Pentax Q10 mirrorless camera

One of the nine Pentax products that will be announced next week for Photokina will be a new Q10 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that will replace the current Q model:

  • To go on sale in mid-October
  • Expected price is around ¥35,000 (around $440)
  • Available in silver, black and red
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  • AM

    So, how tiny is that sensor?

    Enough said.

    • Nayt

      The Q already proved to have better IQ than it’s piers with the same sensor size. So it’s not really important. It’s made to be super portable, fun to use with the versatility of a dslr (not the IQ).

      Enough said.

      • pegamush

        portable, an interchangeable lens camera.

        enough said.

      • paul

        I played around with a q in a store and liked it. All this stupid comments about its sensor… well, than buy full frame or aps-c….there are people out there who are not as professional as all the mourners about tiny sensors and i quess the have a right to “live” don’t they?

      • phototalk

        that’s right Nayt. I just can’t understand why people so busy measuring sensors. I don’t have a Q, but I tried once at an exhibition last year. It’s beyond my expectation. I will buy this Q10 without doubt..

    • Raist3d

      Also not only the Q already proved the sensor was pretty decent, but you are discarding perhaps this could be a new improved sensor, yes?

  • mape2k

    Its so ugly, I doubt its going to be fun to use Nayt!

  • Digitalrev

    beautiful body design

  • robertc

    Robert Capa would have laughed at that sensor size

    • Warpig

      Don McCullin would have feel sorry for your pathetic comment. I DOUBT Capa would have mind hardware over composition or technic. Can you imagine him shooting a brick wall, like all you gearheads, fauxtographers do?
      You won the “worst comment” award of the week.

      • camerageek

        Warpig you owe me $5 – fauxtographer™ is my word!

  • palm

    Very funny

  • I’m glad to see some additional commitment from Pentax to the Q system here, though so far I like the original Q’s looks better. This Q10 may still warm on me, possibly reviews will indicate ergonomic improvements that aren’t obvious to me yet.

    Aesthetically the stamped stainless steel strap lugs look like a step backwards vs. the ur-Q’s cast lugs.

    Time will also tell how much IQ or performance may improve.

  • MB

    And people think Nikon lost it with 1 series …

    • camerageek

      They did. The Q is actually a far better to use camera. Built like a tank. With the newly announce 15-45/2.8 zoom (yes constant aperture for under $400) this system is starting to mature well

      • MB

        If by mature you are referring to wine getting better by age Q system is vinegar and you can’t make a good wine out of that.

        • Raist3d

          You are being obtuse here. Grab a Nikon 1 (any of the two out) and grab a Q- compare the interfaces from a photographer tool centric point of view. The Nikons 1’s out are designed for family snap shooters. The Q is not.

          Nikon one day will probably make their “nex 7” in their system and that will rock, until then, their usability is not too hot.

  • Kevin

    Any Ricoh rumors? Really looking forward to some new news on GXR / GRD stuff.

    • No, the only rumors from few months ago was for a B&W compact digital camera.

  • james

    finally, at this price it’s actually interesting. why complain about sensor size at this price point? it’s no worse than the samsung ex2 or panasoinc lumix lx7

  • Chris K.

    Wondering what’s diff with the Q10 over the Q? Wish they had a viewfinder (I’m looking to get a Hoodloupe for cheap as a fallback) so I could use 50+mm lenses with this crop-monster.

    A recent photo trip with a friend, I brought my NEX-7 and my Q, and I shot a bunch with both…The Q makes for a decent backup camera when you want to be portable and still take better than the standard P&S shots. (I love the 8.5mm f/1.9 for autofocus and my MS Optical 25mm f/1.1 is great for indoor photography and shots with the retro bokeh-heavy shots.)

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