New Pentax AG 360 FGZ II flash unit prototype shown at CES

Pentax AG 360 FGZ II flash unit

Pentax AG 360 FGZ II flash unit (2)

In addition to the MX-1, Pentax also displayed a prototype of a new flash unit at the 2013 CES show - AG 360 FGZ II, which will be the replacement of the current AF-540FGZ model.


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  • sayithere

    I think this will be the replacement of AF-360FGZ not AF-540FGZ

    • 57thStIncident

      Guessing it will be AF-* not AG-* as well (post title says AG)

      Looks like the UI has changed a bit vs the existing 360 & 540, now has fewer buttons/switches. Let’s hope no features have been lost.

  • Kuba

    😐 again no FF

    • BP2012

      4 3 months 🙂

  • Bartosz Ząbek

    Don’t worry Kuba – maybe the will post it on Photokina?

  • Sky

    Didn’t know they even manufacture any flashes what so ever. lol
    I’m yet to see a Pentax user that actually owns an external flash, yet again uses it for something more ambitious.

    • No need to be a troll Sky. Allow me to break that trend, I have some, and have certainly been ambitious with them.

    • photoviking

      I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen a Pentax let alone used one.

  • 57thStIncident

    I don’t see a sensor on the front panel for classic non-TTL ‘auto’ mode, hope this feature hasn’t been removed.

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