The Stow-Away lens cap holder

The Stow-Away lens cap holder project on Kickstarter offers an accessory for SLR cameras that attaches to the tripod mount and holds your lens caps (varying from 52mm to 72mm in size) while shooting:

The Stow-Away is an accessory for your camera that holds your lens cap under your camera. It screws into your standard tripod mount with a thumb screw, and can hold your caps sized 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, and 72mm. Designed to help you focus solely on your photography, Stow-Away provides the most convenient way to store your lens cap while shooting. I have used this prototype on my recent photo shoots and found that it makes shooting easier because I don't have to wonder where to put the lens cap, or where I put it last.

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  • R8R

    I have this crazy thing I have on my pants and some of my shirts and jackets called “pockets”. They hold most any kind of lens cap you can imagine. I think I will get a Kickstarter thing going to promote it.

    • jo

      “pockets” …?
      What are these things called “pockets” you speak of ? They sound so very versatile.

    • a4

      Was thinking the same thing… ;D

    • DP

      I, too, was going to make a “pocket” reference.

    • bob2

      My mankini does not have pockets. Wait, I can wear a fanny pack with my mankini. Now mankind can sleep peacefully tonight.

      • KGBB

        I believe you’ll find a slot in the rear.
        Just insert there.

  • Mike

    If I used lens caps…….

    • Michael


    • srsly.

      only lens i use lenscap on is 14-24 when not in bag

  • Fahrertuer

    What are all the people doing, that apparently need such a POS?
    Don’t you carry a camera bag and work at nudist resorts? That’s the only reason I could think of for constantly losing lens caps.
    I’ve lost one so far. It was cold, my fingers were stiff and the lens cap slipped through my fingers and fell into the river 10m below me when putting it back onto the camera.

  • asdf

    it also doesn’t fit 77mm caps…

  • c

    WOW, useless.

  • f16

    the best thing since sliced bread? yes, it is practical. and sliced bread too.

  • Vlad

    Wow, how utterly useless… doesn’t take 77mm and blocks the tripod mount… great idea, guys.

    • dsfslk

      Doesn’t take 49mm caps either…
      well then i have to keep using my pockets, or the bottom of my camera bag

  • Chris K.

    I also have pockets, in fact I have too many….Perhaps I can sell the extras on eBay.

    But, upon reading the site I have to say geez, at $14 (including shipping in US), I’m willing to give it a try. Supporting someone being creative. Heck it just might be better than fishing in all my pockets. Plus it might work as a halfway decent camera stand when I have a heavy lens on my camera.

    • Fahrertuer

      It might be a friggin great idea.
      If it was meant to clip onto the camera sling or whatever where it doesn’t block essential things like the tripod socket.

      But wait… I’ve seen that before.

  • Brian

    Why not just get an OP/Tech Fastcap? It’ll ship right away, No crowd-sourced funding required. Pockets, as suggested above, are good too.

  • Matt

    I haven’t bothered with lens caps in a long time. A filter + a hood is all the protection you need.

    • Michael Scott

      That’s what she said.

    • Not even trolling

      Ha you use a filter. Noob.

      • Nathan

        Filters aren’t for noobs, I love the desaturated, low contrast, low detail look. For example, when I shoot from a vehicle, I don’t roll down the windows. When I do portraits, I shoot them right through a window. There’s almost always a piece of flat reflective crap between me and my subject.
        To get rid of the inevitable reflections and lens flare from filters, I add a polarizer just inside of the filter. After that goes my ND variable, then the color correction filter. So there’s like seven filters on my lens simultaneously because instead of carrying multiple DIFFERENT color balancing filters of different strengths, I carry multiple IDENTICAL color balancing filters and stack them up.
        I’d show you my photos, but none of them have come out right and I’m not proud of them. No idea why. I think I need a D800.

  • Where I live, you can buy trousers with pockets.

    • Fenton

      Where I live, you can buy pants with pockets:)

  • ChriSin

    In Soviet Russia, lenscap holds you!

  • JM

    For UK readers:

    Have I just strayed into an episode of Dragon’s Den?

  • Dr Croubie

    So when I clip my lenscaps into the bottom of that thing, does that mean I have to get Arca-Swiss Compatible lenscaps so I can still put the camera on my tripod?

  • Bernard

    Maybe.. this lot could get together with the group that did the machined from solid (but still two pieces pressed together) body cap. The two items together could make a giant yo yo… So simple… what a great idea… men coming toward them in white coats with meds… The doors on the hospital van have shut.. They are being driven away to a place of care.. I wonder what they will design next when drugged… Something to hold the flash gun on the camera body when not mounted to the flash shoe… Eureka 😉

  • Mike

    Looks like the perfect invention to help your camera not fit in your bag while making it so much easier to fall from a table onto the floor.

    Sorry but this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

  • kaze_kaze

    I, for another, got too many pockets too, trousers + equiptment bag + hard shell case + vest, in fact sometimes I got too many of pockets I cant remember which one I put my lens cap in. Only single time I cant find one is my buddy took it by mistake then returned to me later.

    Guess next up we have the cover the block (*cough cough* protect i mean) the area below the view-finder and above the logo, made in SOLID METAL of course. Feature, block the LCD when you want to change settings/ preview shots, and let you nose or face get stick to it when outside is cold.

  • NycPete

    Only Nikon users would think of this….

    • Sahaja

      starting at 52mm is the giveaway

  • Spell Checker

    or should we go hiking?

  • Count Bladderwort

    This thing is more useless than a scanner operator at Laumont!

