Canon PowerShot G15 camera coming soon

After the G1x announcement, Canon did not forget all the "original" G-series fans and here is the proof - Canon PowerShot G15 compact camera exists and will be announced for Photokina 2012. No specs or price are available at that point.

Via Canonpricewatch

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  • karmacoma

    Good job, you scooped both the Canon rumors sites!

    Finally, finally – Canon brings a fast lens back to the G series. The only question I have is sensor size. If they got the 1″ sensor from Sony, this so full of win. Even with a 1/1.7″ sensor, I would take this over an LX7 or EX2F, both of which are too small for me to hold comfortably. Next, let’s see a fast lens for the G1X successor.

    • Mary

      Unfortunately, unless it has a 1″ sensor, the RX100 still has the advantage.

      • spam

        RX100 will have a better sensor, I’d expect the S100-sensor (or a small update) in G12. However sensor performance is only one factor in the package or we’d all be using FF or larger sensors.

        It all depends on the new spec of course, but G12 still has a lot of advantages compared to RX100. Juding from current models I’d expect much better handling than on the RX100, a built in viewfinder, a tilt and swivel screen, better macro mode, larger zoom range and a hot shoe. And maybe a better lens? Not easy to choose at all IMO.

    • johnR

      at 6.1mm at the wide end that equates to 28mm equivalent for a 1/1.7″. Maybe 24mm equivalent at 2/3″

    • mythbuster

      I think sensor size could be identical to that on the Fuji X10, but the lens is brighter.

    • Zograf

      Sensor size is 1/1.7″ Look at the wide end focal length – 6.1mm. If this is equivalent to 28mm full frame it means crop factor 4.59. This is very close to 1/1.7″ cf.

    • I know of only one Canon rumors site.

  • WT21

    An increasingly irrelevant camera

  • mythbuster

    It seems to be a 4x crop factor sensor with a very bright lens, 24-120 equivalent. If the viewfinder is much better than G12, it could be a very interesting option.

  • karmacoma

    I have an RX100. The sensor is great, but Sony color rendition, even in RAW, is not pleasing to me. The buttons are tiny and hard to find, and the shutter half-press has almost no travel, I often wind up taking photos I never meant to. The lens exhibits highlight glowing wide open. Overall it’s still a very good camera, but I don’t enjoy using it. If it didn’t fit in my pocket, I would have never have bought it.

    • Zlatko

      Wow, thanks for that sobering dose of reality. A few weeks ago it seemed that everyone was praising the RX100 as a breakthrough and the best of its category. Color rendition and the other details you mentioned are all important to me.

      • WT21

        It’s a much better camera than what he represented.

      • karmacoma

        Well, it is a breakthrough and it’s actually the best in its category when considering sensor performance. Build quality is great, too. The color issues and handling are personal tastes, obviously the things that bother me don’t bother WT21. Don’t let my comments stop you from trying the camera.

        That said, it’s clear that for me, the G15 will have better ergonomics. Will have to check the physical size, though, and johnR’s comment seems to dash any hopes of a 1″ sensor.

    • colours

      Karmacoma: have you tried the xrite colour checker? It is a black card with 24 coloured squares. xrite offers a free tool to generate lightroom colour profiles from a raw pic of that card you can take with your camera. it helped me a lot with my raw colour problems.

      • karmacoma

        No, I haven’t tried xrite, thanks for the tip. I just discovered the profiles sold by PSKiss and those have given me some much better color options in Lightroom, particularly the ability to apply Canon 5D colors.

  • They should just release a “lite” version of the G1X and forget about these pretend-enthusiast cameras for good.

  • fellow

    It looks like the camera has lost both of the extra control dials that helped it stand out. At least it still has the OVF; some folks really like to have that option.

  • Harold

    After the G1X, why would they even come out with a G15? Canon get a clue!

  • Marvin8

    If it doesn’t have at least 24mm and 2/3″ sensor, it’ll be a major league fail, and even if it does, no guarantee of success due to the large size. Will be interesting to see….


    In 2009 I would’ve been excited about this.

    • Susan

      Very good point. The new benchmark is the RX100 and looks like Canon once again missed it.

      • Marvin8

        Yeah, I think Sony pretty much caught everybody off guard with their large sensor/small size cams. The industry was thinking “ooooooh, 2/3” sensors are waaay cool. Sony designers laughed.

  • It seems Canon dropped the dials for ISO and exposure compensation… 🙁

    Few days ago Canon PowerShot asked how often people use the compensation dial on their facebook page… Maybe not too much, although the dials are lot handier and quicker to access than buttons->menus. Especially the ISO dial…

    It would be great if this cameras has a bigger sensor than previous G series, without increasing the pixel count too much to keep good low light performance.

