Canon EOS M officially announced

The new Canon EOS M mirrorless camera is now officially announced;

  • Canon EOS M press release:

Put Your Creativity Into Motion With The New EOS M Digital Camera

The Newest Camera in Canon's Lineup Delivers Exceptional EOS Full HD Video Quality with Continuous Autofocus and an Expansive Selection of Lenses

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., July 23, 2012 – Combining the perfect blend of advanced video features and excellent still image quality in a convenient size, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the EOS M Digital Camera. Canon has made significant advancements in the realm of professional-quality HD video capture, from advanced CMOS sensor technology to smooth, quiet continuous autofocus. Inspired by EOS technology, the EOS M leverages these core technologies and distills them down to provide outstanding video capture capabilities while retaining high-quality still image capture. When shooting still images, the EOS M camera's 18-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS image sensor provides a shallow depth of field, incredible low-light image quality and a wide dynamic range to capture rich gradation and detail. This new addition to the EOS family offers a great solution to videographers and photographers of all levels, with two new lenses designed specifically for Canon's new camera format - the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM kit lens and the optional EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens- and the ability to use the full line of Canon EF and EF-S lenses through the optional Mount Adapter EF-EOS M.

"The EOS M includes a unique feature set making it an ideal movie-making tool, while also offering incredible still image quality on its APS-C-sized CMOS sensor. The camera's size, image quality, advanced video capabilities and the versatility of Canon's full lineup of lenses make the EOS M another great option to help our customers record and capture their creative vision," said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Canon U.S.A.

Product Specifications and Features:

  • EOS Full HD Movie mode with Movie Servo AF for continuous focus tracking of moving subjects also includes:
    • Manual exposure control
    • Multiple resolution frame rates
    • Built-in stereo microphone
    • Manual audio level adjustment
    • Video Snapshot mode with touch-screen editing
  • 18.0-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • ISO 100-6400 (expandable to 12800 in H mode) for video recording, ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25600 in H mode) for still image shooting from bright to dim light and high performance Powerful DIGIC 5 Image Processor for exceptional image quality video and photos
  • Hybrid CMOS AF delivers fast autofocus speed for video and photos
  • Touch Screen 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor II (approximately 1,040,000 dots) with smudge-resistant coating features multi-touch operation allowing photographers to use familiar gestures such as "pinch-to-zoom" and "swiping" to scroll between pictures and Touch AF for an easy and intuitive video capture experience
  • Scene Intelligent Auto mode delivers expertly optimized photos and scene detection for amazing results even when shooting at night
  • Advanced imaging features like Handheld Night Scene mode, HDR Backlight Control mode, and seven Creative Filters provide added versatility
  • Multi-shot Noise Reduction helps preserve precious detail in photos at high ISO speeds
  • Compatible with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards, including new Ultra High Speed (UHS-I) cards
  • Compatible with all Canon Speedlite accessories including the new Speedlite 600EX and Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT
  • Compatible with Canon's GPS Receiver GP-E2
An Advanced Video Capture Device

The EOS M utilizes Canon's Hybrid CMOS AF system to deliver fast autofocus speed for both video and photos. The Hybrid CMOS AF system truly shines when shooting video with EOS Full HD Movie mode including Movie Servo AF for continuous autofocus and tracking of moving subjects. The Hybrid CMOS AF system is located on the CMOS sensor itself and combines phase-difference AF and contrast AF to achieve operational stability, speed and precision. The Movie Servo AF function on the EOS M is enabled by default which keeps images on the rear screen in constant focus, even before the shutter is pressed. This continual focus makes for sharp video capture in a snap or to help reduce shutter lag due to focusing when still images want to be shot. The camera employs three AF methods for video and photos, Face Detection & Tracking AF, Multi-Point AF for automatic selection and Single-Point AF, where users select one of 31 AF points. Through the camera's touch-panel operation, subject recognition and tracking is engaged at the touch of a finger, allowing users to track subjects accurately and focus on intended subjects with ease. In addition to subject tracking, the touch-panel LCD allows for simple, intuitive operation, menu navigation and touch features making it easy to shoot video and photos.

