Lytro to add parallax-based 3D effect by the end of the year

Later this year Lytro will introduce a "parallax-based 3D effect" for photos taken with their light-field camera (now available on Amazon) via a software update. The company is also planning to add support for 3D monitors and TVs. See this video demonstration of the new feature:

Via Engadget

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  • Amy Glenn

    Wanna separate your subject from the surroundings with amazing bokeh? Use this fast lens.

    • Camaman

      You are kidding , right?
      You did read that review?

      SLR Magic should really step up their game and decide if they are making toy lenses or 1st class products. God knows they have been around long enough to learn something. Releasing supposedly 1st class products under that funny company name really doesn’t help either. They need a sub brand with some class and legacy in the name.
      These half beta product are really hurting their image, especially since they are trying to recoup their R&D cost through 1st buyers / beta testers.

      Anyway I like that Lytro effect. Its cool. But I have no idea when would I use it. Same goes for selective focus feature. I guess you don’t have to wory about focus at all so that’s a plus.
      Would be pretty useful with FF sensor and that f/0.95 lens you mentioned, I am sure. 🙂

  • Vlad

    I think Lytro is the most useless camera. I must agree the concept is interesting, but at 1MP it is useless for printing.

    • I am really curious how many cameras they have sold so far.

    • Isaac

      Question is whether the Lytro camera’s audience is actually people who print.

      I know plenty of 20 years olds that hardly ever prints, just views on the computer and/or upload to sites such as facebook. Those people would live well with 1MP, and ‘shoot first, focus later’ might improve some of their photos.

  • Vitaly

    Lytro will keep going until the money runs out. That time cannot be far in the future.

  • Nice! They’ve added a gimmick to their gimmick.

    I think I might buy the gimmick camera from someone who’s gotten bored with theirs. Unfortunately, like almost all 3D cameras, you need to dominate the foreground to make it work well, but it’d be fun to play with for a week.

  • one year and we will read here:

    lytro filed for bankruptcy, CEO is on Bahamas, VC funder looking for him, he blamed the recession.

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