New images of the Pentax K-5 II and K-5 IIs DSLR cameras

Few new images (better resolution) of the Pentax K-5 II and K-5 IIs DSLR cameras:

Pentax K-5II

Pentax K-5II


Pentax K-5IIs

Pentax K-5IIs

Via digicame-info

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  • James

    I’m not sure about these two photographs. They’re suspiciously identical.

    Look at the pattern of the material on the grips. Look at the lighting. Absolutely the same between the “II” and the “IIs”. Photoshop comparison suggests they match to the pixel. That suggests they’re the same image with a different name ‘shopped on the front of each. The patterning also is as far as I can tell identical to the product shots of the original K5. *With the same lighting*.

    Indeed – it’s also usual for Pentax to put new designations elsewhere on the body – see the *ist DS vs DL for what I mean. Certainly not convinced a product designer would cram K-5 IIs into the space in that inelegant way.

    So – I’m not sure you haven’t been conned here…

    • Emi Spielrein

      I completely agree, I noticed the same things you’ve noticed and also the same position of the screws and other little details that are identical in the two pictures; they’ re clearly the same camera, and this means no doubt that at least these photos are absolutely fake.
      I have some doubt also about the Q10, but I have to deepen.

    • Rocco S.

      As a product photographer I can ensure you there’s nothing suspicious with these two photos. We often take number of product photos then chose the best one for all other product variations and colors.

      I frequently do this with watches (different straps combos), cars (color, wheels etc) and food packaging.

      Basically as a product photographer these days, Photoshop or other post software is your best friend.

      The photo above was taken once, then letter ‘S’ added later in post.

      • Garry Laring


      • Emi S.

        I completely agree with you, but I think all of us would have preferred even a bad photo, but that would give us the certainty in advance of the news that we all look forward in the coming days.

      • Emi S.

        I completely agree with you, but I think all of us would have preferred even a bad photo, but that would give us the certainty in advance of the news that we all expect it to be confirmed in the coming days.

      • James

        Yes indeed – but since it’s easy to find the original photo (product shot of the K5 from c 2 years ago) which has been used for both of these… I think you’re wrong that these are real pictures.

        You’re asking us to believe that Pentax are so lazy they wouldn’t bother to commission new pics for a 2-camera launch at photokina and would just ‘shop a picture from ages ago? Or indeed make cosmetic changes to the housing to indicate a new model? Not launch something in the same visual style as the K30? Garbage. What better way to say “nothing to see here, customers, move on”.

        On a practical note – if the rumour about an articulating screen is true, that would necessitate a redesign of the case, too.

        So: fake.

  • john stevens

    Hummmm Does not matter..No one will buy. Next…move on.

    • Cynog

      Wrong! I’ll buy!

      • Emi S.

        I too would buy one; especially if there was one with 24Mpx without anti-aliasing filter.

  • Daniele

    If pentax will make a K3 APS-C, doesn’t make sense to produce a K5 II and K5 II-s. K30 will replace the role of K5. We hope for a full frame camera even better than APS-C K3!

    • BP2012

      Pentax officaly said that the K-30 is entry level camera, so it is replacement for K-r and not for K-5. We don’t have official statement about K-5 II yet, but it should be mid level camera and K-3 will be top of the line APS-C camera. There is also a possibility that K-5 II will be special purpose camera (for fast shooting and/or low noise shooting).
      It has sence to produce all of them if Pentax have enough production capabilities.

  • Steve

    Fantastic idea to improve what is already a classic camera and wonderful product. Together with the k3 consumers will have a choice of 16mp or for those that need more resolution, 24mp.

  • Steve

    Fantastic idea by Pentax to improve what is already a classic camera and great product. Together with the k3, consumers will now have a choice between 16mp and for those that require higher resolution, 24mp. Interesting to see the number of people in Pentaxland that essentially despise even the idea of an improved k5.

    • Cynog


    • Emi S.

      Sure. The k5 is so nice, with its simple design; it would be really a poor choice if Pentax abandon a design so cool, and so functional.

  • Andrew Munster

    How come olympus Can claim there 4/3 dslr is a pro camera and pentax cannot and does not claim there aps c dslrs are pro. I would prefer using a k5 for a wedding shoot than anything produced by Olympus.

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