Thanks to Canon's new Stepping Motor (STM) technology, when using either of the newly announced M-series lenses - the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM kit lens or the optional EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens - the AF system remains silent, helping ensure users only capture the sound of the scene being recorded. The EOS M also features manual audio level control to 64 levels, a built-in stereo microphone, which includes a wind filter and an attenuator function to reduce audio distortion in extra loud situations. The EOS M records MPEG-4 AVC H.264 video as an .MOV file in a range of NTSC and PAL professional frame rates, including 1080p Full HD video at 30p (29.97), 24p (23.976) and 25p, 720p HD video at 60p (59.94) or 50p and Standard Definition video at 30p (29.97) or 25p.

In addition to the creativity afforded by over 70 compatible lenses, the EOS M also includes Picture Style settings - including custom Picture Styles - when shooting video, allowing users to adjust color settings the same as when shooting still images. The camera also includes Canon's Video Snapshot mode for an easy way to record and create a fun highlight reel that can be easily shared. Video Snapshot mode combines a series of short video clips into a single file, all in-camera. Through the camera's touch-screen controls users can delete, cut or re-order the clips in-camera for quick and easy editing.

Optical Diversity: New M-Series Lenses and Accessories

Along with the EOS M, Canon is also introducing two new M-series lenses - with new EOS M mounts -that include STM technology allowing for smooth and silent focusing when paired with Hybrid CMOS AF.

The EF-M 22mm f/2 STM kit lens is ideal for shooting video and still images. The fixed focal length lens has a great capacity for gathering light with an incredible aperture of f/2 and when combined with the camera's APS-C image sensor, provides beautiful bright images and background blur for both video and stills. For more focal range versatility, Canon is also introducing the new EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM, which provides videographers and photographers with a variable zoom range for general use with video recording or photographing. Both lenses are designed specifically for use with the EOS M digital camera.

In addition to the two lenses, any of Canon's EF and EF-S lenses can be used with the EOS M with the optional Mount Adapter EF-EOS M. The EOS M camera's strong magnesium and stainless steel frame provide the durability and rigidity to support the full line of EF and EF-S Lenses in a lightweight convenient design. Using the adapter allows the camera to be fully integrated into the EOS ecosystem of lenses, adding creative options and versatility to this powerful camera.

Ideal for use with the EOS Mi, Canon is also announcing a new compact and lightweight flash unit, the Speedlite 90EX, designed for the photographer on the go. The Speedlite 90EX is capable of coverage for 24mm wide angle lenses (35mm equivalent) with maximum guide numbers of 30 feet (9 meters) at ISO 100. The flash unit can be controlled wirelessly for creative multiple flash shoots and uses the standard Canon EOS hot shoe mount for compatibility with all EOS DSLR cameras and PowerShot digital cameras that include a hot shoe.


The EOS M Digital Camera bundled with the new EF-M 22mm f/2 STM kit lens will be available in October for an estimated retail price of $799.99. A white version of the EOS M Digital Camera bundled with the new EF-M 22mm f/2 STM kit lens will be exclusively available through the Canon Online store,

The new EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, Mount Adapter EF-EOS M and Speedlite 90EX will all be available in October at an estimated retail price of $299.99, $199.99 and $149.99 respectively.

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  • der

    The pricing is ridiculous. Get this camera, the weak flash, and the adapter and you’re looking at well over $1,000. Not even an articulated screen. I keep thinking people will start turning away from Canon but it doesn’t happen. So I guess this crap camera will sell well. I know if I was spending a grand on a mirrorless I’d get the EM5.

    • so from the ad is clear to see the target market: nonstraight french shampoos

  • plug

    Look at the size of the 18-55 zoom. This is not a pocketable camera in the sense that the Nikon 1’s are. As sensor tech improves this will give Nikon the advantage.

