Sony introduces a new Exmor RS sensor

Sony announced the development of a new Exmor RS sensor:

The “Exmor RS” is a CMOS image sensor that adopts a unique ‘stacked structure.’ This structure layers the pixel section, containing formations of back-illuminated pixels over the chip affixed with mounted circuits for signal processing, in place of conventional supporting substrates used for back-illuminated CMOS image sensors.

Sample images captured with the new sensor:

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  • Paul

    This is exciting stuff and all but is it just cell phone cam sensors?
    I want to see this for big fat APS-C and full frame sensors.

    • fjfjjj

      Please show me where signal processing logic is hogging surface space on your big fat APS-C and full frame sensors.

      Woo-woo, we want technology, doesn’t matter why, or if we understand it.

      • Guest


  • Peter

    Should we really get excited about this…well, probably.

  • timon

    I am doubting the publicized chart in Sony, the chart’s left side is like a circuit wiring in FSI sensor. Please recollect those charts, which were years ago,

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