Rokinon 14mm T3.1 cine lens coming in September

In addition to the 35mm T1.5 and 24mm T1.5 VDSLR lenses, Samyang/Rokinon will announce also a new 14mm T3.1 cine lens in September.

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  • preston

    Come on Samyang – less video lens and more tilt/shift lens! 🙂

  • DP

    I don’t think I like the sound of a VDSLR…

    • JC

      I think VDSLR is just their fancy way of saying “crop sensor”.

      • and “pay more for different teething and removing click on aperture”

        yea well whatever.

        i guess all those VDSLR accessories makers are now in lot of trouble seeing that there really is not 1000000000 indie movie makers on the world to sell their overpriced crap to.

        But i swear i know few “wiseguys” paying hundrets of euro for alu rods and screws just to be first to get their “pro video rig”, followed by getting cine Zeiss on credit. Most of them also are not in business anymore.
        While i still keep shooting my good ole trusted 3CCD Sony.

    • No Body

      Making a new version of a lens with declicked aperture is so easy, no wonder Samyang can’t resist the temptation of making a video version for each of it’s lenses.

  • amien

    2.8 to 3.1 ? Light loss for the same 14mm = no-no for me.

    The only way Samyang could reign on Video-DSLR is by making dedicated ANAMORPHIC Bright Primes + short F2 zooms !!!

    • Fabio27

      f/ is a geometrical value, t/is the real transmission of light value. Some light is absorbed by the glass/air surfaces.

    • rock

      You simply just have no idea

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