Samsung EX2F compact camera announced

Update: the price of the EX2 model in the US is $499.

Today Samsung announced the the previously leaked EX2F compact camera. The specs at a glance:

  • 12.4MP CMOS sensor
  • shooter packs an f/1.4 lens -- quite a feat for any point-and-shoot -- along with a full-size hot shoe,
  • Dual image stabilization
  • High ISO of 12,800 (extended)
  • 24-79mm lens with f/1.4 at the WA side
  • 3 in. swivel VGA-resolution AMOLED display
  • 1080/30p HD video
  • WiFi
  • Accessories: optical viewfinder, external mic and a secondary flash
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  • nik

    it would be better if use android os

    • Sky

      Thanks, I don’t need viruses on my camera which sends random photos to Google Inc.
      I want a camera that just works. Not Android crap.

      • fjfjjj

        Have you noticed the “cloud” icon on the screen? So long as this camera is network-centric, it ought to at least run an open OS.

        • Sky

          They they’ll have to write something new, cause Android isn’t an open OS.

          • fjfjjj

            Oh sorry, I meant it should be based on the GNU HORDE.

          • Sahaja4

            Aren’t Samsung funding the development of a Linux based mobile OS (not Android)?

            Since they make cameras, smart phones, tablets, TVs and PCs Samsung are in a good position to link up all these devices.

      • Global

        (Man, I remember that Apple that was sending & storing iPhone user data without permission, in quite a big scandal.) Samsungs Galaxy phones are incredible machines with excellent features and Samsung definitely has the technology to make it work beautifully.

        I believe Samsung or Sony will be the first to make it work.

        It definitely should have Android inside.

        • Jesper

          Polaroid already made an Android based camera. Google Android Polaroid.

    • Matt

      I will NEVER ever buy a camera with Android on it.

      • Dumdum

        Just for giggles, I hope all cameras in the future comes with Android or iOS inside.

    • Matt

      I will never buy a camera with Android on it! Sure, make an extensible, open camera OS, but Android isn’t it.

  • Sky

    1/1.7-inch sensor? Next, please.

  • Zeusman

    I’m sure it’s nice, but feels like technology has moved on. I agree with Sky, 1/1.7 not enough these days in the transition to larger sensors.

    Let’s see where it’s priced.

    • Michael

      Well, by going with a smaller sensor than RX100 they have gained a stop on the lens and have a thinner camera by 1 cm despite having 4 dials and an articulated screen. Not a bad choice, IMHO.

      • spam

        +1, RX100 is nice, but sensor size is just one of many features to consider.

        • maps

          Agree. Usability is crucial here and the four dials may point at something good.

          • Sky

            Hehehe, so for compacts “sensor isn’t everything” and for DSLRs “sensor is everything” ? Oh people…. you never stop to surprise me with your hypocrisy.

          • stpd

            Why hypocrisy? Do you know me? This is the stupidest post of the week, congrats.

      • Travis

        Smaller sensor here is more then compensated by brighter lens. At this one has HALF of DOF when zoomed in then your RX100. At pixel level the IQ shall be the same too considering that phosites are similare in size for both Sony and Samsung. So to me they are equivalent and I would go for Samsung (because of controls, DOF and WiFi).

        • “At pixel level the IQ shall be the same too considering that phosites are similare in size for both Sony and Samsung.”

          Wow… that’s many kinds of wrong:

          1. Why compare images at different magnifications? You really can’t.

          2. IQ of a camera doesn’t come only from its sensor. A 3.3x zoom with a f/1.4-2.7 max f-number range is most likely going to produce softer images at the widest aperture because of glass-limitations. Given the price, let’s hope Samsung has at least used high quality glass because this is a small lens.

          • ohduhhhh

            f1.4 at any lens length is not the same thing in a cellphone camera versus fullframe f1.4 versus medium format f1.4. what is this excitement over f 1.4 in a midget sensor now?? f2.8 in a sensor 3 as big is MUCH better

          • @ohduhhhh

            You know what else is better? Punctuation.

