Canon EOS 6D specifications

The Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera will be the direct competitor of the Nikon D600. Here are the rumored specifications:

  • 20MP full size CMOS sensor
  • Image processing engine DIGIC 5 +
  • The body's magnesium-alloy cover only
  • W-Fi internal
  • Built-in GPS
  • 11 Points, Central's cross-sensor F2.8 for AF
  • Best continuous 4.5 frame / s
  • Shutter durability is 100000 cycles
  • Synchro 1 / 180 sec., 30 - 1 / 4000 sec shutter speed
  • Dust-proof
  • LCD monitor is a type 3104k dot
  • Video's full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • ISO 100-25600 (extension 50, 51200, 102,400)
  • Media's SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-I compatible)
  • Weight 755 g (including battery and media)
  • Launch (on-sale date): December 2012
  • Estimated street price in Japan is expected to be around 195,000 yen ($2500) for body only, the EF 24-105 mm f/4 kit will cost around 295,000 yen ($3,700)

Via digicame-info

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  • Alex

    3104k dot = 3inch 1 040 000 dots 🙂
    and all appearances D600 will be winner

    • Z

      Fear not Canon fans and be exceedingly patient, for this 6D only looks crippled now … But in about three years, Canon will release a mother of all firmware update to unlock all it’s glorious and awesome features hidden for now, to combat yet unknown newer Nikon nemesis and to extend the product cycle of this seemingly plebeian but worthy FF Canon …

      • Jim


  • karmacoma

    Another “cheap” FF with a 1/4000 shutter, what a coincidence.

    Really, these two are the same company, having a laugh at everyone as they slightly “one-up” each other every few months.

    • Z

      +1 LOL

      • Z

        Nikon trolls happy …

        • Both Nikon and Canon lose this round. Once you give out over $2000 for a camera, you should know what you want and why – therefore why both of these toys are best be left alone.
          I think something like the D7000 is the sweet spot price/performance now, or maybe 5DII/D700.

    • pooh

      It’s been obvious for years, that they are matching each other’s product line. They even schedule announcement close.

      • Zograf

        But at least they try to get the names in reverse order 😉

        D600 vs. 006D

        • pooh

          Guess it’s more coincidence on the Canon side. They have no other choice between 5 and 7…must be a pain for them to pick 6 in the end, as the company has a long tradition (at least since the debut of the EOS system in late 80s) of using odd numbers only in their higher end models.

          I bet someone in Tokyo was cursing for not choosing to name a 3D back in 2005 around this time last year.

        • Global


          Seriously…… get a ROOM, Nikon and Canon. You guys cross breed waaaaay too much and your gimpy inbred children are no longer innovative.

          Do what you do best guys: Innovate. SONY is catching up!

          • Gunza Joe

            Yup, Sony has catching up…but never really got there, and most likely never really will.

      • Jojo

        Wish Canon would take that product matching just one stage further and use Sony sensors!

    • RC

      One-up? I don’t think so. Nikon has always been ahead afaik. Of course I understand it’s my opinion but I just really have no interest in Canon products. Nikon makes better DSLRs and Sony makes better point & shoots. Canon can’t do white balance right, and their colors look bad.

      • Global

        No, no no. They are both great companies with Gigantic prices. The only difference is that Canon is $500 more expensive, consistently. Whereas Nikon squeezes on the accessories.

    • Nafees Bazmi

      If anyone is going to get this 6D for $ 3,700 … why not he jump upto 5Dm3 for a nominal higher price or step down to the photo king 5Dm2 which has been the heard favorite of every user.
      price for 6D must not be more than $1700-1900, this is the only point where canon can win over Nikon D600….
      Although D800 and D800E has flatten Canon in the market for this time.

  • goldaccess

    Dead On Arrival

    • Canonball

      Yes.. price is too high.

      • Musouka

        Keep in mind that the D600’s price in Japan is “¥215,000 (around $2,700), the price of a D600 with 24-85mm kit lens: ¥270,000 (around $3,400).” which means this would probably be a sub-$2K camera in the US.

        That said, I like the previous rumor better where the camera had the 7D AF. The AF on this is so weak, it’s not even funny. This is just an FF Rebel (with a high price).

  • I’m happy for canon users, but it is in every aspect a bit worse then d600

    • ericnl

      if you had written that line as: “…but it is in every aspect a bit LESS then d600”, then you could have included the price 😉

      • Zograf

        +1 🙂

        • Anshuman


      • Richard

        For $100-200 cheaper? Blahh D600 is a better deal

    • flesix

      It’ll be approximately 100g lighter than the D600. I had actually hoped for a sub 800g weight for the Nikon.

  • boing wronkwell

    Specifications … equal to or lower than the D600 (by moderate amounts).

    Price … Way too high.

