JK Imaging announced the Kodak Pixpro S1 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera



After Kodak announced that they will license their brand name, JK Imaging announced in Peking the Kodak Pixpro S1 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera with built-in WiFi and a CMOS sensor probably made by Sony. The official release will be in Q3 of 2013. One of the slides implies that the new camera is "Best designed for smartphone" which suggests some kind of a WiFi or Bluetooth integration:


Update: JK Imaging is the same company that's producing GE camera. They will introduce also new line of Kodak compact cameras - Kodak Pixpro AZ362, AZ361 (superzooms), FZ51, FZ41 (compact) and FZ251 (high end compact):


Via PConline

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  • cj

    Oh boy, Kodak’s name is tarnished even more by let the chinaman use their name…it will be sold ONLY in walmart.

    • jk

      chinaman? u got no manner son. shame on u

    • jayfor

      Chinaman? Racist much? What are you teaching your children?

  • Chaitanya

    Its a good decision that Kodak chose to use micro 4/3 format, this makes sure they don’t have to develop and launch lenses designed from scratch.

  • Ronan

    It has begun.

  • Andrew

    I was just thinkin… we really need another mirrorless camera with an external flash. I wish someone would invent that. Thank you kodak for making my dreams come true.

  • Sceptic

    Would this mean that GE is gone as a camera brand. ;/

  • Selsk

    JK Imaging. Just Kidding Imaging! I hope.

  • jake

    what kind of sensor is in side of this camera?
    if it gets a Kodak CCD, I ‘d get it.

  • shawn

    Looks like the Polaroid 1830 taking a dump.

  • vladik

    Why do we need another M4/3 camera? 🙁

  • acuberos

    Looks like a camera based on the Olympus EPM2, similar body design, similar lens design and similar flash. This camera also used a Sony CMOS sensor.


  • lich

    The JK Imaging behind this is a very shady company. Not much about it is known except some “fun facts”. Not a good sign, poor Kodak.

  • fuck you kodak

    wtf, sony sensor? if they used their own sensor as the one they produced for leica m9, ill buy it for sure.

    • Sky

      AFAIK they don’t own chip manufacturing plants anymore. What leica got are chips that they made before going bankrupt.

  • FBY

    Same quality as Olympus with cheaper price? I’ll buy one…

  • 103 David

    Kodak? Didn’t they used to be somebody?

  • dave

    who would want to buy a fake kodak camera. certainly not me. this must be an early april fools day joke.

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