Fujifilm XF1 camera now shipping in the US

The Fujifilm XF1 compact digital camera is now shipping in the US and the black version is currently in stock only at Adorama (the red and tan versions are back ordered).

Fujifilm XF1 sample images:

Full resolution versions are available on Fuji's website. More XF1 samples are available here.

Fujifilm XF1 main features:

  • 12MP EXR CMOS Sensor: The 12MP 2/3" EXR CMOS sensor features Fujifilm's bespoke EXR pixel array and a larger pixel size to produce improved image quality with enhanced sensitivity and minimal noise
  • Retractable Zoom Lens: The 6.4-25.6mm (25-100mm in 35mm format) 4x manual optical zoom lens features Fujifilm's Intelligent Digital Zoom technology that doubles the telephoto capabilities and provides up to 8x zoom
  • Quick Start: Fast power start-up! When in Quick Start mode, the XF1 is fully ready to shoot in approximately 0.8 seconds using the on/off power switch built into the lens ring
  • 3.0" Premium Clear LCD Screen: High-contrast and wide viewing-angle 3.0" 460K dot high contrast LCD screen that provides excellent viewing even outdoors and in bright sunlight
  • Manual Shooting Modes: Diverse manual shooting modes offer complete control over your image capture. Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority and Manual modes are available depending on your shot's requirements
  • RAW Capture: RAW shooting and in-camera RAW processing (SilkyPix RAW conversion software supplied in-box) allow for easy ultra high quality image creation and less post-production work
  • HD Video: 1080i HD movie recording capabilities with stereo sound
  • Film Simulation Modes: Unique to Fuji, Film Simulation Modes allow you to set your digital camera to re-create the particular look of many of Fuji's great films as well as other standard film looks. Eight setting are available, including Velvia, PROVIA and ASTIA
  • Built-in Flash: Manual pop-up flash with a range of 7 meters (approximately 23 feet) will light dimly lit scenes without overpowering washout
  • Horizon Level: Electronic horizon leveling gauge to ensure that the camera is being held level and histogram display to check image gradation
  • Motion Panorama: Motion Panorama 360deg. for seamless 360deg. panoramic shooting. Just point the camera and pan across the scene you want in panorama, the camera does the rest. No need for multiple shots or time spent at the computer stitching your images together
  • Shooting Modes: Natural Light, Natural Light & Flash, Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Flower, Text, Underwater
  • Other Functions: PictBridge, Exif Print, 35 Languages, Time difference, Silent mode
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  • Dress class, dance cheesy. GANGNAM STYLE

    • Picky Photo


  • Mario

    very ugly

  • Richard

    A fashion accessory for the ladies.

    • Women money is green as anyone else.

      Not my kind of camera but FujiFilm can sell, more power for them.

  • CJ

    Not my cup of tea, I cannot deal with R2D2 style flesh lights.
    Price point is too high for lady’s yoga mom though, then again, a lululemon shirt costs just as much.

  • Steve

    Not a great looker, but it might take decent pics … it’ll be interesting to see if it is better or worse than X10 and LX-7 etc…

  • Pablo Ricasso

    No fair, I want the models. Not buying if it doesn’t have the model wearing it!

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Huh, some of these comments are confusing me…

    If this camera is ugly, what camera would be held up as an example of a not ugly camera?

    And why exactly is this camera for girls?

    I don’t get it. Please clarify… just curious.

    • women do not know they need viewfinder up until they buy it when it is too late to return it

      • Jacob

        Thats interesting, Harold. Are there any other groups of humans than “women” that have similar knowledge of photography? Canadians, catholics, redheads or maybe short people?

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Short people don’t use a viewfinder because they always put it up high, usually too high for them to reach. If they put the viewfinder on the bottom of the camera then the short people would be able to reach it. Some short people have worked around this by holding the camera upside down and working the controls with their opposite hands…

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