          • Dumdum

            @ohduhhhh: The excitement comes from having a crutch to use when shooting in darker conditions for people who don’t want to lug around DSLRs. In case it’s lost on you (and it looks like that’s the case), only a small fraction of the world worships at the altar of FF sensors like you, which is why mirrorless cameras and high-end digicams are all the buzz, so much more than the 5D and D800.

            Of course, if you spend your life on photo forums (where that small percentage of the world who are in the FF cult mostly are active), you wouldn’t see it.

        • Matt

          Where do you get HALF the DoF with this over the RX100? Oh let me guess DoF is solely controlled by the aperture of the lens… Go on then, you’ll get super shallow DoF with this f1.4-2.8 lens!

      • Michael

        Actually, I’m not sure if it is thinner than the RX100. The EX2f has a lot of “projecting parts”.

      • Richard

        For every person who does not buy one of these “because the sensor is too small” there will be many because the camera is the right size to carry around and has great features.

        One of the things people do is upload photos to Facebook, Flickr, their blog or whatever and this camera facilitates that (over Wi-Fi) which I expect to be a popular feature. (Yes, I know many cameras can accomplish this with Eye-Fi, but that requires more effort than a lot of potential customers will go to.)

        The full size hot shoe is great, too, as it opens up the use of a great many flashes.

        The proof will be when the camera actually is accepted or rejected by the buying public, but, if priced right, I think this camera has a lot of potential.

      • Zaph

        It’s not 1cm thinner, it’s actually quite a bit thicker than the RX100. They leave out the lens in their dimensions.

      • Dumdum

        It’s thinner, sure, but I hope it’s not lost on people that the 1.4 aperture only applies on the wide end. It tops out at 2.7 on the tele end, and considering this camera only has a 3x zoom, the XZ-1 has it beat in overall aperture across the range.

        I’ll wait and see what Olympus has in store for the XZ-1 successor if I were in the market for a high-end digicam.

  • This looks like a nice pocket camera for those days when you don’t want to lug around a big DSLR and some lenses.

    I wonder what that “remote viewfinder” thing is. I love articulating screens–they’re fun.

    If Samsung prices this correctly it could sell well–if priced too high and it’ll flop.

    • Sky

      Probably using Szajzung Galaxy as remote screen.

      This looks like a nice pocket camera for those days when you don’t want to lug around a big DSLR and some lenses.
      – Problem is that: There are dozens of different options. Most of them better then this one for various reasons.

      • Dummy00001

        > There are dozens of different options. Most of them better then this one for various reasons.

        And you know it … how? Camera was just released. Go troll somewhere else.

        Or, if you are not trolling, then please elaborate. I’m in the market.

        P.S. First rule of forum posting: comment must be useful. Many not useful comments == trolling.

        • Sky

          There’s a lot of compacts with bigger sensors offering overall better control over depth of field (or rather: actually offering some control over depth of field) from companies actually havinga lot of experience in making well performing low-light cameras.
          There’s lot of compacts with nicer manual controls sometimes offering also a big sensors at the same time.
          With price of roughly 500$ size larger then RX100, most of the features being gimmics (only missing direct facebook upload, lol) and noone-knows-how-good-or-bad optics – I’m underwhelmed.

          We already had a lot of very bright lenses (of different performance) – it’s not an art to make an f/1.4 lens for tiny sensor. An art is to make a quality lens for acceptable-size sensor.

          • Dummy00001

            Nothing except for just announced, generally unavailable RX100. Pile of comments with no useful information at all. So you are a “larger is better” troll after all…

          • Pablo Ricasso

            And I notice that those of you who don’t understand how the size of a sensor affects your ability to isolate the subject or crank the ISO and still get a smooth shot have names like STPD, (stupid?), Dummy00001, and DumDum. One of you talks about being able to shoot in the dark with it, but I believe you will be disappointed with the results…

  • mythbuster

    Better than expected! Bright lens, lot of manual controls, articulated screen, longer tele than EX1, external mic and even an optical viewfinder. If viewfinder is good and not too expensive, this is going to be my compact camera for the next three-four years.

