Sony a99, Pentax K-5 II now shipping in the US

Pentax K-5IIs

The Sony SLT-A99 and Pentax K-5 II/s cameras are currently shipping in the US and are in stock at B&H:

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  • Emi Spielrein

    Many Thanks to Pentax (and Ricoh) and Sony for these wonderful news for serious photographers, usually those who spend their time making photographs or study and much less to lose time on the blog to show those who have the longest.

    • lol troll
      photographers do not need latest greatest gadgets to make good photos, they enjoy good system which neither of those have. it is not about bodies and lol EVF u know…
      those cameras are for mums

      • You’re trolling yourself. Every system has its merits, and while it is true that pros don’t always use the latest equipment, you need to recognize that 1) Pentax offers weather-sealing at a price point that is much lower than the competition and 2) Sony has made revolutionary advancements in image sensor technology and in other electronic components critical to modern digital cameras, so much that Sony Exmor sensors are widely known as the world’s best APS-C and full-frame sensors, in terms of high ISO performance and dynamic range.

        Yes, Canon has a much wider array of lenses as well as significantly better AF systems especially in high-end models. Yes, Nikon offers a strong combination of performance, features, ergonomics, and compatibility. But this does not mean that Sony and Pentax are not worth considering.

        At it stands, while Sony and Pentax are still somewhat behind Canon and Nikon, there are substantial efforts by both to become more competitive. As a Pentaxian, I fully understand why Canon and Nikon are much more prevalent, and I fully respect their respective users, but there is no reason to believe that the other brands should be discounted for their contributions to the photography world. Sony and Pentax are different, perhaps unusual, choices, for a DSLR system, but it all comes down to the photographer to take good pictures. An absolute beginner with no prior photography experience will not get much better pictures with a Canon EOS-1D X and EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens (about US$9100 combined) than with an EOS Rebel T3 and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens (about $500).

        • V

          +1 !!

          • there are no Pentax and Sony pros.
            it is nice you listed completely meaningful features as reason why should some pros use pentax or sony. Yet worse, to only save few dollars against real cameras which offer the same.
            i hate monopoly what nikon and canon have, but lets not lie our self. Pro photography world is ruled by canon and nikon, rest are just statistical errors mostly achieved by poor startup togs in middle of nowhere and women photographers who maybe can shoot a little but have no technical knowledge.

          • Sky

            Harold Ellis – there’s quite a lot of Sony pros. collects probably most of them, but you won’t find Sony pros on sport events or walking around with they gear as if the gear would be most important thing in the world. They are mostly fashion, product or event photographers (stronger reduction of moire thanks to better AA filters in Sony cameras mixed with Zeiss portrait lenses and 135mm STF makes it one of the most useful systems for fashion photography and everything where you might have issues with moire), and knowing that some clients don’t approve Sony gear (lol, as if photos wouldn’t matter) – they don’t show-off with it everywhere.

  • aurèle

    @Harrold Ellis : you should not look at Sony like a statistical anomaly in the photo-world.

    In less than 5 years, they took took the monopoly in many DSLR components, and i bet they are going to be very good at competing with Canikon.

    For Pentax : they got the great idea for not competing in the super expensive pro models (what’s the use when Canikon got all this small market ?), and focus on lower model and big bang for bucks.

    4 actors, 3 differents strategies.

  • Heidfirst

    Harold Ellis there most certainly are pros who shoot with Sony so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are also a few shooting Pentax.
    Not as many as Canon or Nikon but they do exist.

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