Hasselblad opens new design centre in Italy



Hasselblad opened a new design centre in Italy following their new strategy "to gain market share in new consumer segments with products that boast exceptional design and engineering". The first product designed in Italy was the Lunar mirrorless camera.

Press release:


Hasselblad opens its new design centre in Italy

Headed by Luca Alessandrini, the company's New Business Development Director, the centre, with its base close to Venice and the Italian fashion industry, will implement Hasselblad's new strategy to gain market share in new consumer segments with products that boast exceptional design and engineering.

Hasselblad Chairman and CEO Dr. Larry Hansen said: "The region we have chosen for this new centre of design excellence is home to many high-tech manufacturers, including those working in the watch, high end automobile and aerospace industries."

"We plan to capitalise on having the best of both worlds with this new Italian centre and our traditional Swedish camera manufacturing expertise."

The first Hasselblad product designed in Italy is Lunar, the company's luxury mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera, launched at Photokina. For the first time ever Hasselblad is incorporating carbon fiber, titanium, wood, leather and precious metals in this state-of-the-art camera, which is set for launch early next year.

The company has announced it is also planning to build a new DSLR, a new compact camera, and its own line of accessories, bags and tripods.

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  • Calibrator

    “Habbelsad opens new design center in Italy”

    /Headline fixed/

    • Mark

      “Failselblad opens up new fail center in Failtaly.”

      • fjfjjj


    • Palm

      Looking back at history.Good camera designers are mostly used to have a photographer identity (obsessed cameras).

      Victor Hasselblad (Hasselblad 500), Leitz (leicaM), Richard B. Merrill (sigma X3), Yoshihisa Maitani (olympus pen), Mamiya …

      Intimate camera did not come easily, the Hasselblad lost the spirit of the past …

    • Spell Corrector


    • I took the headline directly from their press release.

  • hassy is really on down slope.

    while P1 improved their perfect body and adding new features to software and hardware, hassy is playing with kid toys

  • Ben Wronkmore

    Grannyblad opens up new form over function center in fartily.

    • boing wronkwell

      … and 40% of the remaining user base migrates to Nokia Pureview phones.

      • Calibrator

        I heard that Habbelsad will launch a new product line in conjunction with Nokia:
        -> Smartphones made of shock-frozen whale sperm!

  • Oh goodie – more expensive shit from HasselBAD to appeal to Paris Hilton and her friends.

  • Your negative comments are just stupid.
    I do not have the money for it, but I have Sony Nex-7 which it shares technique, and it is a great camera. If anyone will pay for it, make it! I call it is “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, but it looks great!

    • why stupid?
      why cannot we make fun of stupid stuff?

      there is not a single person on the world who needs it and who welcomes it.

      if it would be MF rangefinder, or at least fullframe rangefinder, whatever, but this? Lol

    • Joe

      It’s not as much about the ridiculousness of it but more that it’s a once great camera company is behind it. It’s the downfall of another icon in the camera business. If it were a no-name company doing this we would all just say “how dumb” and move on.

    • babola

      “Your negative comments are just stupid…”

      …and your ‘positive’ comment isn’t ?

    • Luna is crap

      What looks great? The Luna? HA! Well, that’s, like, just your opinion man.

      • Karl Hungus

        Luckily I’m a nihilist so I don’t believe you. Or I vill cut off your Johnson!

  • Formol

    Italian design should meaning a nice looking camera with poor usability and ergonomics 🙂
    Yep, i had some bad experiences with “italian design”…

    • alfred

      which? mine concerning car quality…

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Oh, what the hell. If they come up with something that feels good to use everybody else can copy it. Why not let someone make a contribution to us if they can?

  • Donji Hogfan

    Hasselblad has already a great design 500 series. How about focusing on engineering an affordable 6×6 digital sensor for these cameras?

    • Sahaja

      The 500 series is one of the great camera designs of all time.

      The Lunar is just hideous overpriced bling.

