After the Sony F5 and F55 Cine Alte 4k cameras announcement, RED introduced huge price cuts

After Sony announced their new F5 and F55 Cine Alte 4k cameras two days ago, RED responded with a huge price cut - the new prices are as follow:

  • RED EPIC-M: $24,000 (old price: $39,500)
  • RED EPIC-X: $19,000 (old price: $34,500)
  • RED SCARLET-X: $7,950 (old price: $9,700)
  • RED ONE MX: $4,000 (old price: $25,000)

This is what RED's CEO Jim Jannard had to say on

As I said before, everything in the electronics world changes... usually for the better, cheaper and faster. EPIC and Scarlet just did. Right now.

We have built an incredibly efficient factory in Irvine, California and over time learned how to make EPICs in quantity, lowered our assembly costs, found better suppliers and fully paid off our NRE. When we assembled the 1st EPIC camera in Stage 6 at RED Studios Hollywood it took our team 12 hours. It took two more days to de-bug. Today we can assemble an EPIC in 13 minutes and 95+% need no re-work after diagnostics and testing. It is a testament to our manufacturing team and supply chain teams.

Since our costs are now significantly lower we are re-pricing our cameras as of now.

For those of you that purchased a new Scarlet ( not battle tested ) or EPIC brain on or after Oct. 1st 2012, the next time you order accessories from RED you will receive a discount to use towards that purchase. $1000 for Scarlet and $4000 for EPIC. Talk to your Bomb Squad representative when you are ready to use this discount.

Now… here is the new pricing:
5K EPIC-X Brain- $19,000
5K EPIC-X Monochrome Brain- $20,000
5K EPIC-M Brain- $24,000
5K/4K Scarlet Brain- $7,950
4.5K RED ONE M-X Battle Tested- $4000 (includes CF or SSD recording module). The RED ONE is End of Life. Battle tested is all that will be available from here on out.

Due to high anticipated volumes, plan on extended response and processing times.

Dragon sensor upgrade is not included for any EPIC system purchased at the new pricing going forward. It will be a $6K upgrade.

Via Nofilmschool

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  • stepper

    Lol… Red, still funny.

    • Mech T.L.

      Yeah, how so funny the guy got to say how effective they had become so they can bring ” better and cheaper ” to their customers. To be frank; RED is innovative and intuitive at the time of their original launch but their concept just ring true when the market had no option. Now that each and every one is up and able to do something in various form and form factors. They simply had to follow where the market goes.

      I recall their DSLR project or that 617 sensor … and so … I wager they have blind faith in their namesake and the concept of a Cam that can sell at price 10 or even 20 times others ( while not really delivering much more )

      Their ware is good, their modular concept is not that bad, their implementation, though, left some to ponder, and wanting, and their price today, is just out of reach against reality and market to most.

    • RED is chicken. Lol. Nobody mess with sony pro video and lives.

      i feel sorry for all those noobs paying that original prices. but yea, less moneys in hands of dumb people is always good.

  • Sky

    From 25k to 4k$? oh, wow… Shows perfectly how much this thing is worth.

    • henri108

      Price for a new one was 25k, now there are only battle tested versions for 4k.

      • Calibrator

        “battle tested” also sounds way better than “refurbished”, doesn’t it?

        Also “Bomb Squad representative” !?

        I bet they call their headquarters not “HQ” but “Fuhrer Bunker”…

  • alvix

    ahah..right now, that Sony is out with new fab cams ..perfect time to find you have just lowered the manufacturing costs ..LOL ::!! happy discount times !

  • Discontinued

    “This is what RED’s CEO Jim Jannard had to say on”

    I miss read that as “(…) had to say on”

    I guess these price cuts are real deep cuts indeed …

  • hmm

    “We have built an incredibly efficient factory in Irvine, California and over time learned how to make EPICs in quantity”

    “Due to high anticipated volumes, plan on extended response and processing times.”

  • Stu

    Funny how they figured our how to manufacture their camera cheaper so quickly after a Sony announcement. No correlation there, I’m sure…. /sarcasm
    Red is panicking, Sony just stole their lunch.

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