Rumor: Fuji X200 with X-Trans sensor coming in early 2013

Fuji X200 with X-Tran sensor

The online f11 magazine published a review of the Fuji X-E1 which included also a statement that the Fuji X200 will have X-Tran sensor and will be released in early 2013 (probably during the CES show in January or the CP+ show in February). The author of the article Tony Bridge is sponsored by Fujifilm, which gives even more credibility to this rumor (maybe he is currently testing the X200). The Fuji X100 was announced during the 2010 Photokina show and has already been listed as discontinued by some retailers. The X100 is still listed for its original price of $1200, which is unusual. The price of the black limited edition is currently $1399. Expect those price to drop in the next month.

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  • Ronan


  • This should be no surprise. The X100 is nearing 24 months which is a pretty decent run for a consumer device. On top of that the X-Trans is the all the rage these days within Fuji, so it’s logical this would be coming. As to rather I am going to replace my X100 with an X200, I’m out of that race, as I just bought an X-Pro1 last year, and will not be drawn in to buying a new camera EVERY year. I don’t care how good the X200 might be, I’m not going to get in to the habit of spending 1200-1500 a year for every new camera.

    • MJr

      Hey if you don’t need it don’t buy it. Don’t worry they’ll understand …

      • Don’t really care if they do or. I’m ready to spend the money on glass. The biggest boner to the entire industry is that cameras are commodities now.

        • MJr

          You don’t care, that’s funny. Have you read your first comment? You come in here all upset that you’re not ready yet, not letting yourself be tempted buying it etc etc. You can just go on with your life acquiring lenses for your x-pro1, nobody said otherwise, nobody asked, but you feel it necessary to find approval here, all because you don’t care. Right.

          There’s nothing wrong with the industry. It’s the people that can’t just enjoy what they have when they have it. Store shelves will always be changing, it’s healthy economy, it’s gotten technology where we are today, at any time it offers the best mankind can give us, but it’s up to you -and only you- when you need to be there to take it.

          • Who said I was upset? I do however find it totally amusing how in the days of the internet, how literally people read in to everything.

          • MJr

            You misunderstand that word. Like i said, you’re explaining yourself for something that is a made up problem in the first place. The fact that you are says it all. Nobody is telling you to buy anything. It’s not even here yet, or even certain that it will ever be, but you’re already building a wall. So don’t call it ‘upset’, but you don’t do that and write ‘EVERY year’ in caps or bring up ‘the industry’ if it didn’t affect you. That’s not ‘reading into’ anything, it’s right there. The point is, there is no ‘race’ like you say. People looking for a new camera will have something up-to-date, and everyone else can continue being happy. You said it yourself, it’s logical, that’s all there is to it. Fuji is doing well, and there’s no reason this news should mean anything other than that. Instead i see people building force-fields.

          • @ MJr. Not sure where you ready or why you think he seems upset. Maybe you are just angry or having a bad day. It seems like every year new cameras come out and they try to sell to us as new and improved. If you no have newest camera then you will not take good pictures.

          • MJr

            Selling is always the point, and they’re always new, right up to when you buy one, then it’s all yours, and will stay yours till the day you decide otherwise. Or do you not make your own decisions ?

  • Nishi Drew

    Which reminds me, the black “Limited Edition” X100 is still in most major camera/electronic stores, not something I would consider limited edition, especially after 2 years since release and with the next gen around the corner~

    • Yes, only Leica can sell out limited edition cameras, other companies should not attempt this.

      • Nishi Drew

        But Leica doesn’t even sell plenty of their standard models…

  • Carlos

    Like, but only full-frame. Full-frame compact is the only interesting open area in my set. I love the x100 and will stay until it’s full-frame-day.

  • El Aura

    I’m still sceptical about X-trans. I guess I prefer the devil I know (AA filters) to the devil I don’t know (artefacts).

    • I had hope for their design too but there’s just too many green photosites. Even the standard RGGB had too many and X-trans pattern takes it to another level, unfortunately.

      • I thought accurate color reproduction was one of the x-trans stronger suites compared to a bayer sensor design. Why do you think the green photosites are such a problem? The eye is more sensitive to green, also green is better for sensitivity, so there is a tradeoff there. If we had equal numbers of sites, bayer sensors wouldnt be as sensitive…

        • El Aura

          Less red and blue sites means less spatial colour information but since in the final image every pixel needs full colour information, more information has to be interpolated (ie, guessed). Overall colour accuracy depends the CFA filters (and the noise of the sensor) but spatial colour accuracy depends on the spatial sampling.

        • There’s too much green in the standard RGGB design too. That’s why on most cameras, pictures with green look a lot nicer (e.g. Canon 6D demo video) than ones with a lot of red (tungsten/candle-lit shots). The eye is definitely more sensitive to green but I think having 50% green pixels in the standard pattern more than compensates for that.

          Like El Aura said below, the problem is, spatially, R and B are not captured enough. So those channels have very low resolution.

          Even if a sensor is made of equal amounts of R, G and B pixels, the worst thing that could happen is the green channel showing a slight increase in noise (due to the 33% reduction in green area). In return, we will see improved SNR from the red and blue channels.

          For some reason, Fuji went the other way just to do away with the AA-filter, that’s not all that much a problem in reality. I suspect this is all a cost-cutting wolf covered in a science sheep skin.

  • Roger

    A Fuji x200 would be nice. You will have a clean Sensor for ever and if you subject will be far away go walking or swimming…:)

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