Fuji surprise: a new Fujinon XF 15mm f/3.5 tilt shift lens


The latest rumor is that Fujifilm will add a new Fujinon XF 15mm f/3.5 tilt-shift lens to their roadmap. The announcement will happen today during their CES press conference. If this turns out to be true, Fuji will become the first major manufacturer to release a tilt-shift lens for mirrorless camera. Please note that I do not have a confirmation from a reliable source for this lens. I hope to get one before the press event.

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  • That is a surprise! Wow, they really are shooting for professionals.

    • I hope it is true – I am not 100% sure at that point.

      • It would really show their commitment to the system!

  • Clint

    Man I hope this is true…..would make my XPro1 the perfect portable landscape camera!

  • Mike

    Oh man! Fuji, you just threw a wrench in your own spokes…. I was going to get the X100s, and not you throw down a 15mm T/S! You have 12 cylinders Fuji, and they are all firing. 🙂

    • Mike again

      P.S. Does Fuji have live, in-camera pano stitch?

      • Flo

        Yes they do as far as I know.

        • fjfjjj

          And how far is that?

  • Mark

    Hope this is true! Kipon has a shift adapter for Nikon but a dedicated fuji lens would be wonderful and quick to use for city shooting

  • Jack

    Please be true! Please be true! Best thing I’ve heard today… fingers crossed!

  • den_sh

    Haven’t been announced on the event. Even focal length itself doesn’t
    seem to corroborate with Fuji’s style of sticking to
    some-classic-focal-range / 1.5 scheme. Also f/3.5 doesn’t seem to align
    with the way they try to release fast lens overall. The slowest primes
    on the roadmap are f/2.8.

    • They did mention that a new lens is coming in April – see latest post

    • Edgar

      Everything you just said isn’t applicable to tilt/shift lenses. They are supposed to be slow, and the most popular FF tilt/shift lenses made by Nikon/Canon/Samyang are 24mm and f3.5.

      A Fuji 15mm f3.5 would be a very close facsimile to these lenses.

  • Camaman

    How about a few more lens converters? One for a wider than the boring 28mm, one for 50mm and one for 85mm equivalent?

    Make all this fuji and I am buying a new kit, forgetting the great IBIS in my OMD.

  • xjxjxxjxjx

    Omg, a smallish ts-camera choice…fuji are getting cooler by the week.i’m already sold for an x20…

  • Pat Mann

    They’ve been reading my posts on the DX forum on DPReview about the missing DX lenses. If they bring this out, Nikon can ki$$ the rest of my retirement plan I was reserving for them goodbye. I may get a D400 for birds, if a 400mm f/5.6 AF-S VR ever comes out, but clearly I have to go to Fuji for wide lenses for APS-C format.

    This must be a false rumor – it’s too much to hope for. However, Fuji is known for their wide format film cameras – perhaps it is true.

  • Nostrada

    Any update on this? It would really solve one of my biggest gripes with the x mount lens system and would ensure that I sell all my canon gear.

  • Frank Diamond

    $1099.99 launches early May as far as I know. Ships June.

    • Did they officially mentioned the lens?

    • thats would be sweet at around $1,000usd, no brainer for landscape / Interior shooters like myself. 🙂

  • Dan

    Any news from CES on this lens? I’m dying to know. Also, is Fuji showing updated prototypes of any of the previously-announced XF lenses?

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