More pictures of the Pentax Q10 mirrorless camera

Few more images of the Pentax Q10 mirrorless camera:

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  • vam

    It seems to have everything to be a great camera, I just wish it had the dynamic range of a bigger sized sensor. I even like its aesthetics, somehow.

  • Art K.

    I kinda like its clunkiness and big knobs. Would be nice to see the backside…

    • Michael Scott

      That’s what she said 🙂

  • Realistic

    Someone has been playing with PS for a while… and even so, if you do a comparison (already did it) between the upper and front view, some elements, including the mount, are in different places. If this was real, then check the upper view, the space between the “grip” and the lens is too small for anyone to hand that, and if we compare the quick-dial relationship with the mount, you’ll notice this is even smaller than the original Q…


  • It’s about time second Q-camera comes out. Was worried it be one of kind camera system with just one body.

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