Pentax K-01 and Panasonic LX5 now selling at half price

Pentax K-01 sale

Panasonic LX5 sale

The prices of the Pentax K-01 and Panasonic LX5 cameras are now reduced in half:

The LX5 is already replaced by the LX7, but why the K-01 price drop nine months after the camera was announced? Poor sales or a new K-02 is coming soon?

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  • traveller

    I really worry for Pentax. I just don’t think that they’re selling enough outside of their core user group. For most people, the K-01 and the K5 II are quite simply, unremarkable cameras.

    • genotypewriter

      Agree but I don’t think K-01 and K5 is in the same category. I can see the appeal of a K5 II to someone who’s buying a Pentax for the first time or after a long time.

    • timinsingapore

      The K5 is no more unremarkable than any other DSLR and is better than most. It’s true that Pentax’s attempt to be innovative with the K-01 misfired. Now they are under new ownership and new management, and it will be interesting to see what comes next year.

    • BP2012

      This could be easily part of the plan to sell outside of core user group. They did something similar in the ’70s.This new price for K-01 is also a temptation for the core group users to buy second “street” body and to get XS 40mm for a fraction of regular price.
      Problem is that the camera is bulky (bricky?) and fugly but it has some advantages, as an example it really looks like a toy camera and shouldn’t grab unwanted attention.

      I don’t think that K-02 is going to happen.

  • Goose

    omg, new interface. flashy upgrade!

  • I never seen user once with Pentax K-01, so its hard to say if new model is coming out or if no one simply buys them.

  • Ben

    K-01 is one ugly beast…. I guess no one is buying. Too bad, my first SLR was a Pentax… long time ago. I wish them well

  • bobo

    May be more secure and w/features but… (you know)…

  • My buddy bought a K-01 right before the K-30 was announced and loves it. He’ll likely pick up a second body at this fire sale price. Heck, I might buy one with the new 40mm XS lens at that price!

  • Zoe Kitty


  • Dear camera companies,

    Design is not irrelevant.


  • Good idea…. now i can see good comments first 🙂

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