Sony RX1 got a pretty good DxOMark score: #4 overal rating



DxOMark published their test results for the Sony RX1 camera (see my first impressions) and they are pretty good - the RX1 scored #4 on their overall rating list right after the Nikon D800E, D800 and D600:


"Ranking 4th overall in the DxOMark Sensor Score Ratings the Sony RX1 compact camera performs as well as and better than many professional DSLRs. Featuring the same full frame Sony CMOS sensor used in the Nikon D600 we already knew how impressive the results could be and engineering it into a compact shell with a fixed lens hasn’t negatively affected picture quality. ISO performance isn’t quite as good, but nearly, and Sony should be congratulated for pushing the boundaries of camera technology with the RX1."

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  • Should be called DxOMoot

    • jake

      Why do you think Nikon can use Sony designed Sony produced sensor better than Sony itself?

      • Give two identical cuts of “raw” meat that came from the same animal to two different chefs and won’t they cook them differently? Now imagine if one chef actually had to also be the hunter while the other one got to stay at home inventing recipes all day. Who’s likely to produce the better dish? 😀

      • Sahaja

        Let’s see Nikon build such a small full frame camera before we judge.

  • Q

    “Pretty good”? How about “pretty great”? And I am no Sony fanboy.

    This high quality of a FF in such in such a small footprint is great for competition, which will be good for comsumers. This camera with an EVF would make me crack open my wallet.

    • Just to be clear – I like the RX1 and I own one.

    • Bollox

      A fool and his money are soon parted. Learn the basics my friend, you will see how irrelevant this data is.

      • CHD

        Bollox – Speaking of fools you should do yourself a favour and keep quiet. From your condescending tone it is apparent you feel the RX1 is overpriced…good for you. To others it is not overpriced as evidenced by the fact it is selling.

        Full frame, world class sensor+ Excellent lens in this size has never been done before.

        • Bollox

          Balls must drop, then you talk…

  • jake

    I actually think it should have been better than the D600 crap , I have both and Isold the D600 a week after I got my RX1.
    I think it is becoming harder and harder to trust DXO thing these days , I mean according to them the D800 is better at high ISO than the D600 or the RX1 or the 5D3 and I know all of these are much better at ISO1600 and on than the D800, I use my D800 in real good light only and I know in good studio light high ISO of that overhyped camera is actually pretty good.
    but I mean in where you really need high ISO , it is really bad even after resampling all at 16mp.
    So, I’d say all those studio based high ISO tests are useless in real life.

    • Richram

      You might try reading the tests results again… It shows the D600 to be better at high ISO than the D800, 2980 vs 2853

      • NerdBuster

        You may want to learn to read, fullstop. Do you work for DXO? If so, do you play with yourself very often?

  • S.P

    I have heard/read 2-3 years ago that at DXO while testing the sensors, after they take the raw image for testing they convert it to a 8MP image. I think it has something to do with the d800 scoring so high. 36MP down sampled to 8MP should look better then 12/24MP to 8MP. Just my 2cents.

  • Sahaja

    The RX1 probably scores a little lower than the D600 because it is always using live view, so running hotter which will cause noise. Also heat dissipation in such a small body is probably more difficult.

    • Sky

      Yep, it makes perfect sense.

    • TaoTeJared

      Actually if you keep track of the Sony VS Nikon deployment of basically the same sensor between bodies, Nikon’s firmware/software has always had the upper hand in controlling the noise better – usually by about 1/3-2/3 of a stop. Nothing different here. If the live view was the culprit you would get red/orange hot spots around the edges of the sensor, not noise.

  • Sky

    Sony CyberShot – better then any Canon camera EVER.

  • PR Admin, what’s your take on the camera’s colors? Ken Rockwell has this to say about the camera’s performance in this regard:

    “Color rendition, as covered at the Introduction, isn’t great. It tends towards yellow-green, and the colors just don’t render as well as they do on my other brand cameras.

    For instance, most would be happy with the snap above, but if I had shot it on my Canon, Nikon or iPhone 5,the colors would be much more as I want them. This snap is a little too yellow-green for me, as are many of the RX1 shots made in good light. ”

    • I like the colors, Ken usually writes reviews without ever touching the camera. I will post some more RAW images soon – you can judge for yourself.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply.

        Please do post the RAWs soon. Waiting for those patiently 🙂

    • Sky

      Generic advice: Don’t use Ken Rockwell as an authority in anything. Especially: Photography.

      Other then that: Usually professional Sony cameras have superior color rendition, competing only with Canon. Since they overtook Minolta engineers now and then Sony shows some great cameras in that respect roughly always overtaking Nikon, so I doubt RX1 will be any worse then A-mount cameras.

      • Agree 100% about KR…

        “Usually professional Sony cameras have superior color rendition, competing only with Canon.”

        If you’re serious about your photography, you’ll be doing your own raw conversions and colour adjustments. And when you do, any two cameras (with comparable colour filter arrangements) can be made to have effectively matching colours. So, you can match colours between Canon, Nikon, Sony and even Olympus, etc.

      • It’s not that I bought what he said. He raised a concern so I thought I would have a ‘second opinion’. Thanks for the advice 🙂

    • CHD

      Seriously…you’re quoting Ken Rockwell as an authority on the matter…really??? As others pointed out he writes half of his reviews before even touches the gear. HUGE grain of salt with whatever you read on his site. I have seen many pics from the RX1 and I love the look of the files straight out of the camera.

      • Bollox

        Do you work for Sony marketing? You are not very good at your job mate. But keep your stories coming, they are fun in a perverse sort of way.

  • guest127341827534

    The author of the article is quite wrong when says DxOMark tested the camera. Actually, DxOMark tested the SENSOR!!!! of the camera, not the camera. The camera it is much more than just the sensor: it is a focus system, an image processing engine, viewfinder, display, weather resistance, interfaces and so on.

    Try to remember: DxOMark tests camera sensors and lenses – nothing else.

    And do not mix these two things, sensor and camera: you will come to a wrong conclusion. There is no match between Sony RX1and Nikon high end DSLRs when you compare them as cameras: these are completely different beasts.

  • Nikon user here but have to say Sony is definitely putting itself in the same league as the big boys with its camera and they are more daring. Good work Sony, love competition!

  • Non sequitor

    “Bollox”. What an apt name for the perenniel little bitch on these pages

  • saxist

    Here’s a great idea, listen carefully everyone……

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