Fuji X-Pro 1 firmware update on September 5th?

According to this Facebook post by Tony Bridge, Fujifilm will release a new firmware update for the X-Pro 1 camera on September 5th, 2012. The key updates are:

1. In low-light condition, the X-Pro1 will be much faster in Auto Focus mode.
2. The speed of the image coming into focus when turning the focus ring has been vastly improved.
3. At maximum speed the X-Pro1 can now write to SD memory card twice as fast as before.

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  • E

    Nice!! Gives me a possible reason to replace my broken one! Unless this is news of new software for all the new xseries cameras that may or may not be coming. Ill wait till after photokina…..wish i still had my xpro1 in the meantime.

  • Eppoh

    Great news. This will make my beloved Xpro even better!

  • Robert Korn

    These would all be welcome changes! Now how about adding focus peaking??

  • Camaman

    2. The speed of the image coming into focus when turning the focus ring has been vastly improved.

    What does that mean in real life?

    • fjfjjj

      Maybe it means you can actually count on something happening consistently and in real time when you turn the focus ring. I can only hope.

    • E

      Could mean a couple things…The lag between the fly by wire electronics and the evf current display or just the amount of turns to go from close to infinity.

      If manual focus is slow to catch up…you can really depend on catching the image in time.

    • Renato S.

      I think it means that instead of needing, for example, 2 turns to go from the closest focus to infinity, you will need a lot less turning. In another words, it’s better and quicker for manual focus.

      • Nawknai

        But less precise…..

        Macro lenses, and lenses intended to be used primarily for manual focus, have a longer throw for a reason. Kit lenses can manually focus from near to far focus with very few rotations, but only because manufacturers know that most people who are using kit lens zooms aren’t going to manually focus.

  • steve jones

    what about just having manual focus confirmation….?

  • Renato S.

    I hope this is all true…

    Panasonic has a very quick AF and a very nice manual focus by wire, I hope Fuji can really excel those flaws and that it can show what the XE-1 will be able to do.

    oh Fuji, if you just had better video.

    • Ozbaz

      I am hoping the image stabilised zoom lens will improve the video or at least make it good enough to be a back up option if I leave my main video camera at home.

  • What I am expected to have from Fuji is better frame exactitude with the OVF and peak focus indicator when I use manual focus. The third thing for me, using in real life this professional camera, is know all the time how is the state of the battery. I can’t believe that I can’t have this features from the start.

  • This is all good stuff, but the XP1’s major issue is still the enormous shutter lag, especially when shooting at f/5.6 or smaller. This happens in AF or MF modes, manual or Av exposure, native XF glass or manual glass on an adapter, OVF or EVF. I believe it’s the result of the camera having to constantly keep a properly exposed EVF, and thus having to keep moving the aperture blades around. What’s curious is that the lag is there even with non-XF manual focus glass, where the camera doesn’t have control of the aperture blades. The workaround is to half-press the shutter button, which is not always feasible.

    Fuji: please fix this ASAP. It’s a major problem for street photography with this camera (though not a fatal flaw by any means).

    • NRSP


  • Snappy

    Fuji needs to address the response lag at full press of the shutter button! Even in completly manual mode, the lag causes missing street shots especially with higher apertures. This makes X-Pro 1 far less usuable as a street camera using zone focusing technique.

    As a note, X100 is faster than X-Pro 1 mainly due to it’s leaf shutter.

  • I hope for correct histogram and display in manual mode. I had this camera in my hand and this “functionality” turned me from buying it.

  • Flax

    Lets hope for minimum shutter speed adjustment with Auto ISO

  • jon regler

    Great news if true.

  • Jeff Montaste

    Let’s see if Tony Bridge will become a liar or not.

  • Craig

    Well that rumour went well

    • yes, the firmware was announced but not released

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