Full details on the upcoming Panasonic announcement

The Russian website 3dnews has the full details about the upcoming Panasonic announcement including the first images of the LX7 and FZ200 compact cameras:

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  • I am still in love with my LX5! It makes brilliant concert pictures 🙂 Great compact next to my DSLR! 🙂 If I needed a new one I would definitely go for the LX7..

  • pooh

    So while boosting the ISO to 12,800, the LX7 actually has a smaller sensor than the LX5. Quite a design feat in order to show the (rather impressive indeed) Vario-Summilux name, isn’t it.

    • Steve

      More like marketing.

  • Markdphotoguy

    Interesting the LX7 has the same 24-90 equivalent zoom range as the LX5 yet the focal length on the lens is less than the LX5 for the same zoom range this implies it has a sensor smaller than the LX5! Much the same way that you have to use a wider lens on an APS-C camera (e.g. 16mm) to get to the same picture angle as a 24mm on a full frame. Still hope Panasonic has plans for an RX100 sensor sized camera in the future.

  • Luis

    Notice at camerasize.com that camera size is biger tha LX5!!!!!!!!!!

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