More leaked Sony NEX-5R images

Several more leaked images from the Sony NEX-5R. The new camera is expected to have a new 16MP sensor with phase detection AF pixels and a flip screen and "full Internet support" where users will be able to download apps just like on a smart phone:


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  • joe

    sony sony… i knew that this is coming and i jnow that you will be the first (well i thought it was samsung) i want a camera not a smartphone with camera! wifi to transfer images is alright but no apps please… is this a serious camera or just toy.
    can’t wait to get the instamatic support for my new sony :/

  • Craig

    ……..and we want a OVF…….when will the camera companies understand?

    • Ender

      No. OVF belongs to the past along with those stupid moving mirrors. There is no other future for camera-industry than mirrorless, and EVF gives so many benefits over OVF so very few is going to miss the old tech.

      • I tend to agree. People who cry about needing EVFs/OVFs are mostly noobs who want to look cool with their point and shoots… which are what these cameras really are.

        Take the Fuji X100 for example… everyone thought the hybrid OVF was the end-all solution for OVF/EVF woes… but most people end up using the EVF and the rear LCD instead after the first few weeks after the novelty wears off.

        A viewfinder is useful when you have long lenses… but mirrorless cameras don’t suit that sort of shooting anyway.

        • Flo

          good morning. a viewfinder is usefull in bright sunlight, where you can barely see the image on your display.
          btw: i’d like to see some timelapse or high fps video apps (e.g. there is an 60fps app foriphnone).

          • Flo

            “for iphone”

  • jake

    right on that, those OVF lovers hating mirrorless(CSC)are usually old guys and do not understand how annoying and unnecessary to have the stupidly loud mirror.
    usually, the same kind of old trolls love so-called fullframe and bash all other format cameras.
    but try out a NEX7 or OMD and you will change your mind and will feel sorry for your old dated so-called FF.

    DSLRs were needed when it was still kind of transitional time from analogue to digital. But now they are no longer needed, we need completely all digital format now, and I guess NEX or Samsung NX or MFT might be that.

    • ras

      ovfs are not made only with groundglass, but also wireframe (leica, fuji, etc.).

      lcds and evfs are the groundglasses of the future, but some photographers, including young ones who appreciate leica, old school, etc, will always demand options with wireframes, and will pay more for it. love it or hate it, wireframes are now associated with exclusivity, premium quality, and coolness.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Jake, I shoot film and some digital and I am really really liking what I see here because of the form factor. But on that note, you are in really really BAD FORM.

    • lol… only a noob will think a Nex 7 or a OM-D is a real camera. And there’s no such thing as a “so-called FF”… FF cameras are actual 35mm FF cameras that have the same sized imaging areas as 35mm film. Now there’s also FF 645 digital cameras… but most people have the ability to understand context.

      Wish you knew the subject a bit before you spoke up about it.

  • traveller

    Interesting how in this picture, the writing at the bottom right of the lens mount states “APS-C” instead of the megapixel count (as on previous versions). Could this lay credence to the rumours on SAR that a full-frame NEX is due to be announced?

  • ras

    possibly. it could also be highlighting the larger sensor compared to micro 4/3, their biggest competition. they might not have many lenses, but they do have a bigger sensor.

  • Zen

    Phase-detection AF is a great addition to the NEX, it is more and more like the translucent-mirror alpha line.

    • NEX-7

      A PDAF on a mirrorless camera actually means that the Sony SLT just screeched to a dead-end. Why put a light robbing translucent mirror with all its disadvantages if you have a PDAF sensor on the main sensor?

      • Well in a way it’s a good thing that Sony’s trying new things, realising their mistakes and moving on… unlike Olympus, that’s stuck with their tiny sensors and stay crippled for life.

        • anonymouse

          and panasonic

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