matter? over internet is everybody bruce willis.

        • CXR

          Uh-oh, it appears Master Yoda has given in to the hate and embraced the dark side.

  • Nigel

    C’mon Pentax, full frame please!

    It will just make the cabinet full of full-frame lenses I have worth so much more… 😉

    My K-5 will treat me just fine for years to come.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    I hate my life.

  • Ric

    Silver and Black.

    A DSLR for Raider fans.

  • Ric

    Silver and Black. Finally a DSLR for Raider fans.

  • elk

    World’s smallest FF camera after worldd’s largest mirrorless. Pentax, yes you can!

    • Jeffrey S.


    • Gennadiy

      I’m actually laughing after reading this comment! Can’t wait to see what happens when the 2 oddballs (pentax and ricoh) fully join their forces.

    • Stan

      It’s a strategy, all the cameras should be around of one sacred size 😉

    • tobi

      Jolly good, sir!

      It made me chuckle!

  • amien

    The only Way IN for Ricoh-Pentax is to make a strong alliance with Samsung, and offer powerful capacities and brand new 1.8 primes

    or merge with Hassleblad and come out with affordable, compact MF Bodies.

    • aurele

      Hum … Pentax already have a good MF, for only 16k less than hassy and phase one 😀

      it’s called 645D and cost 10 k $.

      • jake

        buy one from Ebay or something , you can get it for 7k or 8k.

    • spam

      This must count as one of the most clueless comments ever.

  • Nobody Special

    I hope they pull it off. It’s always better to have choices in the market and if they bring out a lens line for it – which would seem likely – it will make Pentax a name again, assuming the quality is high. But why use a 24MP sensor if you don’t have the optics to utilize what it can give???

    Sounds like an interesting Photokina this year.

  • Nikonot

    Pentax, if that thing comes out at $2500…where can I put in my order????

    I will have to buy this and the D600 since I do have a lots of Nikon lenses.

  • Nikonot

    Holy cow… this thing is much much nicer and looks more durable than the D600. Just take my money already!

    • mervis


      This is a rumor site.

    • jake

      why do you have to mention the cheap FF version of the D5100 so many times?
      no one really care about it seriously.

      the D600 looks too cheap , and it is not a rival of this mythical pentax FF , the main rival of this Pentax K3 would have to be the D800 or the EOS5D3.

      • WoutK89

        It is not a D5100!! It is a FF D7000.

      • CXR

        You seem to think that a FF version of the D5100 would be a bad thing. Cheap is good in my books. No metering or AF? No problem, I don’t have either of those now with my Kodak DCS 14n + AI-S lenses. I’d rather have a cheap “crippled” camera than a skill-set so crippled that I need the camera to do everything for me.

  • Profe

    Pentax… I am ready to pre-order mine. I want it in silver and black.

  • ras

    great news! i have been waiting for pentax to make a full frame dslr because they have in-body image stabilization and make top-notch prime lenses. a 50/1.4, 85/1.8, 35/2, 28/2, 100/2.8 macro, and 200/4 macro are all i want, in that order. i’m guessing it’ll also have an optical viewfinder with 100% coverage and weather sealing, too.

    only i hope they make the sensor 36mp instead of 24mp with the d800e’s modified filters.

  • Calibrator

    The Pentax FF may have just important advantage over the Nikon D600:
    It may actually be available if Nikon can’t fulfill all their orders again!

    The D600 may become even more scarce than the D800 in most countries…

  • Gab

    Who would buy this over a d800 for roughly the same price? Also nikon lenses are (much) better and generally not more expensive.

    • jake

      everybody has different taste, the D800 is not my cup of tea for example, I know it is a great camera , though.

    • spam

      D800 is nice, but you can’t use Pentax lenses on it, no IBIS, and it’s not particulary small. A smaller full featured body from Pentax would appeal to many.

  • Erica

    A always laugh at commenters who are bashing Nikon/Canon. It’s good to have a choice of camera’s. I used to have a Pentax ME-super, later I bought a Minolty Dynax 7000, then bought a Nikon F80, D50, D80, D90 and now have a D7000. I like it that I can use old lenses from Nikon on my camera. If a affordable FF Nikon comes available, I shure like to have one. But what I don’t like is to bash other brands, because I don’t have that particular brand.
    I made a choise for Nikon, not for the name, but for the choise of lensen I could always use from my friend. Canon makes good camera’s, Pentax used to make good camera’s and I hope this new one will be a winner too. I have friends who still have analog Pentax dslr and they shure would like to get a digital ff Pentax.

