BIG 15mm f/4.5 shift lens for Micro Four Thirds

The company Brenner Import und Großhandels (BIG) announced at Photokina a new 15mm f/4.5 shift lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras. Here are the specs:

Specifications BIG Shift Lens 4,5 / 15 mm MFT
Focal length 15 mm (equivalent to 30 mm film)
Luminosity 4.5
Minimum aperture 22
Lens construction 8 elements in 6 groups
Focus Limit 50 cm
Diameter 65 mm
Length 45.5 mm
Weight 200 g
Filter thread 52 mm
Lens hood integrated
Price 999, - EUR
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  • jorg

    wow. it its any good i’d get me a 4/3body just for playing tiltshift in the holydays

  • MB

    Brenner Import und Großhandels is importer of low cost Chinese photo gear and they brand it as BIG and sell in Germany.
    I haven’t actually seen this shift lens yet but I am pretty sure it is same junk they usually sell and is probably made by Nicna or similar Chinese rubbish makers so don’t be stupid and buy it for 1000 EUR, it isn’t worth it.
    It will be available on E-bay at much lower price, that is if you really want to put a junk on your camera.

  • triger

    It totally doesn’t look like a 500$ voigtlander 15mm f4.5 with a build-in leica m to m43 shift adapter 😉

    • Zorg

      Haha, thats what I was thinking!

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