Pimp up your Sony RX-100 camera

The eBay store Japan Hobby Tool offers various leather skins that will completely change the way your Sony RX-100 camera looks.

Pictures above: Leica typecrocodile blackcamouflage and crocodile black.

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  • p4D

    Not as nice as the skins offered by http://aki-asahi.com/store/

  • Palm

    Cheap synthetic leather with black RX100 is really bad, not as good as the silver version of the RX100. There are standard hot shoe.Look at the following:

  • Luxurious stuff

    Take that Leica Hermés edition!

  • Marvin8

    I’ll have to disagree here and say that they look pretty cool…especially the alligator black.
    As for whether or not they are genuine leather, the website seems to say they are, but even if fake, they still look cool. Too bad that I’ll have to wait for the successor to the RX100…I never buy the first version.

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