  • Camaman

    Judging by the pics and their new Sony partnership, one can presume the level of freedom they will have…

    Sony brings in their 1year old product and says… “you have full freedom to design an outer shell. Price target limit is $10000”

    I bet their next gem will be huge! Oblique wooden case around the NEX-6 and a blue sapphire on the shutter release! price $4000 with a brown kit lens!

    • Hasseltroll

      Lens barrel made of wood would be hilarious.

  • babola

    Haha…great! They could have asked Pininfarina studio for help, instead.

    It may not work but sure will look good 🙂

  • Tim

    Actually, I’m not so sure that this is bad news.
    There was plenty of rumors about a Hasslebladh mirrorless camera “larger than full frame” before photokina and it obviosly didn’t refer to the Lunar series. They where so proud about the “no leaks” before launch. So they probably have something else coming that is not based on a sony cam.
    I see this as an attempt to imitate Leica: redesign and rebrand consumer cameras to get cash to invest in more specialized products. I’m obviously not going to buy one even if reports say that they do have better ergonomics than the NEX 7. (not worth the premium) but enough probably will that it will pay off.

  • Nude Moose

    They only had one job…

    • Imgurian

      Hassel-Tyrone get your s**t together!

  • AlexTokyo

    I think they should close it right away. That will save them money, and boy they are going to need it!

  • Snw

    Hasselblad.Wat R U Doin.Hasselblad.Staph

    • internet corrector


    • I would think that with all the negative feedback from all over the Web, Hasselblad will change their strategy but it seems that they still think somebody will buy their Lunar cameras.

  • fjfjjj


  • Hassypissy

    And to lower the rental costs hasselblad shares the room with nex team. I heard they even use the same coffee cups as it is cheaper. Geez is there any one there to admit the mistake, fire few ignorants from management and come back to the drawing board? Those and marketing blurb photos is such a shame and primitive smokescreen.

  • `/1nc3nt

    Frankly to say, Hasselblad do really have a business opportunity in the future!

    They can design custom shells for various cameras. NEXs, 1s, u4/3s, Nikons, Canons and whatsoever.

    They can be the AMG, AC Schnitzer in the camera industry, only please don’t touch the engine, only the shells. You are not good in electronics, nor lenses!!!

    • Camaman

      Like Arca-Swiss…

  • BangWon Ko

    Hasselblad learned a lot of bad things from Leica.
    But Hasselblad is not Leica.

    • Troll Prozac

      Leica is overpriced for sure, but the Luna is just insane.

      • Dan

        This is more comparable to when Leica launches a “special edition” with real diamonds or race car design. Those prices are even more insane but they still sell like hot cakes.

    • Leica products at least keep their price and their lenses and non-digital cameras actually go up in value. The Hasselblad Lunar will sell for 50% less once Sony release a new NEX and they do that quite often.

  • Tim

    Stop this crap, give us 6×6 sensor!

  • aquer

    Italian design does’nt match with Hasselblad’ spirit. Not coherent and big mistake!

  • After the Lunar joke, the toy factory… I hope they are still working to make better medium format backs, with Sony expertise in sensor engineering, otherwise, we’ll have only Phase One remaining in 5 years…

  • cosinaphile

    THE Lunar , which is actually lunacy , from any sane shooters point of view, is a very telling camera anecdote on the current human condition

    all over the world the super elites are gaining even more power and wealth… it is as if
    humanity moves backwards …while most of the world starves lacks clean water lives in a spartan existance and uses its recources for survival , the suits that are shitting on hasselblads name are taking the guts of a decent point from sony and dressing it up with baubles and burl ,, it is a truely sickening development in the world of cameras and shooters …..decent dolks are horrified , the metrosexual elite moron draped in ermine and mink with diamond encruated I[diot] phone s and
    platinum watches watches

    i like a nice piece of camera kit , i like it well made with quality materials ..but all this makes me want to puke ….and has me hoping the fools who concieved this ill adventure into revenue creation lose a billion dollars the first year …..whew 🙂

  • beavis

    Making grips for Sony cameras surely needs it´s special new design centre…

  • Hassel fan

    Who ever designed the Lunar should shoot him/her self in the head.

  • 6 x 6

    I want a digital 6 x 6. a Hasselblad. Not design!

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