Pentax patent for a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens

Pentax filed a patent 2012-189817 in Japan for a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens:

  • Patent filing date: October 3, 2010
  • Zoom ratio: 2.82
  • Aperture: 2.9 - 3.0
  • Focal length: 70.21 - 198.32mm
  • Image height: 21.64mm
  • Lens length: 296.16mm
  • 17 images lens group configuration 14
  • 4 ED elements
  • 2 low-dispersion elements
  • Internal zoom and f focusing
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  • One more thing – this lens is “almost” full frame with image height of 21.64mm (full frame image height is 23.9-24.3).

    • Hubertus Bigend

      Wouldn’t “image height” mean “image width”, too, in this context, and thus rather denote nothing more than APS-C for this lens? At least I don’t know how a normal lens could project an image wider than 21.64mm, if it can’t project one that’s higher than 21.64mm. 😉

    • Alex

      Almost? 🙂
      For both those lenses, the “image height” is… 21.64mm – and don’t tell me they are almost full-frame… 😉

    • befocus

      Y is actually the radius of the image circle
      21.64mm * 2 = 43.28mm so 0.15mm larger than the image circle required for cover full frame

  • Nikonuser

    So this is a “DX” design then?

    Wonder if it’s another Tamron/Pentax co-design.

    • jason

      U mean tokina/Pentax?

      • Alex

        FTR, I’m aware of no Tamron/Pentax co-designed lens; there were few rebadged lenses, though.
        The Pentax/Tokina collaboration seems to be over (thankfully!), and even there afaik they were sharing optical designs (12-24 being Tokina, the others Pentax), not working together on them.
        Since the patent is filled by Pentax, it should be obvious who designed it 😉

    • Arn

      It looks like it’s not a rebadged Tamron.

      Tamron 70-200f2.8 : 23 elements in 17 groups :
      Pentax : 17 elements in 14 groups

  • aurèle

    Let the FF rumor mill start to work again !

  • befocus

    patent filing date is wrong 10/03/2011 not 2010 so under ricoh not hoya

  • Mike1

    Good news. 70-200mm is a must lens if Pentax want to get into the FF market. Just hope Pentax would keep it’s no nonsense approach in making a real CAMERA for still photographers when other manufacturers focus on GPS, Wifi … and other gimmicky features.

    • Thom C

      You said it man, I want a camera that can come with me anywhere and operate where I want to go.

  • FMJ

    looks like the K-3 (or whatever the name is) is really coming.

    for the APS-C, Pentax already have the 50-135 F2.8.

    looking forward for their 24-70 zooms too

  • Mistral75

    This patent is first and foremost the one of Q’s 06 Telephoto Zoom 15-45mm f/2.8.

    See the American version of the patent:

    Out of 6 illustrations of the patent, 5 are for a 15.45-43.65mm f/2.9 with a 4.65mm image circle’s radius (see Tables 2, 5, 8, 11 and 17) and one is for a 70.21-198.32mm f/2.9 with a 21.64mm image circle’s radius (see table 14).

    • snapshooter

      Lens length: 296.16mm

      I think it’s impossible that long lens is for Q

      • Mistral75

        In the document, L is not the length of the lens but the one of the optical path (from first element to sensor). Indeed, the patent is not associated with any particular lens mount.

        L = 296.16 for the 70.21-198.32mm f/2.9 with a 21.64mm image circle’s radius (24×36 lens) described in the patent, so the lens length with K mount would be around 25.7cm.

        L = 70mm for the various 15.45-43.65mm f/2.9 with a 4.65mm image circle’s radius (Q lenses) described in the patent, corresponding to a lens length of around 61mm.

        The actual 06 Telephoto Zoom 15-45 f/2,8 for Pentax Q has a length of 56mm.

  • I enjoy looking through an article that will make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

  • I hope the IQ will be better than the FA* 80-200 F2.8 (which has great bokkeh). A DC-motor with HD-coating would be nice. price between €1000-€1400.

  • me

    21.6… mm is the radius required to enclose a 24 x 36 mm2 rectangle. No discussion needed. This is FF.

  • Douglas Barrow

    OK we have a Patent. When does it become an actual lens? The Pentax K-3 was released a few months ago and it is NOT full frame. Nice camera though. It’s January 2014 and nothing yet.

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