Canon PowerShot SX160 IS and SX500 IS compact cameras leaked


Two new Canon compact cameras leaked: the PowerShot SX160 IS with 16x zoom and the PowerShot SX500 IS with 30x zoom. Expect the official announcement before the Photokina show next month.

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  • Jote

    A more “pocketable” (less zoom, sans viewfinder) version of the SX40 – interesting. I wonder what the 35mm equiv will be, although it probably boils down to either 24-720 or 28-840. Still, I’d love a 28-200 with a bigger sensor inside of this body.

    • techfan

      I do not think these cameras will match the image quality of the SX40. Both of these cameras have the designation IS, not HS. The IS designation on Canon cameras usually means a CCD sensor whereas the HS designation means the CMOS sensor. One of the leaked images above clearly shows “16.0 Megapixels” which means at least one of these cameras will likely be using the the same lacklustre 16.0 Megapixel that is in Canon’s cheapest camera, the PowerShot A810. Coupled with the slow lenses on these cameras that 16 megapixel sensor is going to need higher ISO in anything but good light meaning noisy photographs 🙁

  • Albin

    Despite a lot going for it, SX40 had some irritating compromises: worse EVF and noisier (video spoiling) zoom motor than my SX10 and still has that idiotic spongy SX series “control” wheel that often just spins around uselessly. I’d be willing to pay more than $400 for a Canon doing superzoom with current technology the way it should be done.

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