Is the Ricoh GR DIGITAL V camera coming soon? (UPDATED)

The white 10MP Ricoh GR DIGITAL IV camera is currently listed as discontinued at B&H (black version is still available): "This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available". The GR IV was announced on Sep 15, 2011, the GR III was announced on Jul 26, 2009. I am curious how Ricoh will develop to the GR line after they purchased Pentax.

Update: DigitalRev also lists the black Ricoh GR DIGITAL IV camera as discontinued:

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  • While I would like the next GRD to come soon it’s life cycle is around 2 years and the GRD 4 has only been out for half of that.

  • spam

    Since Sony now sell a 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor and everybody else is upgrading I’d expect Ricoh to do the same. Sony might not want to produce the old CCD one with Ricoh as the only customer. Ricoh could always buy a big batch of the CCD-sensor, but an upgrade seem inevitable.

    Another option would be a “real” Gr 1 successor with a bigger sensor. A FF sensor would make it a very expenisve camera, but even the one in RX100 would be a step in the right direction.

  • No GRD 5 for the moment…

    The white GRD4 is a LIMITED version.

    Best regards.

    • Really? They are going to also play the “limited edition” game?

  • Yes, white was limited to 10000 units worldwide. It’s bound to sell out, though probably not as fast as they’d hoped. A GRDV would be welcomed earlier but I can’t see it much before the two-year cycle. The new Sony sensor seems a winner. Perhaps the camera body will be slightly larger + built in VF?

  • Alan

    Here’s an area where the 1 inch sensor would be ideal. I’m not sure Ricoh are brave enough for that decision though. Before anyone says it would be too big, etc remember they used to make 35mm FF film cameras much like this.

  • Aristide

    I’d buy NOW a GRD V with a 1″ sensor. But I ain’t holding my breath.

  • Henry

    A GR full frame withe a viewfinder like the film version !!

    • Not anytime soon. The lens on the Sony RX 100 is almost a fisheye lens and they use a whole lot of in camera correction.

  • Ari

    They’ll muddle along as they always do. The Ricoh marketing geniuses didn’t show up at Photoplus Expo when the GRD4 was announced last year. This year they have a booth but it will mostly be Pentax stuff.

    The costs of these mergers usually kills off the niche products, like when the Konica Hexar (everything with the Konica name, actually) got killed off when they merged with Minolta (who had most of their gear killed off when Sony bought them). Pentax is the worldwide brand with the more recognizable name so odds are that AT BEST the GXR may survive a bit longer.

    And the GRD? The Sony RX100 is in its old price-point and absolutely kills the Ricoh in image quality, and at the current price it would need to beat the Panasonic LX7. Quite unlikely. Put a fork in it, the GRD’s done.

    • pooh

      The thing is, it’s not like Konica and Minolta for Ricoh and Pentax. It’s not a merger, but a buyout – Ricoh is in pretty good shape, and it had already let go of its consumer cameras lines to make room for the Espios.

  • I have this white GRDIV model for just this reason: it’s a limited edition that will not last. The black model probably has a year to run, then I’ll pick up one of those as well.

  • cosinaphile

    im hoping for a sensor refresh to the gx 200

    the gxr module 24-72 ,,,purported to do the same left me cold and its not as sharp

    and i own both

  • pooh

    I can’t stop thinking about the previous Ricoh patents about 28/2.5 equivalents for M43 and APS-C sensors.

    It would still be bold to expect a M43 GRD5 though, as magic hasn’t been invented yet.

  • mr datsun

    as the standard black GRD IV is still available, your title is deliberately misleading and rumour-mongering. a silly long-term strategy for your rumour site.

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