Samsung announces 12-24mm f/4-5.6 ED and 45mm f/1.8 NX lenses

Samsung announced two new lenses for their NX system: 12-24mm f/4-5.6 ED and 45mm f/1.8.

Press release:

New ultra-wide zoom and mid-telephoto prime lenses allow professional quality imagery

London, UK – September 17, 2012 – The new lenses join the NX family, giving camera-lovers the chance to maximise their creative potential whilst keeping their system light and portable. The 12-24mm F4-5.6 ED ultra-wide zoom lens and 45mm F1.8 mid-telephoto prime lens are amongst the lightest lenses on the market, coupling portability with smooth ease-of-use to allow for effortless creative expression.

The new lenses bring superior innovation to the award-winning NX camera series and are compatible with Samsung’s i-Function system, which allows the user to achieve professional results through an innovative control system. The new 12-24mm F4-5.6 ED (equivalent to 18.5-37mm in 35mm format) and 45mm F1.8 (equivalent to 69.3mm in 35mm format) lenses now means there are eleven top of the range lenses available for the NX system.

Samsung NX Lens 12-24mm F4-5.6 ED: Thanks to its ultra-wide angle, this lens creates both dramatic landscapes and also facilitates shooting in confined interior spaces. At 208g, it also remains compact and light for easy portability and excellent usability for travel photography. The image quality is heightened by one extra low dispersion glass lens and two aspherical glass lenses that guarantee superb sharpness and low chromatic aberration.

Samsung NX Lens 45mm F1.8: This mid-telephoto prime lens delivers a pro-standard shallow depth of field with background blur, creating stunning portrait images or pictures of your favourite food, complete with beautiful bokeh. The bright F1.8 aperture allows for quick image taking that performs brilliantly for night-time or indoor shooting, with a stepping motor for a fast and super-quiet Auto Focus. Weighing 115g (without the hood), it combines lightweight portability with a solid metal body and metal mount for an ultra-professional look and feel.

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  • Mike

    I will take $100 to stand in line for you when these hit stores. No? Okay $80. No? Okay $35. That my last offer. Fk. Ok, you guys are a tough crowd. Just get me a Samsung T-shirt.

  • FMJ

    those are weird focal length for a 1.5x crop…..

  • Camaman

    These are some seriously idiotic focal lengths…
    and that ultra slow 2x zooom… just damn.

    I guess Samsung thinks that they can reinvent photography by releasing odd focal lengths that no one made before.
    They just forgot to ask real photographers if it something they want…

    hahahah! Another nail in the already weak systems coffin…

    To bad, they shoud have played its smarter and not reinventing the wheel.

  • 12-24mm a strange focal length for a super wide angle zoom? That’s 18-36mm-equiv. Most brands have had a 17-35mm in their lens lineup for the past few decades, so there’s nothing strange about it. Pentax have had a 12-24mm zoom since the early days of APS-C; Tamron released a 10-24mm a few years ago.

    I will admit that it’s slow, but that’s because it’s quite compact in size (and reasonably light, I expect). There’s always a tradeoff between the two. Personally, I would’ve preferred a constant f/4 and happily taken an increase in size and weight, but nobody asked me.

    45mm is a bit strange for a portrait lens; I really wanted it to be 55mm f/1.8 as had been rumoured in some places, or even the 50mm it seemed more likely to be. I probably won’t buy it and continue using my 50mm f/1.2 with an adapter. No AF or auto aperture closedown, but hey, it’s f/1.2 and small 🙂

    • +1.

      12-24 is a COMPLETELY appropriate and typical focal length range for an APS-C ultra wide zoom. In addition to matching the classic 18-ish to 35-ish range, it’s also similar to Oly’s 9-18. I’ll also include Nikon’s popular 12-24/4 DX and Tokina’s popular 12-24/4 clone of the Pentax that Mis mentioned. I imagine this new Samsung is significantly smaller & lighter than these 12-24/4 for SLRs.

      Agree 45 is a bit surprising, especially since it’s not particularly compact — most of the 40-45mm primes are a little slower but much smaller using Tessar-type pancake designs. This looks more like a slightly-short planar (more typical for fast 50-55mm lenses).

  • Pablo Ricasso

    And the second is perfect, since it equates to a 70, the missing prime that I wished people would make. Metal body, f1.8 and 115 grams = Leica/Voghtlander killer on the cheap.
    And yeah, I like the very cheap lunky little Samsung point and shoot I bought a few years ago. I think they are a real company that nobody really notices. Kind of like Pentax. I should probably notice that camera…

  • Pablo Ricasso

    And now that I did, notice how the grip on that new Hasselblad looks so much like it. It’s as if the people in the design studio held the Samsung camera, shot with it, liked it, and then designed their camera without a built in flash. Notice the Samsung camera.

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