Samyang T-S 24mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC tilt-shift lens delayed till March 2013

Samyang T-S 24mm 1-3.5 ED AS UMC lens

The Samyang T-S 24mm 1:3.5 ED AS UMC tilt-shift lens is delayed till March 2013 according to a comment the company made on Facebook:

Here are the first test images taken with a prototype version of the new Samyang tilt-shift lens and Canon 5D Mark II camera (click for larger view):



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  • I wonder if it will do 1:2 macro like the Nikon. If the glass is decent and the price is right it could be a option as I am getting the Nikon 45 PCE since I am shooting more weddings these days and this could get me out of a pinch for the odd architecture job that comes my way!

    • Can you see the picture on this page? You can easily see the closest focusing distance and it’s 0.2 meters (~7.9 inches). The actual maximum magnification that the Nikon PC-E 24 can give is supposed to be 0.37X, so it’s less than what you think. You can always add a small extension tube if you’re going to do a lot of close ups. Not sure if the +/- 8 degrees tilt is going to be enough at those magnifications though.

      • It probably isn’t. if you want a T/S macro a lens baby would be a better choice than this IMO.

        • Surely you’re not being serious? A Lensbaby for shots where image quality matters?

          • HandsomeCommenter

            He’s probably referring to Lensbaby Tilt Transformer (mirrorless only).

          • Yuck… no shift and only good for small sensors. No more tilt than a standard TS lens either. Still better than a Lensbaby Composer I suppose.

          • Dave

            THANK YOU!

        • A lens baby even the highest end is good for playing around with some macro images at a wedding but would as useless as “tits on a bull” for any serious commercial project!

      • I read specs and don’t really study the markings but agree that you will have to be crazy close. Using tube with this lens will be in my opinion defeating the purpose!

        • Actually I hope Samyang itself won’t be defeating one of the main purposes of a TS lens… so far they’ve been making very sharp lenses that are just as good as and sometimes better than Canon, Nikon, Zeiss, etc. lenses but one thing they’ve been bad at is controlling distortion. I hope their TS lenses don’t have as much…

    • Ralph

      The 45 and 85 PC-E do 1:2 macro, the 24 does not. My 45 is ok for macros but you need to get close so has limited use. The 85 is probably much better. I’ve yet to complete the set and buy the 85, all in good time.

  • Michael

    Any word on a price yet? Would love to get a cheaper, more accessible tilt-shift than what Nikon offers.

    • I have not heard any info on the price yet.

    • Joe

      At Photokina they didn’t give a price, only “It will be cheaper than the Nikon for sure”. So the question is only how much cheaper.

      • Joe

        PS: The Samyang seems to be fully manual, it doesn’t have the ‘E’ of the PC-E. Therefore it has some drawbacks in usability, too.

        • All the tilt shift lenses are manual focus..I will assume that this lens will still communicate to the camera for exposure though!

          • Joe

            My guess is, that it will not communicate with the camera, just like the old PC Nikkors or the current Schneider-Kreuznach T/S lenses do. There are no electronic pins visible, and there won’t be a mechanical linkage from the front part of the lens through the T/S mechanism to the camera mount.

  • Well, for a second there I though we were still in 2011 and that would have been a problem… anyways, glad it’s actually on the way, and better late than early-with-problems. Although, I was counting on getting this before March, as that’s exactly when I’ll need one, so the point of getting one is less now.

  • desmo

    the samples are rather dissapointing
    had hoped it would be sharper

    • Please, you can not determine the lens’s sharpness by looking at small pictures with no exif information at all.

    • 43432423

      sorry but you are a moron…. as de boers said you cant judge shit with these small images.

  • Sky

    1 month to go!
    Ah excitement!

  • Sky

    1 month to go!
    Ah excitement!

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