Canon mirrorless camera announcement on July 24th

Canon's mirrorless camera will most likely be announced on July 24th, 2012. There is a good chance that the new camera system will use the same G1X sensor and will probably launch with three new lenses. The mount is still unknown. The first camera is expected to be a "consumer" level with potential “prosumer” and “professional” models coming up later.

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  • Dan

    Actually they said July 24th not June…..

    • Romain

      I was about to say that. How hard is it to double check a date before writing an article?

      • Oz

        The writer of this site usually does a great job and if he/she has made a minor error about an unsubstantiated rumour I would cut him/her a bit of slack

      • ELK

        To Romain: otherwise the article is OK?

    • Harold Ellis

      yea right semipro and pro with such tiny sensor. keep dreaming same as nikon does.

      Full frame or go home.

      • Anonytrackball

        How do you manage with a FF 8″ x 10″ heavy box in the summer? Do you go home all sweated up and sticky.

  • It had better be compatible with EF and EF-S or it’s a non-starter for me.

  • Oz

    I hope it has it’s own range of smaller lenses but they have an official ef/efs adapter and an FD adapter. Olympus make an official om and four thirds adapter for their m43 cameras. Putting a massive full frame EF zoom on the camera defeats the purpose of a small mirror less system but it would be nice to be able to do this if you wanted to.

  • Sky

    Not APS-C?
    Well… looks like nothing will threaten NEX.
    I hoped Canon will go for more brave move than that.
    I’m bit worried it’ll end as same as Nikon 1.

    • Brooklyn

      G1x Sensor is a start, I was wishing it was at least APS-C. oh well. Hopefully its the best functioning EVIL camera.

      G1x sensor is still bigger then m4/3…

      • mooboy

        Saying it’s bigger than m43 is like going on about Nikon’s aps-c is bigger than Canon’s. True, but inconsequential. Just comparing the size of m43 lens NEX shows a huge difference. Meanwhile, the sensor of the om-d rivals the excellent NEX-5N. So, for a csc system, the m43/g1x size seems to be the sweet spot – especially as sensor tech improves.

        And if sensor size is all you care about, the fuji x 1 pro and samsung nx are there as well as NEX.

    • mooboy

      What the hell does sensor size have to do with bravery? Maybe Nikon is bravest for daring to go with such a small sensor?

      And you just need to see all the NEX-7 vs.Fuji X1 Pro vs Olympus OM-D videos to see NEX has plenty of competition. Meanwhile, maybe when the new Samsung retro comes out they’ll have finally got a sensor and body able to do justice to their lens selection (which kills NEX and Fuji selection)

  • Brooklyn

    You guys care too much about sensor size etc. these mirrorless cameras arent really “pro” cameras. find the best one that suits your needs and go with it. you will never get the all in one camera that does everything. because if you did, they would stop making cameras.

  • duo

    It’s only a matter of time before FF mirrorless come out, once EVF technology is there.

    Nothing wrong w/ having multiple mirrorless systems, if they can market them with sufficient margin. Look at Pentax. Heck, Canon might even come out w/ Pentax Q size sensors.

    I think to start, it will have G1x sized sensor.

    • Anonytrackball

      It’s time for you to wake up look around and see what is available now. FF mirrorless will come. There is nothing stopping it right now except that manufacturers are scarred about acceptance and the possibility of loosing market share they already have. Most likely contender is Sony who at least try things.
      Once Canon commits to a G1x sensor it will stay there.
      The GX1 size opens up the lens market as third party lens makers will use the same optics for G1x and m43 and there are many great manufacturers picking up m43. With G1x there will be more.
      135 and G1x/m43 sensors will dominate in a few short years.

  • I don’t really care what size yours is.
    What I am interested in is what you do with it.

    • Anonytrackball

      Does that go for the sensor as well?

      • Harold Ellis

        truth is that only people with small “sensors” keep saying that.

  • mythbuster

    You “fullframemaniacs” are going to see in the next years how M4/3 and aps-c are going to be the best formats for everybody, including most professional photographers.
    A bigger sensor doesn´t mean better photographs. You can enter DxO mark and see how good is Pentax K5 compared to several full frame pro cameras.

    • Dumbest words I’ve heard in a while

      Of course, no one claimed a bigger sensor makes you better photographer. Does that mean you settle for a phone camera?

      Also the level of ignorance is at its highest in the FourThirds community because they fall for any lie that Olympus had to say about equivalence, etc. So it’s not a surprise that you people think that all other formats are just going to stand still while FourThirds is going to narrow the gap. What crap.

    • Bob

      Unless there’s some major breakthrough in physics and electronics that will allow for smaller sensor yield better image quality and ISO performance than same generation larger sensors (doesn’t even make any sense, but let’s just pretend it does), then yes, 35mm and medium format sensors will become obsolete and everybody will use small sensors. Until then, keep on dreaming.

      • mooboy

        I think his point was, at one time, no ‘pro’ would use 35mm cameras. But then the quality of film and cameras got to the point that they became pretty much standard for professionals. As sensor technology becomes better, it becomes possible to get ‘professional’ quality images from these sensors.

        Personally, I don’t know I agree, as I think 135 cameras are pretty much right size for any pro/studio work. But certainly could see smaller sensor cameras being used for more photojournalism type work etc.

        It’s just my view, but APS-C makes the least sense to me. Cameras and lenses not that much smaller or lighter than 135, and image quality not noticeably different than m43.

  • photonut

    (m)43 sensor size is almost the same size as 1,5″.

    Canon should have joined m43 and be part of a complete lens system available.

    • Boing Wronkwell


      Be exposed for producing lenses that have poor color rendition and distort at the edges when mounted on a better body than they can produce?

      Also be exposed for producing bodies that over-cook image colors and tonal balance because the lenses are so poor?

      Right…. Sure.

      Wake me up when we get quality of a medium format in a 35mm format … Wait! We did already – Nikon D800/800E. Top two places in DXO labs results.

      I’ll just skip anything smaller than APS-C and made by Canon for another decade.

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