New Samyang 35mm T1.5 VDSLR lens coming in July

In addition to the 24mm T1.5 VDSLR lens, Samyang is also planning to release also a new 35mm T1.5 VDSLR lens in July.

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  • Rob

    Samyang are making really great lenses. All I’m wondering is if there is any focus breathing?

    • Rock

      Its a cine lens, probably not.

      • David

        It’s the regular samyang 35mm 1.4 in a different housing so yes. It will probably breath a bit. At least for that price-point.

    • Matt

      More then likely, it’s the same lens as the 35mm f1.4 with altered mechanics. Focus breathing is not an issue unless you’re running extremely high end productions, and then you won’t be using Samyang lenses. Focus breathing is a non-issue on anything but extremely large screens.

      • Rob

        Focus breathing is a huge deal if you want to do anything with the footage in post. This is not only the case for ultra high end. Sure I work on big productions but also do alot of short film work. Matte paintings, (which a dslr is great at capturing all the elements for.) tracking, adding in more stuff like set extentions. The fact is a lot of us in the industry use these cameras. If they are calling these lenses for video they should not breath when pulling focus.

        Btw I own the samyang 35 f1.4 and really love it besides the point made above.

        • Matt

          Panasonic calls their 14-140mm a video lens too, calling something a video lens means absolutely nothing. And don’t worry, I work in the business as well as 1st CA. Mattes and tracking are easily adjusted to focus breathing in the recording, if this is an issue in your production, you’re doing it wrong.

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