    • Michal

      Yeah, tech improvements will allow Nikon to break the laws of optics on their tiny sensor for example.

    • Sky

      “This is not a pocketable camera in the sense that the Nikon 1′s are” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
      Seriously?! Nikon 1 a pocketable camera?! You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s bigger then NEX bodies, and bigger then EOS-M body offering very little if anything better (bigger depth of field if you consider that as advantage, lol).
      Sorry, but Nikon 1 is currently the most worthless and pointless mirrorless system on a market.
      To a degree even Pentax Q makes more sense (it’s actually portable – you can use it as a keychain (!!!) – unlike Nikon 1). NEX and m4/3 are few leagues above anything Nikon currently offers on mirrorless market. Nex C3 with pancake (either Sony or 3rd party) is more portable then Nikon 1 with similar lens, while at the same time offers MUCH better image quality, 10 times more features, and pictures that are actually DSLR-alike, not P&S-alike (yep, the point and shoot from Sony makes same if not better images then Nikon 1).

      • plug

        I owned a Nex for the purpose of having a much more portable camera than my D700 and latterly D800. The zoom lens made it too bulky and I found myself using the DSLR anyway getting noticeably better image quality than the NEX. The V1 + 10-30 zoom is more portable and I find it useful. I wouldn’t dream of printing much above 10 by 8 with it. That is what the D800 is for, or for low light.

        • bjrhus

          So compact P&S cameras might have a role after all?

          • plug

            Yes…and the new Sony RX100 looks interesting. but I can attach the V1 to the rear of my 500 f4! That’s fun 🙂

          • Michael

            Yep. The Sony RX100 is nais! It’s my dream camera. I’d be even happier if they make it 24mm, sharper corners, allow you to select aperture/shutter speed range (still not in any cameras D: – shutter speed is already in Nikon, but where is the aperture range?) and add a filter ring!

      • Andrew

        The Nikon 1 is most useless mirrorless camera? Really?

        Sounds like someone’s got a case of “Pentax Q amnesia,” even Pentax is trying to forget about that one.

        • markusa1

          At least with the Nikon 1, Nikon did something no other ILC maker did by putting PDAF on the sensor to make a camera that can do AF tracking. That, the blazing fast image processing, FPS, and more than competitive IQ make the Nikon 1 far from useless.

          What did Canon do that was innovative? They slapped an APS-C sensor in a GF2 style body, grabbed the touch screen interface idea from Panasonic, and the ugly metal lenses and add-on flash from NEX. All this while they enjoyed the luxury of waiting to see what everyone else released.

  • Kenny

    Wow, what i really noticed was the Mac, Billingham and of course, the pretty girl!

    • Dave

      Yeah I would prefer a Billingham bag instead!

  • It’s a winner… I’m definitely getting one

    • Sky

      Better get NEX – it actually has a system and AF that works.

      • Michael

        Don’t see a reason you should get it. Sony NEX seems better (I’m not those Sony fans), and M43 seems more pocketable, but currently all mirrorless are kinda disappointing in at least one factor. And those pocketable (incl lenses) are kinda expensive (more expensive than entry level DSLRs), which kinda rules out all reason to buy any mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

        • If you think no mirrorless is good then you’re clearly not one who can benefit from one… so why bother anyway?

          My mirrorless (Sony Nex 5 + 16 2.8) is the only digital camera I carry when I travel. The rest are all large film gear for serious stuff.

      • I already have a Nex 5 that I’ve been using for a long time. The EOS M is going to replace it… no one else has anything to match the compact 22mm f/2.

    • Warpig

      A winner?? can you name why?

  • lck

    What’s the point of a pocket camera that you have to carry the lens, the flash a bag and a viewfinder?
    They are trying hard to make the buyer unhappy whatever the product is and sell the happyness as an accessory in form of lens, flash, viewfinder, bags and the whole crap.

    • bjrhus

      Where is the +1 button when you need it?


      Hello… Camera Makers… You listening to us?