  • mythbuster

    It seems the viewfinder is electronic, no optical. For me better, as EVFs are more accurate than OVFs and you can get a lot of information that is lost in OVFs. Please, editor, could you confirm this? Thanks.

    • They already have the remote viewfinder feature in their latest NX-series cameras, it’s basically connecting your smartphone wirelessly; this isn’t the same thing as an eye-level EVF. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing but not something most of us would use routinely.

      Specs look OK though we won’t really know until we see how results compare to existing competitors like their own EX1/TL500, LX5, etc. It’s too bad they couldn’t increase the zoom range a bit further or added a EVF port.

  • jordan

    A remote viewfinder does sound like a quality feature, provided it’s a minimal delay… let’s just hope that they have something with a larger sensor in mind down the line. I’ll stick with my APS-C compact for now. (Zoom? What is this zoom you speak of?)

    • Harold Ellis

      call me skeptical, but it is one of those features which looks nice on paper but will take years to make usable.
      new feature introduced in entry level P&S camera? Well get used to be live beta tester.

  • I have had great success with cameras that have ‘only’ 1/1.7″ sensors, so I think we should wait to see how the complete package performs and handles before judging either of these cameras. It’s about the process of shooting and the resulting images, not about the spec-sheet.

  • Regular

    The original Fuji natura camera was nice : full-frame, and a 24mm f/1.9 lens.

    • Artek


  • Fong Xiao

    Looks to me like great Schneider glass unfortunately encased in a Samsung body with all the fiddly menus and ripped-off styling that entails. Sensor size isn’t that important – the XZ-1 was as nice pocketable camera with that sized sensor. I wish Schneider would partner up elsewhere and Samsung would go back to imitating in other electronics’ fields.

    • Johnny B

      Hmmmm…I agree that they do imitate and seem to be a “jack-of-all-trades” company, but it looks pretty tempting to me as I have been waiting for the successor the XZ-1…and this may fit the bill. Want to get one in hand first though 🙂

  • elliott newcomb

    as for size, they give only body depth, I estimate that the depth, to the front of the lens cap when in a pocket, will be around 48mm, or 1-7/8 ” very similar to the EX1 or a speck thicker than the Olympus XZ-1, if you have had one of them in your pocket. the sony rx100 will be smaller in all dimensions, particularly the thickness 1-1/2″. 3/8″ less at the lens, in pants pocket? I had the XZ-1 for a brief period, accepted it’s size as largest pocket one I would want, so EX2 may just fit my acceptability, I hope so, it has many advantages except sensor size over the rx100.

  • Sahaja

    I guess this is supposed to link with Samsung smart phones and some Samsung TVs

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Please… this is like discussing the merits of a new pen and pencil set. And yeah, I bought a 5 megapixel Samsung years ago at the grocery store because I liked the way it worked. I could point it at somebody and then zoom in and see every pore on their face. And it was so easy to use that even I, the manual focus film guy, could figure it out. More recently the local pawn store quit selling similar cameras for around twenty bucks because, in their words, “There isn’t anything you can do with one of those that you couldn’t do better with a camera phone.”

    But WAIT… I think it IS a camera phone. So it should be really really special then. Maybe I can txt u lol etc. But they have some mean competition with the barbie cam…

    Yeah, I’m not sure what a 1/1.7″ sensor is in real life, but I hear it isn’t 1/1.7″. And whatever it is actually is diagonal measure, meaning that it is about as small as that point and shoot that I have. Given that the lens is only said to be 1.4 on the wide end, it has essentially an infinite depth of field compared to a crappy 2.8 lens on a crappy digital rebel that you can get for a hundred bucks. Hell, you could probably get more subject isolation with the slow kit zoom that comes with a digital rebel. But yeah, you can’t tweet from a digital rebel, (yet). And you can put longer, wider and better lenses on a crappy rebel too. And I hate rebels.

    I have no problem with Samsung. I think their products work fine. I have heard much good about Schneider, for years. However, I fail to differentiate this from the cameras that sell for twenty bucks at the local junk store.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    And somebody please stop with the euphemism. At what price point did a point and shoot become a “compact camera?”

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