Images of the Olympus ED 12mm f/2.0 “Limited Black”, 15mm f/8 lenses

Two new images of the Olympus ED 12mm f/2.0 Limited Black and 15mm f/8 lenses from digicame-info. The official announcement is on Monday, September 17th. The 15mm f/8 lens is in 9mm thick, the lens design is 3 lenses in 3 groups

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  • shinnn

    wow, i’m wondering if the 15mm is thinner than the pentax 40mm xs…

    • Not Surprised

      I don’t understand an “f/8” lens on a crop body camera at all. How dark is this going to be in real use? How much bigger would an “f/5.6” lens have to be?

      The lens looks microscopic; I hope it doesn’t cost much at least.

      Truly pocketable though!

    • Alex

      Yes, the new Olympus seems indeed thinner by 0.2mm; because the Pentax is 9.2mm “thick”.
      A “Limited” lens and an ultra-thin pancake, deja-vu.

      • aurèle

        AHAHA ! You’re right, Touché !

  • TXe

    Just wondering, is there any adapter to Fuji X mount to use those great Olympus-compatible lenses with Fuji X-1 Pro body?

    • CHD

      The Olympus is 4/3 sensor, the Fuji is APS-C…so no.

  • Sahaja

    That 15mm f/8 really is a pancake – not a muffin or a cupcake like some other so-called pancake lenses.

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