  • Tim

    So, the pancake has slow focus (according to dpreview). The zoom is as large as a NEX lens and you have to work with the touchscreen for everything but all auto.
    Not the camera for me but the touchscreen do seem more usable than most I have tried.
    All in all, it is “just another mirrorless system” nothing much stand out. They must be counting on brand recognition and loyalty.
    I really cant find any reason for buying this over the NEX or NX and it only got sensor size over the m43 but sacrifice quite a lot in the bargain.

  • bas076

    Bad copy of Sony NEX-F3 concept. Bravo Canon!

  • Curtis

    Whats up with canon and filming their camera ads in paris? is their organization or stock or whatever in france?

  • Frank

    What a silly silly silly promo film, tsssssssssss. Does Paris still sell in the US ?

  • hp_to

    My only gripe at this point is Canon did not release a prime compact lens at say 16mm (aperture f2.8, 2.4 or 2.0) and a compact portrait prime lens in the range 50mm to 85mm (f1.8) .

    Whats the use of stupid 18-55mm. i mean i understand its use. But at first release they definitely should have released 3 compact prime lens set. Look at Fuji X series. Great, well-priced lenses. Only TOOO costly body makes it deal breaker for me 🙁

  • amien

    promo film seems to target 30 year old rich metro-sexual hypster kids, who dress like hyspter-bourgeois-buddhist unfinished kids and buy single organic veggies to keep their diet as tight as their pants. interesting !

    • nycPete

      dont hate, becuase you are an old, overweight, ignorant, short bald man.

      • amien

        lol, coming from a douchy pussy I take that as a compliment !

    • Michal

      That’s a horrible demographic for this camera – affluent and rich. What is Canon thinking?

      • Andrew

        Well at least there’s an adapter for them to put their EF mount Holga lens for that “lo-fi antique” look.

        Honestly, if they were targeting the rich and affluent, they’d just change their name to Leica or Hasselblad. Heck, I saw a man taking photos of his Ferrari with a Fuji XPro-1 for goodness sake.

      • Banksie

        The affluent and rich have disposable income. What, you want Canon to target poor people with no money?

  • Think I’ll just still with my Ellan for something a little more compact. I don’t even need a $200 adapter to use my EF lenses either!

  • sgts

    lumix gf2/gf3/gf4 all the way – about the only non shit pocketable camera i’ve seen, the 14mm pancake is great.

  • gorg

    Canon built the mirrorless camera Nikon should have built. We will see if Nikon will build a mirrorless DX which deserve the name “camera” and not “P&S”.
    Maybe after F3, F4, … , D700 I have to switch to the red force.

  • dave

    why on earth would you but this at this price. stupid stupid stupid.for the same money you can buy a dlsr. the way these prices on compact sytstems are,this system will be like the aps film system. the biggset stuff up of all time.

  • Ronan

    While you kids play with your idiotic Nikon 1 and EOS M… i’ll go shoot my contracts with my D3s and D3x. When i walk around or travel i’ll enjoy the company of my OM-D EM-5 that replaced my X100 (great camera btw).

    $799 for that POS, BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Same BUWAHAHAHAHA for that Nikon 1.

    • “While you kids play with your idiotic Nikon 1 and EOS M… i’ll go shoot my contracts with my D3s and D3x”

      Every camera has its place… for example cameras like the D3S are there for people who have bad timing skills so they can spray and pray. Cameras like the D3X is there for people who don’t have the knowledge or are too small scale to use higher resolution equipment.

  • Zony

    What were they thinking with no integrated flash and fixed LCD ?
    Did Canon even DO market research ? Doesn’t progress mean learning from other makers mistakes ?

    • Michal

      They didn’t ask you so obviously whatever market research they have done is invalid. Do you have any more questions or would you like to make more misinformed comments to make yourself feel important?