    Just how much “better” will this camera be than what ever else is out there?

    Is that difference “worth” buying it?

    As karmacoma said above, same thing really – and priced too highly IMO.

    • Musouka

      These are the Japanese prices which are quite a bit higher than the one in the US because of the strong Yen. This camera is actually ¥20,000 cheaper than the D600 in Japan. Still, the AF is disastrously weak with this one.

      • boing wronkwell

        We all know the skew of Japanese pricing vs USA and EU pricing.

        So it still has the appalling Canon AF then?

        What about the I.Q. … still just right for Cousin Ken Krockwell to over cook the colors and sharpness then?

      • RC

        So the price difference is just under $200. $1900 is too much for this thing. Wouldn’t you rather have a 5DII??????????????????

  • Sreenidhi

    Nikon D600 Vs Canon 6D
    24 mp > 20 mp
    5.5 fps > 4.5 fps
    39 autofocus point (9 cross type) > 11 points
    150000 shutter cycles > 100000 shutter cycles
    Price almost same….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Musouka

      Well to be subjective, the 6D comes with built-in GPS and WiFi and is cheaper (¥195,000 BO vs ¥215,000 for the Nikon BO). The built-in stuff makes me suspicious of the rumor as Canon could just sell these as accessories for high prices.

      • RC

        Yeah, I just paid $50 for the WiFi thinggy for the D600. That is nice that it is built-in on the Canon. I’m not sure about how useful GPS is. Some say it’s a consumer marketing feature.

    • Well, with regards to “24 mp > 20 mp”, maybe that lower MP count and related ppi will result in a sensor that grabs better low light/high iso images than a Nikon. If this camera does include the wireless capabilities I’d say this is a win for Canon.

      • Exactly my thought. 20mp is better than 24mp in my book.

  • Cali

    11pt AF with 1 Crosstype? I really doubt this is true as it would be completely failure if so. That’s the same crappy system in the 5d Mark II… amazing if this turns out to be true

    • Dave

      I was just wondering the same; Canon is apparently making a conscious decision to not even use the 7D AF tweaked for full-frame. On top of that, they’re not using the 5DIII sensor either.

      Besides the apparent high ISO rating, I’m not sure Canon will convince many existing 5D II owners to upgrade much less attract new users. Nikon will have a less expensive camera with about the same or better feature set, and now Sony will have a slightly more expensive camera (than this rumored 6D) but with pretty much the whole tech kitchen sink thrown in. Unbelievable that Canon will intro a new camera that will be bracketed by better competitor products from the get-go.

      This can’t be real.

      • Calibrator

        “I’m not sure Canon will convince many existing 5D II owners to upgrade much less attract new users.”

        Why should they want that? Why do you think they introduced the 5DM *III*, hmm?
        The D600-competitor is for Rebel-upgraders and for people wanting a cheaper second body.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Agreed. And I would guess that the video will clobber the old 5D and be nearly as good as the new one. The pictures will probably also look better than the old camera.
          “Pro”s will hate it, looking down their snobby Canon noses…

      • Z

        Yep, it just might be the same AF as the awesome AF system found in higher end 5DMKII.

  • Abdurahman

    What is wrong with the Canon management / marketing department??
    Canon takes away some features and functions and raises the price?!

    My four year old 5DII for $ 2100 takes pictures as well as 5DIII for $ 3,400! And 6D is a joke for $ 2,500 compared to the 5DII.

    What if, for example, Apple used the same strategy as Canon? Then we would still use the Apple II computers with various modifications of the keyboard and mouse to the more expensive price for each year.

    • seriesrover

      This is *just* a rumor at this point.

    • Z

      Fear not and be exceedingly patient Canon fans, for this 6D only seems crippled now … but in about 3 yrs., Canon will unleash a mother of all firmware update to unlock all the glorious features currently hidden in order to combat yet unknown but newer Nikon camera and to extend the product cycle of this plebian Canon FF … Canonites will hail this corporate generosity and praise them to high heavens …

  • NotImportant

    Who are they trying to fool here? Its not for sports, its not for outdoors, is any of the 7d or aps Canon people want to upgrade to something like this? EVEN if it would be cheaper I wouldnt upgrade my aps-c Canon for this and rather go for the durable non breakable 7D-mark II if its coming.

  • Take a shot

    Will if canon wanted to take share away from Nikon. This would be the time. Put this out a lower price (1800-1900) then the d600 you might be able to get those people who were looking to jump to full frame, but are bitter of the overall price point. It looks like canon will do the opposite and charge more.

    • fjfjjj

      Baloney. Nobody’s going to dump their Nikon system for a $200-300 price difference in the new body, even if they own just one lens.

      This is the rather moment for Canon to make a camera that’s more rugged, better handling, and with nicer color and tonality than the incumbent Nikon. Probably not happening this time around.

