Konica Minolta patents a 43mm f/1.4 lens for Micro Four Thirds

Konica Minolta filed a patent in Japan for a 43mm f/1.4 lens for Micro Four Thirds mount. This is an unusual development because after Sony bought their camera business in 2006, the company has not announced any photography related products (they actually withdrew from the photo business on September 30, 2006 after laying off 3,700 employees).

Here is a list of all companies that are currently part of the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group:

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  • Pooh

    Bet they’ll name it a Hexanon!

  • Welcome back, Konica Minolta!

  • Rover

    Bet they’re feeling the old itch again. Might be an interesting development.

  • Heidfirst

    When KM sold their DSLR division to Sony they retained the right to reenter the market as well as keeping some production facilities.
    I think that you will also find that they have continued to make lenses for the likes of JVC’s video recorders.

  • sylvner

    Konica Minolta is still alive?

  • Heidfirst

    Very much so – it still employs ~38,000 people.
    That’s why Sony can’t badge anything as Minolta.

  • Carlos

    Ill Fucking love to see Konica Minolta BACK!!! not in 4/3 but in FF!!!!! I will love that!!!!! Welcome back guys, the only ones in the world that knew photography…Inventors off the TTL and AF 😀

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