New cameras from Rolleiflex: Hy6 Mod2 and FX-N

Relleiflex announced two new cameras for the Photokina 2012 show: the Rolleiflex FX-N (pictured above) has a new Heidosmat 2,8/80mm viewfinder lens and a Rollei S-Apogon 2,8/80mm main lens. The other specifications are identical to the previous FX model.

The Rolleiflex Hy6 Mod2 includes some firmware and design improvements:



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  • although I always wanted one, now there’s little sense in producing those. why wouldn’t new Rolleiflex be a digital one?

    • I know it makes very little sense but I wish they had an option in the new FX-N to attach a digital back. This kind of innovation is necessary to keep the old stuff going. Plus it’s not a stretch considering the sorts of things manufacturers did in the past.

      • Garry

        Digital is about practicality for most people, Rolleiflex have not been about practicality for decades. They are more about making cameras for collectors, and particularly discerning (fussy) photographers. Very few people want to collect digital cameras, in the same way watch collectors tend not to collect digital watches.

        Rolleiflex are probably more in touch with their customer base than we are out here, and to them it likely does make sense. In any case, if they made a digital Rolleiflex, you’d only need to look at the price of a digital Hasselblad to get an idea how much it would cost.

  • Nobody Special

    I’ve always fancied the Hy6 and the 6008 series cameras. But every time I get close I back away and just keep with the Hasselblads.

    How many owners has Rollei had in the last 10 to 15 years? Where’s the dealer network?
    Great cameras – great glass – but outside of Europe fat chance, it’s too bad really.

    Maybe the moderators can supply web addresses for the HQ outside of Germany????

  • Daryl

    This camera looks beautiful but I was under the impression that Rollei was not producing the Hy6 any longer. Questions abound, who is the US distributor? Does this camera have the electrical contacts for digital backs? Do they have any relationship with any back manufacturer?

  • Look very professional

  • Nobody Special

    Yes, I’ve checked the links, and B+H sells the Hy6. Still, pruchasing such a rare beast that is so automated and then taking it into the wilderness just seems like a bad idea – useable – awesome glass, but still.

  • Mrberns

    Really? You guys want MORE digital gear? Us film shooters don’t get a lot of new cameras. Just let us have this one.

  • fjfjjj

    I love that they’re making a new TLR.

    The controls on the Hy6 (at least the last one) feel like garbage. How is this the same company that makes the Rolleiflex? Shame.

  • visualien

    I admire german cameras. But can’t afford one. Those are real beauties..

  • Brook Dillon

    Someday it will be nice to have a Rolllei TLR with a 6×6 monochrome sensor 🙂

  • Chris Adams

    The main point of the FX-N is the “N” (for NEAR). It focuses down to 0.5m

  • Nico

    I study well the Rolleiflex mod2 Hy6 and this camera have 2 big problems: 1) the shutter is eletronic like the advancement of the roll, 2) there is a battery (shell life at maximum 5 years)
    It seems clear I will have to discontinue the use of the camera when the factory will stop the production!!!
    It could be perfect if manual!! e without the horrible exposure!
    Only a professionist can throw away more than 5000 € for this kind of thing. But I know the market is going in the direction of the elettronical camera buy and throw away !!! Look at the Rolleiflex xn has more than 86 of shell life! and has no eletronical parts!!! This is the camera!!

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