      • Zony

        Oh, so brilliant Mike. So your saying that having fewer major features than its mirrorless competitors is a winning stratagy. The NEX F3 has swinging LCD with integrated flash, the Sony NEX F5 will have flash, swivel LCD and touchscreen. All Canon can come up with is 2 dedicated lenses out of the gate- thats a weak start. APS-C Samsung is also 18MPx and has loads of dedicated primes and zooms. Canon is the LAST company to make a mirrorless camera, thus they needed to come out strong. All Canon can crow about is the fast AF over its APS-C competitors. The Canon may still be slower thsn the Nikon 1 and Olympus ME 5, thats for the coming testing reports to resolve.

        • Michal

          “So your saying that having fewer major features than its mirrorless competitors is a winning stratagy” – no, I didn’t say that at all, it’s called a strawman argument.

          All I said what that Canon has not made its decision based on tea leaves but on their own market research and focus groups. Just because you have strong opinions on the subject does not make you right or for that matter well informed.

  • Joaquim Prado

    nikon V1 could have APS-C sensor, it would be an amazing camera! But canon almost did! To bad they need to separate this cameras from their APS-C DSLR!

  • cosinaphile

    what a worthless boring overpriced pos this is

    canon has learned absolutely zero by waiting to be last , a sad commentary on the mentality of the corporation

    crash and burn canon mirrorless

    you deserve it more that even the 2.7 x idiots at nikon

    • Michal

      Wanna make a bet on it? Come on, put your money where your mouth is Mr. Expert. Let’s escrow some money and wait let’s say 12 months to see how well this camera will do.

      Honestly, gentlemen (and I use this term loosely) – you are all clueless amateurs (same goes for me btw, the only difference is that I’m realistic about it and I know it) who have neither industry experience nor any real technical or marketing expertise. How do I know that? Well, you post on this forum.

      Let’s face the facts – you are basically voicing what are your own opinions unsubstantiated by any research. You shoot your mouth trying to make yourself look big and you basically talk sh*t. There is a huge difference between saying “I don’t like this camera and I will not buy it” (it’s a personal opinion and as such it is beyond critique) and between saying “This camera is sh*t, failure and bad”. So please, get hold of yourselves and stop showing off.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Mike, you could try diversifying your portfolio. Or maybe some medicine would help…

  • d.b.

    No controls, no proper viewfinder, no articulating screen, no 24-70 with fixed aperture = no pro stuff = no buy.

    I like my em5 for the same price. Even with it’s problems it’s still looks like better choice, especially on pretty compartible iq.

  • freakout

    Canon EOS-M: Expensive, boring, not-innovative, just another way to protect DSLR sales. But i like the way Nikon did much better. Small sensor, but innovation and the courage of establishing a rather new kind of camera. Canon’s mirrorless is just boring.

  • an onymous

    As others pointed out, the EOS M package becomes quite expensive when one have to add in the most obvious things such as a lens and a flash.
    The advantage is at least Canon have a lot of lenses one can use in conjunction with the new adapter.

    Sony NEX is all nice, but when one uses their Alpha lenses together with their adapter one loses the anti-vibration compensation, as in the NEX it sits in the lens while on Alpha one have it in the DSLR body, what a shame Sony!
    Expecting a new adapter WITH anti-vibration compensation incorporated!

    Nikon 1 system, nice little system, but what on earth are Nikon thinking of???
    You killed of the use, with adapter, the use of all the DSLR lenses you have, stupid, Very stupid!
    End even if Nikon would have an adapter, the Nikon 1 sensor is so small all the lenses become Very odd, Nikon, you should have gone with the DX sensor!

  • an onymous

    As others pointed out, the EOS M package becomes quite expensive when one have to add in the most obvious things such as a lens and a flash.
    The advantage is at least Canon have a lot of lenses one can use in conjunction with the new adapter.

    Sony NEX is all nice, but when one uses their Alpha lenses together with their adapter one loses the anti-vibration compensation, as in the NEX it sits in the lens while on Alpha one have it in the DSLR body, what a shame Sony!
    Expecting a new adapter WITH anti-vibration compensation incorporated!

