The release of the Panasonic GH3 delayed till December 29

Panasonic Japan announced a delay in the release of their latest Panasonic GH3 camera (body only). The new release date is December 29. 2012. The company is planning to produce/sell 8,000 pieces a month:

Name Digital camera
Part No. DMC-GH3 (body)
Body suggested retail price Open price
Release Date December 29
Color -K (Black)
Number of monthly 8,000

The price of the Panasonic GH3 body only is $1,299.00

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  • Pat

    is this a joke? Even high end made in Sendai Nikon D800 makes and sells up to 25,000 to 30,000 bodies a month. So people have to get onto 3-month long waitlist for GH3 this time around?

  • ArtK

    looks pretty good, and solid, me likey

  • statepwnd

    Again this post makes no sense what so ever…

    they have in it stock.

    • Maybe you should contact Panasonic Japan and ask them.

  • AnthonyH

    Just in time for that all-important Martin Luther King gift-giving holiday!

  • JasonPhoto

    In stock at unique photo this weekend. There is a camera show going on and there will be a very limited amount up for sale at the show! Spoke to one of the store guys today.

  • Bollox

    What is that puny sensor doing in that huge camera?

  • Koseng

    Probably Pana want to limit the supply in the first few months to squeeze the profit out of those people who think they can’t make a good video without it.

  • Blam

    Multiple stores in Norway (and elsewhere in europe) have the GH3 in stock. So it seems the rumors of its unavailability are overstated or perhaps only a few Japan or USA is being given the shaft.

    • Huge retailers like Amazon have sold them out. On ebay you can buy it only from UK or Canada. But you can easily find it in some small stores. I know that your comment was written two moths ago, but it seems that Panasonic cannot supply enough cameras yet. It is sold like a hell nowadays.

  • Mike

    DSLR sized camera with a glorified cell phone sensor. “Ya, but its video is incredible!” With a 2x crop and huge DOF, and in a DSLR form factor it makes no sense. Might as well get a dedicated camcorder.

  • nefis

    It’s kinda strange. I’ve backordered it on in the end of september and I’be got the camera a week ago.

  • Francesco Petrucci

    after relaunch your post:
    I just spoke with Panasonic Press Office today, that call me to change your version: GH3 are regularly sent next Lumix Specialist stores:

  • PanaLeica

    The GH-3 has been in stock at all the local stores for the last week or so… someone should tell Panasonic Japan knows the camera is already shipping.

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