Demo of Ricoh’s 360 degree panoramic camera



During the 2013 CES show Ricoh displayed a prototype of their new 360 degree panoramic camera. The embedded video below shows how the camera works:

“It has two fish-eye lenses, each of which covers 180 degrees. The camera combines the two pictures, and sends them via Wi-Fi to a tablet or smartphone for viewing. The idea is, the pictures you take arrive automatically.”

“When viewing it like a regular panoramic image, you can also see up and down. When you pull out from the image, it finally becomes a circle, and you can also look at it as a sphere.”

“This camera represents a step beyond SLRs and compact cameras. The project began with the idea that, if taking spherical panoramic photos was easy, the results might be fun.”

“Currently, the camera takes still photos. But we’d like to enable it to handle video, too. We’re still just presenting this technology, so the specs haven’t been decided yet. Right now, we’re at the stage of seeing how people react. If people think this camera is fun, we’d like to commercialize it, and make it a bit smaller. We want to keep developing it, so we can offer a version for consumers.”

“This is a project we’re discussing with staff at art colleges. We think this technology could also be presented as a “panorama ball,” where the pictures are stuck onto a sphere.”

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  • mano

    As someone who takes a lot of panarama’s for fun, I would be very interested in a camera like this where I would not have to use a pano head and tripod.

    • They probably aren’t capturing gigapixels here, but i can see massive potential for something like this. To be able to pull out a small camera and do a 360 in oneshot is pretty darned cool.

    • Take the gigapan….cool tech, but heavy, slow, and moving objects are a real problem. The digital roundshot is cool, but man is it not cheap. It is also big , heavy and still has problems with moving objects somewhat.

  • pretty cool, I hope the quality is at least as good as the quality from a very good cell phone.

  • pretty cool, I hope the quality is at least as good as the quality from a very good cell phone.

  • aekn

    Yes, this is exactly what Ricoh needs to build. Stop focusing on cameras that people actually use, and explore the blue ocean of 360 degree panoramic photography. It seems as if they’re banking on a huge market for pinhole photography as well. That’s one way to amass market share, I guess.

    • Because nobody uses or wants 360 degree panoramic cameras. Right. Maybe you should spend less time making uninformed comments and spend more learning about photography. Think outside the box!

      • aekn

        As a long-time photographer and Pentax user, I see myself as very informed. I spend more on photo equipment in a year than you probably earn. Douche!

        • I normally wouldn’t waste my time replying to someone who resorts to name calling and insults. If your valuation of human being is how much money they make, then you need to learn some humility. You could be the greatest photographer in the world for all I know, but to make statements that a product like this has no market or interest to photographers seems naive at best to me. A handful of manufacturers have made one shot panoramic cameras for going on over 100 years now. While these cameras may not appeal to you, they are of great interest to many people with a large variety of applications. But continue to troll away and level insults. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh with my original tone.

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