    Full HD video mode should be there, although Canon always denied any control over it on compact cameras (besides exposure lock). It would be great to have FULL MANUAL video mode!. It’s just a matter of firmware/software and Canon’s willingness to deliver it to users.

  • As someone else here mentioned this would have been exciting a few years ago…but not this year. Sucks that they removed the exposure compensation dial but interesting that they basically centered the viewfinder over the lens….should basically eliminate parallax error.

    Considering that this will likely sell for $600 I would go with the Sony RX100

  • Slaven

    Same 6,1-30,5mm focal range, like G12.
    So, i think, it will be equipped with 12,1 MP 1/1,7″ Canon CMOS sensor, that used in S100.

    Bigger sensors are for G1x.

    • Ke

      it would make sense to give the g15 a sensor that’s inbetween them though. It’s a bulky camera for a compact, you might as well.

      S100 – 1/1,7

      G15 – 1 inch

      G1x – 1.5 inch

      • Steven

        Yes, it would, but the G15 will have the 1/1.7″ sensor. G15 looks like a nice camera, but Canon must think it is still 2009.

        • Zograf

          +1, if 6.1mm is equivalent to 28mm it is a 1/1.7″ sensor. Much lower chance to be equivalent to 24mm, then the crop factor of 3.93 is exactly the one of the 2/3″ sensor..

  • Max

    f/1.8-2.8? impressive.

  • Richard

    There is a big market for these enthusiast cameras that cater for people wanting to easily carry a ‘system’ with them wherever they go at an affordable price. All of the cameras in this category provide very good image quality when ISOs in the 100-400 range are used, not a difficult limitation to accept.

    The Canon G15 takes a step forward from the G12, that has to be good. Just as other manufacturers have recently taken steps forward with their offerings. The result is a great choice of cameras and competition which keeps prices affordable.

    My own interest is the Nikon P7100, I think it’s great.

    In time this category will have larger sensors than 1/1.7″, I’m sure, because technology improves all the time. But to us, those in this section of the market, we only want the advantages of larger sensors when we can still keep everything else these cameras offer at about the same relative price level.

    By all means, those of you who want larger sensors now, can purchase the RX100, G1X or RX1, pay the significantly greater prices but will have to accept other limitations.

  • Yawn. Not trendy anymore. Killed by M4/3 and large sensor super compacts

    I have never seen a Powershat G user use it on anything but girlfriend mode. Also, I laugh at people carrying them slung around their necks. It’s supposed to be a compact camera!

    • I agree, today the compact cameras are full frame.

    • mythbuster

      Where do you find a big sensor camera with a bright small zoom like this? I prefer a good small camera for everyday use. If this Canon is 24-120 mm wide angle (2/3″) and has a good viewfinder, for me is perfect. I was thinking about LX7 or EX2, but this can be even better. Let´s wait to Oly XZ2…

  • Brian

    From what I have cobbled together from various sites is the following:
    1/1.7 sensor but CMOS
    ƒ1.8 to ƒ2.8 lens new optics,
    kept the viewfinder, Nikon P7700 lost theirs.

    A digic 5 processor should iron out the complaints about slow reactions on the G12
    It keeps the vary angle screen too often overlooked for it’s usefullness, try using the RX100 in bright sunlight with the sun on your face, nice reflection as to the paltry 3.8x zoom forget it. I am sure it will have it’s aficionados just as the G1X has but in the end it’s down what you really need and what you are prepared to pay for it. Not to forget how much gear you are happy to schlep around.

    The G12 was already a good camera, the Sony RX100 is still considered good if you can accept it’s limitations. Sure it’s small and takes good pics but a camera is only as good as the bum behind the viewfinder – oh sorry the Sony doesn’t have one. Sure 90% of the time you dont need one but when you do it’s nice to have it.

    The real decisions will come when when we see head to head tests, between the G15, the P7700 and the RX100.
    For me, it”s just what I wanted for travel being an existing G11 user.

  • Jerry

    Come Canon, this is go 2009. Time to step up it as the RX100 is the new king in town!

  • Brian

    Canon just lost the plot.
    They removed one of the best features, the swivel screen, now it’s just like all the other pocketable P&S cameras and with a smaller sensor than the Sony RX100 they are gonna lose out on this one IMHO.
    What a big big disappointment, I am so glad they were not available for pre order.
    Nikon P7700 here I come.

    • Marvin8

      Unfortunately, you are 100% correct. 🙁

    • Will Watson

      I specifically bought it because Canon removed the bulky swivel lcd screen and I love it!

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