Samyang T.1.5 85mm AS IF UMC VDSLR lens announced

Samyang added another lens to their VDSLR lens product line. The new T.1.5 85mm AS IF UMC is based on their standard 85mm f/1.4 lens ($329). Price and release dates were not released.

Press release:

Samyang Optics proudly informs about including to its offer a brand new Samyang T1.5 85mm AS IF UMC VDSLR lens. It will join Samyang's video lens family, which already contains four products: 8mm, 14mm, 24mm and 35mm. Optical construction is the same as a standard version of 85mm. Similarly as in case of the rest VDSLR lens the aperture and focus rings are featured with gears, allowing to control work of the lens with follow focus system. The release date along with mount and price information of Samyang T1.5 85mm AS IF UMC will be announced soon.

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  • j

    Is this the same optics as the f1.4 Samyang?

    • j

      Oh..apparently yes, I can read! yay

    • Yes, I believe so.

    • Yes, I think this lens is based on their “regular” model.

  • jodjac

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but: can these type of lenses be used handily for still photography? Would there be any drawbacks to use it for stills?

    • arturo sanchez

      no problem 😉

    • Technically, there’s no problem. Practically, the weight and the extremely long and slow focus throws make typical cine/video versions of lenses more difficult to use for stills shooting than regular versions of the same lens.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Why would it be any heavier?

  • arturo

    Dear Samyang,

    You’re awesome. Now PLEASE make a 50mm or 55mm T1.5 (or even better, a T1.3). We desperately need the set to be complete from 24-85. While you’re at it, a fast 135mm would also be really great, just to complete the full-frame set.

    And if you’re REALLY serious about cine-style lenses, we also need a fast 17mm-ish lense. Between 16-18mm, and f1.8/T1.9 or faster. It doesn’t have to cover full-frame. Just S35/APS-C.


    Pretty please.

    (yes, I know this is not a Samyang site)

    • Mat

      +1 on the 135mm and the 50mm

  • Mat

    BOOM! I know what 3 lenses I will be purchasing now!

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