    Nikon 1 system, nice little system, but what on earth are Nikon thinking of???
    You killed of the use, with adapter, the use of all the DSLR lenses you have, stupid, Very stupid!
    End even if Nikon would have an adapter, the Nikon 1 sensor is so small all the lenses becomes Very odd, Nikon should have gone with the DX sensor!

  • nycPete

    EOS M camera kit is only $200 more expensive then the Nikon D800 grip came out. lol.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      And it’s only about a hundred dollars more than the D3200 and lens. Now that’s the compact camera you should be shooting…

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Oh my, and my comment wouldn’t post. I had best say something more politically correct. Hmm…. This is hard for me.

    How about “Honestly, gentlemen – you are all clueless amateurs who have neither industry experience nor any real technical or marketing expertise. How do I know that? Well, you post on this forum.”

    I’m sure that will fly, because it’s addressed to people bashing on a preferred brand…

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Oh Peter the great…
      The above quote was pulled from an angry rant posted by someone else on this thread, and if I were to call myself a that I would have left off the “s” because it would be singular and not plural.
      Now, regarding your comment, “I bet my client list is better then yours.”
      Well, the appropriate response should be “I know you are but what am I?” or some other equally mature phrase.

      This is illustrative of your behavior…
      You boast some credentials as if stating them will convince me that a camera sucks or doesn’t suck.
      But that’s OK. I expected it after reading your other comments. I suppose that I’m supposed to feel humbled or ashamed at this point. However, if you had remembered my other comments then you would recall that I clearly stated that I am a hobbyist and that this is merely one of my interests rather than my profession. I feel that there is nothing about any of my “work” that another person could not easily reproduce and I have similar thoughts regarding yours, so therefore I don’t attempt to charge money for doing what I enjoy sometimes. Additionally I feel that if you have “clients” it is only because they have more money than you and do not wish to be bothered with taking the time to educate themselves in your frivolous discipline.
      Also, I find it amazing how defensive people can become when someone criticizes a product that was introduced by a company that they admire.

      • nycPete

        all in good fun.

        People just gets so spiteful when a Canon or Nikon product is released. Most of the people posting on the rumor forums are amateurs, stuck at their desk job, spreading their hate. I know where you’re coming from.

    • coolpux

      hey “nycPete” I’d love to see your “client list” and your “website” !

  • saving money for the 5d mark iii i will skip this one

  • Pablo Ricasso

    I’ve now spent a couple days pondering this and the other brand “mirrorless” and I have reached some conclusions…
    In one big sense, the camera is superior to the Nikon because the sensor is nearly APS. However this puts the camera at a disadvantage because any lens that is attached will be substantially larger than the equivalent focal length and aperture on the Nikon, limiting the range if portability is truly a need. If someone can be content using a single prime or two, then this or a later version of this might be a better choice for them. If someone wants 10x of range, they can get it with the Nikon in two very small lenses and that system would be a better choice if portability is a need. In either case, I believe that portability is a factor. Otherwise, one would simply use a dslr.
    It also appears that the Nikon system currently has an advantage in it’s auto focus system. This lead is likely to evaporate as Canon is currently bringing elements of it into production. The Canon system currently has an advantage of more megapixels. That lead is likely to evaporate as Nikon introduces new models with different sensors.
    For me, I have a smallish point and shoot and a tiny 35mm film camera for when I want to get small and I seldom find the need for either of them… I also note that the cameras are anything but small by the time you put an adapter and a lens on them, so while it is an option it seems to negate the purpose of either. Basically either camera is a struggle with the laws of physics, as always.

    • Harold Ellis

      if it makes 5cm bulge on your pocket, it is not pocketable but camera for rednecks to put in trousers. Pocketable is phone or compacts. Mirrorless is neither that nor good as DSLR.

  • anon

    The EOS M – for the man who does not know how to wear socks

  • Mark

    She is absolutely delicious! Who is she? Forget the food, I want her! On a plate or bed.

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