  • Adrien

    Best way to lose a lens cap!

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Achievement “quintuple fail” unlocked.

    1) you must insert your lens cap in the exact orientation, perfectly aligned with this… thing, or it won’t stick. Too fiddly, too prone to user error. Caps will be dropped in the process.
    2) no 77mm? Bye bye.
    3) I shudder to think about how badly this will make your camera snag on your camera bag. You’re probably going to have to use two hands to get it in and out of your bag, IF it still fits with this attached.
    4) you can’t put your camera down anymore. It’ll topple over.
    5) It renders any attached vertical rip instantly useless.

    I simply sewed a small piece of ‘loop’ Velcro onto my camera bag straps and my camera straps. I glued a piece of ”hook’. Velcro to the outside of every lenscap. Works reliably and fast. I can always find my caps without looking. Cost me less than £3.00 to do all my bags, straps and lenscaps. Never lost one.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    In all fairness to the inventor, I think it is great that you made the effort to come up with a solution for a practical problem you had. And I really admire that you have the drive and tenacity to take your idea to this level. Not many people ever do that. If you read this, I do hope you become successful. But I still stand by my criticisms of your design.

    And if I ever had to ask for crowd funding for a project, I wouldn’t do that while standing in front of my outdoor pool… Just sayin’…. Sure, it’s probably your parents’ house. But my first thought was: “If you can afford a pool, you don’t need my funding.”. Having said that, I wish my sons would get off the couch and at least try to do something useful 😉

    • Preston Turk

      Thank you for your comment; I appreciate it. I definitely understand your objections to the product as well. Is it the best design ever made? Certainly not, and using it does have advantages and disadvantages. There are some people who like it and some who don’t, and I’m fine with that. I came up with the idea and ran with it, and if it makes some people happy and I can learn in the process then in my mind I’ve succeeded. Anyways, thanks again for your comment, and I hope you have a great day!

      • Jonny Bravo

        There’s some really harsh words spoken here. I bet they would said the same when light bulb was invested by saying it’s useless because they already have candle. Your invention may not be the greatest, but don’t let those words hurt you. Cheers.

        • Fahrertuer

          I’d bash the lightbulb the same.
          If it had forced me to decide between the stove and the lightbulb.

          I just don’t get, why the holder has to occupy the tripod mount. About 2/3rds of the people I see with a DSLR have something else screwed in there. Either a quickchange plate for their tripod, an L bracket or a sling.

  • R8R

    What about making it wider, 3 legged instead of 2 (or just make it a cone) and able to accommodate 77mm caps AND act as an impromptu tripod?

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      My thoughts exactly. Make it a little bigger so it also holds 49mm and 77mm caps. Make it three ‘leggged’, with the tripod screw off center so that one leg extends out under the lens. This will:
      A) improve tha ‘catch rate’ when inserting caps.
      B) make it double as a camera stand.

      I’d wonder if you’d have even more success if you target this specifically on small compacts with lens caps. If it was smaller and doubled as a ‘tripod’ and hold the lens cap, I’d consider getting one for my LX5. But not for my DSLR’s because they won’t fit in their bags.

  • This is the prize winner accessory of the year-
    for the most useless accessory.

  • I just use lens caps with string leash straps attached to elastic band to keep it around the lens barrel. Not prefect but works for me. That massive lens-cap holder appears rather cumbersome.

  • GuustFlater89

    Fit a 72 mm lenscap and try to look through the viewfinder….

    • GuustFlater89

      Maybe you can then “hold” your camera by clamping the lenscap between your teeth.

  • sacce

    Legen… wait for it… dary useless!

    • FX DX

      Don’t like it…. wait for it…. Don’t buy it. If you could come up with 1/4th of the accessory as this one, you wouldn’t be dicking around here on NR.

      • Get it right u troll

        This is Photo Rumors.

      • Nathan

        But this product sucks. We are lambasting it because it sucks. And we’re not trying to invent accessories, we’re photographers. We’re users. Most of our inventions are simple things that solve our simple problems, and our complex inventions we keep to ourselves because they’re how we make life easier for ourselves. Proprietary information, if you will.

        Criticizing those who think this “product” is unneeded by daring them to come up with a better idea is only a valid tactic if the problem the product solves is a real problem that has no easier and superior solutions. What these posters have done is to list the easier and superior solutions, proving that they have already done what you demand that they do- that is, to invent something better.

        You fail.

  • Julien

    The best way to gedt your cap lost and get in the way of your hand in shooting in portrait!

  • Jabba

    I think having a lens cap is critical, mine is on all the time. My problem is that this makes my pictures very dark, completely black in fact. Now I think this gives me the ability to remove my lens cap when shooting and I’m hopeful that I will get better exposures.

    • FX DX

      You are doing it wrong. Just make a big hole in your lens cap. Problem solved.

      • Or….

        Or a series of holes like a colander.

  • Z

    Jiminy crickets, yet another useless noob accessory …

    Can you look any dorkier with this thing hanging off your rig??

    Oh wait, your dorkiness will be complete when you get them labeled back caps for your lenses …

  • Nathan

    Wow, that sure beats putting loop velcro on the lenscaps and a bit of hook velcro on the baseplate of the camera.
    By beats, I mean is way more bulky and obtrusive than.

  • Another gadget that will steal money from your pocket and end up with useless.

  • It looks like it would hold a coffee cup as well. Hmm… I just doubled my efficiency.

  • pap911

    As for me it looks like mini duo(?)pod. 😀

  • This is what assistant’s cleavage is for (girls only; butt cleavage not recommended.)

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