New: Fujifilm X10 Ergonomic Extension Kit

Fujifilm started selling a new ergonomic extension kit for the compact X10 camera priced at $129.99. The kit includes a ThumbsUp grip and a mini soft release button:


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  • Mark Maas

    Ok, wow. That is….. Extremely expensive. I think I’ll pass…

    • fjfjjj

      +1. Also, I highly doubt this is made by Fujifilm. The picture of the box is a pitiful photoshop job.

      • Patrick

        Uhm,…as it plainly states: a “Thumbs Up” brand, designed for Fuji – (by Match Technical no doubt)

        I have one for my X100, and it really improves your grip for one handed operation. Unfortunately, I lost the soft release in Thailand. :~(

  • Tim

    130$, this is a joke right?

    • That’s no more expensive when compared to Match Techncia’s Thumb’s Up which sells for $110, plus another $20 for a soft release. I suspect this kit is made by Match. At $130, you are paying Leica level prices since most of Match’s sales go toward Leica owners.

  • Camaman

    And I thought the ones going for 40-50$ on ebay were crazy expensive…

  • Arn

    129$ ?
    129$ ??
    129$ ???
    It confirms that Fuji IS the japanese Leica..

  • Discontinued

    This is kind of funny …

    two things (among others) I really like about the X10 are the hot shoe and the old fashioned way to attach my old fashioned cable release, which came to new life when I bought the X10.

    Now Fuji wants people to fork out 129$ to block both. LMAO.

    What about an ergonomic extension kit stage 2 for only 219$ that blocks the OV and the use of tripods as well ? ? ?

    BTW. I have sent my X10 (early serial number) in for service as it shoes blooming. Hopefully I get the new sensor.

  • Tobias

    I like it, if there will be such a kit for the x-pro 1 – I’m in 🙂

  • zelovoc

    what is it good for? guess that they will go for 30$ on Ebay

    • Neil

      The $30 versions you see that are on Ebay aren’t comparable. I know, I had a cheap one and I have had the Thumbs Up for the past two months. The Thumbs Up is worth every penny for those that appreciate what it does…

  • ribou

    trying to fix bad design with additional owner cost.

  • I wish all the designers of retro-style would take a look at old film cameras and realize the film wind lever also acted as a grip assist. I’d suggest it fold in to turn the camera off, and fold out to turn it on. I’m looking right at you, Leica.

  • Kenny

    obviously bad design, otherwise you dont need those s***

    • Patrick

      I disagree. The X10 doesn’t feel like a bad design. In fact it’s sits/grips better than the X100. The Thumbs Up products, if you’ve actually even ever tried them, simply extend the usefulness of it’s the camera’s inherently good qualities.

  • what a rip off it should be about 25 bucks wait for the chinks to come out with something cheap

    • chrisq.

      whoa whoa whoa, is this your first social interaction since the first world war? christ.

    • Wow, that’s good old fashioned racism right there, and you got a link to your website to tell people who you are, well done.

      • Robin

        But he’s right… the chinese will copy it and sell it cheap, so shut up about the “look the maaaan is a racist” crap.

    • What

      Your parents must be so proud.

  • Jellyfisher

    Pimp my Fujifilm.

  • rkbry

    The “thumb grip” would poke me right in the eye. I hate being left-eye dominant.

    • Exact reason why I dont have any Match Technica’s Thumb’s up on my X100 or XP-1.

  • An ergonomic extension kit is admission by the company that the camera is not ergonomic to start with. If they didn’t build it into the camera from the start due to aesthetic purposes, they should’ve included this kit with it. As is, it’s a sad money-grab.

    • Ronan

      LMAO! No.

      They just want more money since the camera is dirt cheap to start with.

      Since EVERY company has somekind of grip or thumb grip available, i’m guessing ALL camera’s are badly designed ergonomically?

      What a joke you are.

    • Then that can be said for X100, X-Pro, Lecia M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M8.1, M9, MP, R-D1. Do not forget Contax G-serice, Konica Hexar, Nikon 35/28 Ti, Yasicha, and any other RF/R-styled camera.

  • Jonathan

    Wow these camera companies sure like to rip us off don’t they. $130 for a piece of rubber. That is about as bad as Nikon’s camera grip costing $600.

    • peeve

      They are machined brass, not rubber.

  • How much? I’ll take the Chinese knock off, thanks.

  • neuron_engine

    Hey folks, no one’s got a gun to your head. Relax. Go photograph something, aight?

  • Markdphotoguy

    I’ve been using thumbs up grips for a while now. I gain at least a one shutter speed slower than usual handholding with a Thumbs up than without. The soft release also helps a bunch allowing for a gentler pressure in releasing the shutter. As for the price machined brass photographic accessories will outlast the camera and considering the normal cost of a Thumbs is about the same as this kit, but without the soft release the kit. Is a bargain. Don’t knock it until you try it. Ask Leica and other RF users if they are worthwhile, you won’t get many no answers.

    • Ronan

      No one said that it wasn’t good, well except a couple idiots.

      The issue is the ‘we are fucking you in the ass’ price.

      Soft release rocks, it was on my x100, now its on my gf’s x10.

  • an onymous

    ~130$ for disabling the hot-shoe…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • +1

  • Curtis

    Yeah, I’ll waste my hot shoe on something as stupid as this. Pathetic.

  • John

    The design of the soft release button looks alike Tom Abrahamsson’s mini SoftRelease button here.
    I think release button & thumb up grip for digital cameras does not make any senses to me.

  • Neil

    I have had the Thumbs Up version for two months, it’s fantastic, really makes the camera completely different with respect to ergonomics.

    Also screwed on my Dragon Boop, great bit of kit…

  • fre

    I just busted out laughing.

  • Dop

    I’m kind of amused that you can buy things that attach to digital cameras to emulate the kind of grip you’d have if there was a film advance lever there.

    Truly the Epson RD-1 (the only digital camera which needed to be ‘wound on’ after every shot) was ahead of its time.

  • Camaman

    Well it does look exactly like the Match Technical thumb grip.
    Fuji must have done a partnership deal with them.
    That explains the price…

  • Brian Davies

    So, is Fuji saying that they made the X-10 ergonomically poor to start with?

  • Seb

    Wow thats half the price i payed for the actual camera itself. Great :>

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