    So come on all you Nikon bashers in this post: GET A LIVE

    • Ric

      Analog DSLR.

      Thats funny.

      • Erica

        @Ric: you’re right: I should have typed slr. Just so used to type dslr.

  • Art

    Fake picture taken from April 1 joke

    No FF from Pentax is coming in 2012

    • spam

      The rumot said available in 2013.

  • Yes please, a small Pentax FF dslr would fit me perfectly. I want FF and I want it small. If this turns out to be real I will not go for the D600, I will go for the Pentax FF without a doubt. Please Pentax.. And after the superhit with the supersmall Pentax FF, you turn your heads and make a REAL digital Pentax 67 with a real 5.8X6.9cm sensor.

  • Cymraeg

    Seems to be a few misconceptions on this thread. I have cameras from all the major manufacturers, including Nikon (D3 and D200) and a variety of lenses. Nikon lenses (at least, the expensive ones) are superb, but they are not “much” better than Pentax lenses, especially when we compare prices. My DA* 60-250mm outperforms all my Nikon lenses, with the exception of the 14-24 F2.8. And Pentax used to make great cameras, and still do. DxO Labs rates the sensor in the K5 as the best in any APS-C camera, rating it more highly than all Nikon APS-Cs, and every other full frame camera, including Canon and all Leica. I appreciate that the DxO rating doesn’t tell the whole story, but my K5 is a beautiful little camera, and I won’t let anyone say otherwise, Bring on a FF, Pentax! I’ll be early in that line up.

  • Ron Hendriks

    I hope they also put it into the mirrorless K-01 body and make it as cheap as possible. That could work very nicely (next to a real dslr).

  • jari

    I’m already summing the money, do it with Pentax dna and I will buy it for sure

  • twitch

    Pentax would have to monumentally screw up for me not to buy a FF DSLR from them. My FA limiteds and I are paitently waiting.

    • Ev

      yeh, same, but if it plays out the way that the K-5 did, (and I hope it does) they will make something that dominates.

  • l21

    Pentax is the only company of the big four in the DSLR market that does not have a 1.4 prime other than the 50 and 55. They do not offer a 24-70 2.8, a 70-200 2.8 also, no cheap 85, no cheap nothing. Just a bunch of expensive f/1.7-1.8 lenses with screw AF and a whole bunch of crop lenses. Oh, and from the four main manufacturers, Pentax has got the worst flash system, by a long long way. Flashes are ancient and Pentax camera’s have problems working in TTL mode with their own flashes !! So many Pentax users buying Metz flashes, so many using sigma, tamron and tokina glass that you wonder what still keeps them buying Pentax products. Surely it’s not the QC or Pentax’s innovative designs. Anywho, fat girls need love too, I really wish that Pentax would actually offer you guys something to rave about. Cheers.

    • Nikon claim to have a 1.4 primes but because the way the nikon mount is designed this is totally impossible. The pentax primes pentax smc FA 31mm F1.8 AL Limited, smc DA 35mm F2.4 AL smc FA 43 mm F1.9 Limited, smc D-FA 100 mm F2.8 Macro WR, smc FA 77 mm F1.8 Limited and smc DA* 200mm F2.8 ED(IF) SDM are all very good lenses and if pentax wanted to they could bring some the tech found only in there 645 lenses across to the dslrs thus producing a lenses that would out resolve the canon L series of lenses

  • Ben

    I have a nice Pentax collection of cameras and lenses, including the LX, the 24 mm, the 50 1.4, etc… Then I switched to Nikon to feel more “pro” and ended up with a nice collection of Nicon stuff including the FM, the FE2, the 120 macro medical, the 105 etc…
    When I got my first DSLR since I needed for the macro I opted for the Nikon D200 as I had no Pentax macro lenses.
    Now I have the D800 and my collection of Nikon lenses has grown, but I am waiting for a FF Pentax DSLR to keep using the Pentax lenses.
    I believe there are many Pentax owner that will buy this FF, and I am sure this is a good way for Pentax to penetrate the FF market.

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