  • Dan

    I doubt these are true because they are showing built in wifi and gps and there is no way that will happen. Also, this would mean a brand new sensor and and downgraded focus system. I don’t think Canon will go that way after all the energy and hype it placed on the focusing of the 1Dx and 5DIII

    • Pablo Ricasso

      But Canon did make an entirely new 12 megapixel crop sensor to sell on their de specd rebels rather than use the existing one, in order to gain a lower manufacturing cost over time. If they throw a cheap wi fi system into every body it may only cost a few bucks to do…

      It doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • R!

    They robbin us on the AF ,FPS and resolution just like the other brand!!!!!
    I’m waiting for a chineese or korean DSLR to kill that in a few years ; we European ,we will never do that ,we’re to scared,and dont tell me that Leica’s inovating in high technology because they still in the 20th centurys mecanic world, I might check what they do overgalaxys!?…

    • Calibrator

      Ladies and gentlemen! Elvis has left the building!

  • Fants

    Interestingly, CanonRumors is saying the price could be $1999. Smaller, lighter, and $100 cheaper COULD be valid enough advantages over the D600, depending on what you’re looking for.

    • Musouka

      They are just speculating. The listed Japanese price is actually ¥20,000 cheaper than the D600 BO so this might turn out to be a sub-$2K camera in the US.

      The other advantages might be the built-in WiFi and GPS and the native ISO performance of ISO 100-25600 (vs 100-6400 for the Nikon). The Nikon have a better AF (one aspect of that depends on the how far the points are spread), have 4 more MPs, is 1FPS faster and has a more durable shutter. The jury is still out on video. Nikon has uncompressed HDMI but Canon can make this similar to the 5D3 where they don’t skip lines (but will be less sharp than the Nikon from the get go but respond better to sharpening in post).

      The target markets are quite different for the two bodies, however. Seems like Nikon and Canon are again avoiding competing directly with each other.

    • I think the price was just a guess.

  • Vlad

    It should start selling with an instant rebate of 500 Dollars, possibly that will help them sell it :)))

  • VR

    This camera will have unusable AF as many 5D2 owners will agree. it’s a big downgrade from 5D2 so why even think about it?
    That is if the 9 point AF is the one from original 5D and 5Dmk2.

  • Bebopcola

    Need more verification on these specs. I’m cool with the megapixel count, weather sealing, and love that ISO, but everything else is meh.

    • RC

      Those ISO numbers are just marketing hype. It’s probably no better than what anyone else is offering.

  • Musouka

    Check the source link, they have posted two ‘leaked’ images. It looks as if the 70D decided it wants to go FF 😛

  • whiff

    Both inspired by Sony’s 2008 introduction of the A850, at 1999 usd. It even had s max shutter speed of 1/8000. Too bad it was discontinued.

    I can’t see either of these costing more than 2200 usd.

  • shiva


    • Thats right!


      Manufacturers think what we are eating ice cream with his forehead! cmon Canikon, grow up!!!

  • shiv

    Canon guys must be idiots.


    • Musouka

      At the current exchange rate (USD1 = ¥77.66, the D600 body’s MSRP is $2768.48 (¥215,000) so direct currency conversion might be a bit misleading. Amazon JP is currently selling the D600 for ¥196,200, however.

  • Rebel

    too expensive!

    also Nikon D600 is too expensive (2150€ means 2900$ !!)

  • Kuba

    Will canon provide a free scoth tape for this model?

  • Fiatlux

    No built-in flash? Strange given the target market…

  • LOL

    Another “cheap FF with a 1/4000 shutter, what a coincidence! LOL Spys don’t work very well.

  • At least..

    I have one more year to see a FF camera with decent price and that is not a joke in specifications. Canikon kill both cameras, and are currently the biggest joke in photographic equipment, 600D, 6D. Pass…

  • What does magnesium alloy cover only mean?

    • just a bad Google translation

  • west

    Shutter cycle of only 100,000

  • BP2012

    I’m completely dissapointed with specification and price of this camera. D600 is much better choice for us people who are waiting for a “budget” fullframe.
    And for those who said that 20mpix is better than 24mpix:
    24mpix is perfect for fullframe sensor just like 16mpix for aps-c. Just name me one aps-c dslr with 14mpix which is better than any 16mpix dslr.

    • I have to agree. Let’s wait for the official announcement to see all the details.

  • Canikonfails

    D600 is much better choice indeed. I dont like all the D600 specs for me, but the specifications of the Canon are much worse, and supposed price. Now this is a new niche market, and they are trying eat our bones. Please don’t feed this especulations of big brands. I have waiting the D600, but I don’t buy it, does not fill my requirements and the price is quite high for its capabilities. Don’t rush!

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