Pentax Q10 Evangelion special edition camera



Pentax Japan announced three new Evangelion special edition Q10 mirrorless cameras. The technical specs are the same as the original Q10 model. A total of 1,500 units will be produced for distribution in Japan only. Shipping will start in April 2013 with a price tag of ¥59,800 ($660).

Via Engadget

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  • fjfjjj

    If this had a shutter speed dial and aperture ring, I’d buy all three.

  • asdf

    Pentax is drunk again..

  • Shady

    I like how it’s “TYPE00: Ray” (Wasn’t her name spelled Rei?), “TYPE02: Asuka” and “First Unit: TYPE01”. Can’t mention “Shinji” because everybody hates him.

    • Alex

      I guess somebody used Google translate. It is “Rei” in the Japanese announcement, but Google can’t even handle katakana…

    • lich

      You must haven’t watch the latest movie.

  • Really a fine little camera (I like the Q better) but I guess different strokes for different folks.

  • pointshooter

    wow!!!!!!!!! :O

  • aekn

    If Pentax comes up with nothing real again this time at CP+, then I’m done with them for good. For a company that hasn’t had time to implement the “Ricoh plan”, they sure have plenty of time to screw around with toys like this.

  • bjrichus

    Did someone play a game of “random colors” or something?

    Actually black, purple, and vomit green with orange highlights go well together…

  • Craig Affidy

    I’d love an E-M5 with Asuka or Ray coloring. 🙂 Though that camera is handsome enough as it is, I still love how slickly they designed these Q-crap cameras. 🙂

    • Alex

      Rei, not “Ray”. Let’s not propagate laziness 😉

  • Andreas

    What’s with the name of that thing?
    “Evangelion” means gospel in greek, is it supposed to be some kind of divine design?

  • ken

    best travel camera ever. IQ is so high the pics arent that toy as you think

  • mm
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